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Wrinkle Removal

Every woman at some point starts to think about their appearance, and unfortunately, there comes a point when it gets it, dissatisfied. The main problem for women are wrinkles, because they give age, while women are most afraid of his age. Currently, there are many ways to solve this problem, such as plastic surgery, but not all women are willing to take risks and go directly to the plastic surgeon. For those who are afraid of surgery, there are other methods that are safer and less painful, like injections. In this case we are talking about Botox. In order to use this service need to collect some information about this method and the clinic where would apply. Suppose, in order to avoid complications, it is necessary to determine whether the clinic license, certificates, and most Chief Specialist, injection practices should be high class. By and large complications can not be, but it is worth seriously for the treatment and try to find out all the interest and concern to you moments.

As with any drug it has its own contraindications, do not use the drug to women during pregnancy and lactation, as this may affect the baby. Botox injections almost painless injections put into certain points on the face and neck. Procedure must be repeated about twice a year, since the effect of the drug lasts only a few months, someone may need to inject more often, it all depends on of the patient. Speaking about the action of Botox, it is worth noting some important facts and say that the use of Botox helps to equalize the skin, thus leading to wrinkles. The skin becomes elastic and smooth, and precisely this effect, a woman and looks forward to this procedure, so do not be afraid and to save a shot for later. Those who ventured into the injection should be remembered that for achieving the best result it is necessary to conduct a complex procedures (eg, masks, creams, etc.). It is not necessary to relax and forget about the daily care for face and neck.

Should not be put off visiting beauty salons. All of these procedures in combination will help to extend the youthful skin and beauty of the face, in addition to push the time when youth and beauty can be restored only by surgery. After the injection can not replace surgery, and someday to eliminate facial wrinkles and facelifts have to resort to a plastic surgeon. Unfortunately, the effect of Botox is observed only at a certain age, and under certain rules. Assume the effect of reduced if a person starts taking antibiotics, and antibiotics, we are starting to take more often for colds, inflammation and flu, so it's worth thinking about your health and try to protect themselves from diseases, so as not to harm herself.

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Nature Tan Summer Pack

Nature Tan is the latest development in the area of dietary supplements. Key features Nature Tan: Protection from solar radiation and aggressive “healthy” tan. In developing the Nature Tan uses the latest scientific development. Nature Tan inside protects the body from harmful sun exposure and do not have the shortcomings of the protective creams. The composition of one capsule ‘NATURE TAN’ include: turmeric powder (Kurkuma Longa) 164 mg isoflavone coi (10%) 50 mg extract grape marc 30 mg vitamin C (100% of recommended daily allowance) 60 mg vitamin E (50% of daily needs), 5 mg beta-carotene (50% of daily requirement) 2,4 mg zinc (51% of daily needs), 7 5 mg selenium 77,5 g Sun and its influence 1. The influence of solar radiation. Sunburn: helpful or harmful? Everyone wants to be beautiful, young and healthy.

How to achieve this? Without sunlight there is no life. The sun’s rays are necessary for healthy human existence on a daily basis: for learning and further processing of vitamins D, E, ascorbic acid, fats, proteins, minerals, and they are normally help fight seasonal depression. Sunlight in the body increases production of so-called “Hormones of happiness”. In this case tan looks wonderful, he is young and gives a sporty look, so very popular as an aesthetic factor. On the other hand, UV rays: * contribute to premature aging of the skin due to phototoxic (oxidative) stress, the skin loses its elasticity, becomes thin and wrinkled; * for excessive use can cause skin diseases, * after the end of insolation tan quickly disappears. Negative effect of UV radiation can also be a fotodermatity – a violent inflammatory skin reaction with blistering, exacerbation of chronic illnesses, relapses of herpes, the appearance of benign and even malignant tumors. How to reconcile these contradictions? The influence of UV rays, especially in large doses, causes phototoxic effects (oxidative stress), forming a huge amount of damaging our cells of free radicals, which natural antioxidant system of the person is unable to cope.

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Easy Baked Cheese Recipes

Hello, today I come with this delicious recipe for cheese baked with peppers and walnuts, Marmalade which is an excellent option to learn and enjoy with the whole family. This recipe is for 4 servings. 1 cheese 250 g round full 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 sprigs of Rosemary 2 red peppers, roasted and peeled, cut into julienne 2 tablespoons honey salt and pepper to taste 1/2 cup nuts to serve 1 Baguette preparation: we got the cheese of your box and immerse it in water 15 minutes; take the paper. Drain it and introduce the cheese without paper and put it on a Tin to oven. Open with a knife a few slices on the cheese and sprinkle it generously with olive oil and rosemary leaves. Covered it with foil aluminum and carry it to the preheated oven at 200 c 8 minutes, or until it melts. While baking, in a frying pan put paprika roasted, honey, salt and pepper, and let you take heat and thicken making a kind of jam. Remove the cheese from the oven, put it in the box on a large plate, accompany with the jam in a saucer and by above we Sprinkle chopped walnuts. We also serve with toasted Banguette. Cheese recipes are some of my favorites, I invite you to visit my recipe and enjoy the most delicious recipes easy as cheesecake and artichokes baked. Original author and source of the article

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Cancer Prevention

Oral contraceptives save each year 50,000 women living round prevent six million women in Germany with the birth control pill. Especially in the age group between 20 and 29 years, over 70 per cent of young women rely on it as a contraceptive. In addition to this primary reason for the revenue, there are still more positive side effects, which have not only a therapeutic but also as a preventive medical added value. That the pill (oral contraceptive) regulates the menstrual cycle of women, reduce the menstrual pain and the appearance of the skin, known as is generally the case of acne, improves. The preventive potential of the pill, such as, for example, cancer prevention, emerged only in the last few years. “In the October issue of the journal obstetrics and Gynecology” has Prof. Dr. med.

“Bernd Kleine-gunk, gynecologist and President of the German society for prevention and anti-aging medicine e.V. (GSAAM) for the first time the therapeutic added value” comprehensively the pill documented (Kleine-gunk, B: hormonal contraceptives therapeutic benefit and nonkontrazeptiver benefit, obstetrics and Gynecology 2013, 18 (SH1) 20-23 often concentrates in the Thematisation of the contraceptive pill on the undesirable side effects.) That however, the pill prevents a number of common cancers so far very little is known. And this, even though there is already several studies demonstrating that such as risk for an ovarian cancer, the most virulent of all gynecological cancers, see taking the pill by 25 to 30 percent reduction. The longer the duration of intake persists, the further reduces the risk the average by a further 20 percent each of five years. This protection is maintained even in a deposition for at least another 15 years”, explains Professor Kleine-gunk. This means that the mortality rate, which is particularly high in this disease can be reduced by taking the pill to 20,000 cancer deaths each year.

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Egyptian Occult

He is an exciting discipline and a topic of research that has led to a lot of people, with different approaches to thinking, to make long search of their origin and meaning. Occultists, philosophers and psychologists have studied the Tarot cards and have tried to unravel their origins, even suggested a direct connection with other streams of esotericism, as the Egyptian Occult, Kabbalah, Alchemy, Magic and Sufism. There are many conjectures about it, and as in all esoteric, though much seek always to discern only a part, the rest is revealed to a few initiates, leaving all of these ideas under the strictest secrecy. Secret transmission that served to preserve the art, to avoid religious persecution and also to avoid the ridicule of skeptics. For now, what we now know is that the Tarot cards exist and are used as a game of cards and as fortune-telling, with a traditional format for centuries remains a very practical widespread throughout Europe from the fifteenth century. The Tarot has been practiced in all social classes, from the finest cuts, to the masses, becoming the Roma, with its celebrated nomadic life, and love of divination, those who eventually spread throughout Europe and Latin America.

Cards had been used previously in the Territory and settlements Muslim Moors of Spain. Then the cards appeared in Europe common the Mamelukes of Egypt. In 1367 there are references in Switzerland on a deck of cards with 52 cards without jokers. Since 1377, the biggest boom was spread through Europe and the come down. Tarot cards were developed later, with a deck similar to the present, but with 16 letters and figures were Greek gods and four kinds of birds. Some attribute the origin of Tarot cards to Italian royalty, other Muslims and the Gypsy influence in Spain. The truth is that, as a game of cards and forms of divination spread much from 1450 in Europe. Letters Oldest surviving Tarot are the so-called Cary-Yale Tarot (1442, Milan), with 66 cartas.a The most famous of these decks, made in the fifteenth century to the royalty of Milan, was widely reproduced until now and Four Sticks combines with the figures of King, Queen, and Jack Knight. James Thompson

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Playing an Instrument

Learning to play an instrument, to paint, sculpt or a taking photographs, is a wonderful process which is not pursued both the end and the means. That process is innate and well-known by everyone since it’s something that makes everyone since it was born: the game. Play, that is, neither more nor less. When a child is pounding its first white keys sometimes also black – you are simply playing with them, nothing more. They are the exams, the pressure of being the best in your Conservatory, his people of the world,-comparison with the great geniuses, which produces the abandonment of artistic activity or impending mental maladjustment. We could talk about there the murderers of creativity that already operate from childhood. According to the prestigious social psychologist Teresa Amabile surveillance, evaluation, rewards, competition, control excess, restriction of the elections and pressure the child, are some of those murderers of creativity. Apparently, just what they like to adults do children with the purpose of you look much the character that we admire.

It is genius, not her figure, is characterized precisely by not having, except on rare occasions, all these inhibitors of their creative talent and be able to develop with the same game, his creative activity. When they have not enjoyed their activity, they have simply made another thing. My conclusion would be in a few words, that we should enjoy what we like more and less than what we don’t like, as you would say Csikszentmihalyi – subtracting importance to the goal and above all without comparing with the great geniuses, but learning from them, and appreciating his work.

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It does not have, initially, intention to draw out the attendance as in the psycotherapy. For the people taken care of for the clinic-school, the psychological planto is plus a form of specialized support on which they can count at its moments of anguish and suffering. For the pupil, it is plus a chance of personal and professional growth. This direction, it is given credit that the psychological planto is one of the forms in the clinic-school to place the pupil in contact with more diversity of clinical demands, to stimulate its capacity of presentation of creative answers for the problems and to promote the development of its clinical listening. The present research does not have the pretension to deplete thematic the proposal, in view of its amplitude and relevance. However, one expects that this monographic study it can supply to theoretical and practical subsidies one future implantation of the psychological planto in the clinic-school of psychology of the PUC Mines in Arcs. 1,1 Justification To long of the graduation in Psychology, it was perceived necessity of creation of a space that readily received pupils, employees and members of the community, in its diverse situations of crisis and suffering.

With the implantation of the psychological planto in the clinic-school, the demand of these people, for an immediate and prompt support, could be satisfied in such way that its state of suffering was brightened up, the least, temporarily. It is observed, still, that the society contemporary is marked by the desperation, the violence and the unreliability. As Hilleshein, Hilleshein and Ferreira observe (2008), the values are moving daily, and the social conviviality has become conturbado and suffocating for many people. In this context, the proposal of attendance in psychological planto would adaptaria the clinic-school to this new reality, where the patients need immediate attendance so that they understand, in clearer way, its problems and deal better with them.

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United States

Gum in the form of cigars and cigarettes with different flavors, chewing gum with a taste of hamburgers, chewing gum-jokes: cacti with thorns, chewing pads, a loud squeak when you crack them – just not enumerated. All this is very useful You need for corporate and other events. So, you – in Chicago. Tour of the gangster places will be very interesting, but more interesting will be the city itself! You will visit the observation deck of the highest skyscrapers in the United States. Will admire the magnificent panorama of the city in a specially installed on the roofs of telescopes. You'll learn why Chicago is called "city of winds" and check the validity of this nickname. At the end of this Tours do not forget to buy a gift older generation. Suppose that this time they will be set to spice up in the form of the famous Chicago skyline.

And for that you do not forget to remind parents about the nickname of the city, all items in the set are made crooked, as if tipped by the wind. Seemed to realize their aim to break the stereotype that Chicago is known only to the underworld, your guide will lead a tour of the beautiful botanical garden. From the intoxicating scents will go round the head, an abundance of exotic vegetation varying degrees will bring to mind any. But this should not prevent you to buy a gift favorite! Orchid, neatly packed in fresh moss and placed in a glass vessel make all the hardships of the flight and set off the beauty of your half.

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Localization Pain

Hyperextension ligaments of the foot, foot deformity with the destruction of cartilage, narrowing of the gap joint, marginal growth of bone (osteophytes, "horns") – all this leads to systematic pain. Localization Pain can be in various parts of the foot. Most of all – it's the calcaneus, the inside edge of the foot, back or part of the plantar foot, base of fingers. Occupy a special place in the field of pain I metotorsalnogo-phalanx joints of the foot (at the base of the thumb) and pain in the second finger. At the base of the thumb pain occur when you deviate from anatomical position outwards, ie in the case of the formation of Hallux valgus, entailing development of osteoarthritis, arthritis of the joints, often accompanied by inflammation with redness, swelling of soft tissues. Pain in the second finger of his hammer arise when strain phalanx patients resort to surgery because they do not know that professionally solves this problem orthopedic trauma.

In second place referral – Hallux valgus. People want to purely cosmetically restore the anatomical position the first finger and get rid of the pain, often accompanied Hallux valgus. Unfortunately, very small percentage of patients who at initial deviations of the first finger come to the doctor for advice on preventive measures. In Basically, people do not pay sufficient attention to the initial deformation of the fingers and the little pain. And it was with initial symptoms of flat feet and a static initial deformation of the fingers may suspend further development process. At the end of the conversation one more tip – even if you do not have any complaints, but you have to buy shoes for one – two sizes larger than a few years ago, the formation age is flat occurs. With age, the foot is not growing, its length increases only due to subsidence of the longitudinal arch. Source:

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Oak Emotions

… Was the only way that the patient found to say that it is not, absolutely, obtaining to deal, with certain balance, the difficult situations of its life. (electronic archive) LeShan (apud Oak, 1994), when says in them of its studies concerning the oncolgicos patients, affirms that: Frequent these patients had had its youth marked for feelings of isolation, desperation and recklessness, with interpersonal relations with difficult characteristics and that generally in the adult life they had obtained to establish a significant relationship with somebody or had found great satisfaction in the work, of form that a person or a work had started to be the center of its lives. Whenever the relationship was breached or lost work for any reason, had as consequence a desperation reaction, as if? wound? of infancy she had been reopened. (OAK, — p 65) More ahead Oak adds: ' ' many patients of cancer have difficulties to express its emotions, over all those aggressive and hostile ones. … its internal world does not have access, they do not identify feelings and emotions and also do not obtain nome-los.' ' (p 70.71). This affirmation sends in them to the thought of Pierre Marty (apud Volich, 1997) to speech on the alexitimia, where the individual does not obtain to nominate its affective states or not even to describe its emotions. The alexitimia is one of the factors that collaborate for the development of the cancer, therefore ' ' not being able to use the words as I propagate of its thought, they only obtained psychosomatically to react to an emotion dolorosa.' ' (MCDOUGALL, 1996, p 10), that is, this not to obtain to state its emotions through the said language, finishes allowing that the body enters in ' ' palco of vida' ' (MCDOUGALL, 1996) and it acts as main personage, where its paper is to adoecer and to express itself through ' ' language of rgos' '! (MELO SON, 1994, pg.37) on In these conditions, the individual develops a propensity to the cancer when it deprives of right libido in itself and it passes the super ones to invest its psychic energies only in a external object, forgetting itself, leaving of side its narcsicas pulses, engolindo and omitting everything that it hurt in order not to lose this object of desire.