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Video Cameras

Electronic stabilization is possible only with photo and video cameras that have image sensor. When shifting the picture (video) camera electronic field shifts the reading from the sensor. In this mode, you can use only part of the usable area of the sensor. Anti Shake – patented by Konica Minolta stabilization system, in which the movable light-sensitive sensor tracks the movement of the image projected by the matrix. In all systems, motion (Shaking movements) recorded a special sensor. Latent image – it's invisible image formed in the emulsion layer by light. Light causes changes in the chemical composition of the crystals silver salts.

These changes are the larger, more intense light flux. After processing in the developer and other solutions, the image becomes visible: negative, positive and negative film in slide or reversal film. Softbox – a design in a box with a translucent side, serving to get even and soft (soft) raasseyannogo lighting. The light source is used the flash, sometimes a small halogen lamp power. Washington – is the degree of density of light and dark image areas. Cool colors on color photos correspond to the blue spectrum, and warm colors – red and brown tones. Viewfinder Type (optical, electronic, mirror) optical viewfinder is an optical lens system in the camera, through which the pointing device on the subject and define the boundaries of the image for future photos. Optical viewfinder has some drawbacks: due to different optical axis of the viewfinder and the lens axis photographer sees through the eyepiece is not quite what you get on film.

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Their age is determined by the general stratigraphic position and paleomagnetic data in 800 thousand years. The youngest, found in the 4 th ground, according to the stratigraphy are age 70 thousand years. The largest number of finds is met in the 6th (200 million years old) and 5 soils (130 million years old). In 2007 we ended the field season. Then in our group were two Leningrad – a renowned expert on Paleolithic Caucasus and the Middle East II Cases and more young but seasoned archaeologist P. Pavlov. Last and was destined to make a truly outstanding discovery in the Central Asian archeology.

This is no accident. P. Pavlov had exceptionally keen eyesight and was able to focus their attention during the search for products of the Stone Age. I intend to explore in located on the other side of the gorge from the parking Kuldara. Gorge cut into the loess stratum powerful, attracted autopsy paleosols-mi. They are at the first visit was to count to nine.

But the main thing was different. At the exit of the gorge Valley Ob-. Mazar eponymous creek cut its bottom. Stream formed waterfalls. It managed to count about 30 paleosols. To pass this part of intelligence was asked Petya Pavlova. Two small fragments were they learned at the beginning of waterfalls Kuldary. They are for processed stone and would not accept, if not experience. Thought – out on 11 and 12 soil, although top-down count, at least from the bottom up. However, at this site in the gorge got away quite a few landslides.

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Go to the suborder of snakes include perhaps the most peculiar of creatures: their unusual appearance, the original mode of transportation, excellent behavior, poisonous species. These reptiles are probably the ones of the most ancient and amazing creatures. Their wit and cunning attributed due to evil spirits, for which he destroyed as soon as possible, and not only dangerous, but harmless snakes inform A total of 3,000 species are known today snakes, which belong to 16 families and more than 450 genera. Why can not kill a cobra its … Animals neurotoxin – the most lethal weapons of nature.

Almost all animals, other than to the Cobras, after being bitten by a cobra die for minutes after the poison got into the bloodstream. Neurotoxins are attached to the muscle receptors, as preventing nerve signals cause muscle contraction – that leads to respiratory failure and death. But blood vipers contains molecules that neutralize the deadly venom components of their own. This is the only difference introduced in the receptor Cobra bulky sugar molecule. Sugar masks the mounting position on the surface receptor – preventing bind the neurotoxin. If, however, remove the sugar, the cobra will become sensitive to its own venom, like other animals.

Hunt for the thermal radiation of some species of snakes, including rattlesnakes (Crotalus) and yamkogolovye, find prey in the infrared radiation of her body. Under the eyes they have sensitive cells, determining the slightest change in temperature up to a degree, and thus guiding the kite on location of the victim. This highly sensitive device allows the snake to find food in total darkness. Some boas also have sensory organs (on the lips along the mouth opening) that can fix changes in temperature, but they are less sensitive than that of rattlesnakes and snake yamkogolovyh Poor eyesight The majority of snake eyes is rather weak, which can usually detect only moving objects in the vicinity.

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It all started when I was in second or third grade. Before going to bed every night, my parents and I would say overall, usually one or two chapters of a book I still could not manage on my own (the Chronicles of Narnia stand out most in my memory.) Maybe I knew I had to be near sighted since both parents were of me, or perhaps had seen someone that I admired on TV who wore glasses, but whatever the inspiration, I had the sudden desire glasses. One night after squinting and pulling the book closer to my face, trying to show my parents that my eyesight was failing and needed glasses. There must have been very convincing because nothing happened, and after two weeks of trying, I left the spot. My first pair of glasses Several years later, my vision actually start to decline, but was now much less interested in lenses that had been previously. Instead of demonstrating the need for my eyes checked, I did everything I could to hide the fact. I managed to hide for so long, in fact, that when I finally got new glasses for the first time, I was stunned. I had never seen (or own) detail or definition.

There were individual leaves on the tree outside the door and the signal on the other side of the street, had actually written words on it. I did not know that the vision of one person could be so good. It was not long, however, before I realized how much my glasses nerd made me see that I was.