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Central Europe

Lokumski of retrograde / whose compatriot I.B. Lubarski wrote in 1879 the venom of bees work a remedy. Meanwhile the doctor and Dr. Filip Tere beekeeper, of Czech origin, was dedicated in Maribor (Yugoslavia) to the treatment of those suffering from rheumatism with apitoxin. He published his results in 1888 in a magazine of Vienna, Austria, and after this communication across Central Europe began to be interested in Apitherapy. The therapeutic actions of the Apitoxin therapeutic actions are the result of the sum of properties of fractions which compose it, but also, the interaction of all and each one of them, and the balance biomolecular that exists among all its components-analgesic – platelet anti-platelet – Antiarritmica – antibiotic – anti-inflammatory – Antiviral – Cardiotonica – Erythropoietic – fibrinolytic – hypotensive – Inmunoactivante -Radioprotectora – Vasomotora – the properties that we are interested in son:1. Analgesicaesta action is powerful, must, first and foremost, to the Adolapin fraction, which is a polypeptide of PM 115000, studied and experienced by Shkenderov and Koburova. The analgesic activity was studied by the method of Randall and Selitto.Se determined that the Adolapin fraction inhibits the action of the enzyme cyclooxygenase and, therefore, the synthesis of prostaglandins which, as you know, is derived from the synthesis of bradykinin, producer of pain ssociated to inflammations.These authors also argue that the fraction Adolapin stimulates the release of endorphins, powerful painkillers endonar us.There is extensive medical experience that corroborated the strong analgesic action of the Apitoxin.

2 AntiinflamatoriLa 401 peptide fraction of bee venom exerts a powerful anti-inflammatory action, as demonstrated by Shkenderov and Koburova, 1982, by inhibiting the action of cyclooxygenase and the biosynthesis of inflammation-producing prostaglandins. Another fraction of the Apitoxin, the Apamin, also possesses anti-inflammatory action. As experienced Ovcharov, r. et al., 1976, the Apamin inhibits the action of serotonin (5-Hydroxytryptamine) and produces a reduction in the levels of seromucoides and Haptoglobin, very increased in acute inflammatory processes.Vick, J.A. et al.

They showed that the Apamin, the Melittin and whole venom (Apitoxin) bees in dogs, stimulate pituitary and adrenals to elevate the levels of endogenous Cortisol, with powerful and long-lasting anti-inflammatory action. These same effects are obtained in humans.Indications: – Arthritis – arthritis – pains and inflammations of traumatic origin – multiple sclerosis – disfiguring Spondylarthritis – hypertension – Neoplasms – neuralgia Neuritis – soft tissue rheumatism – not suggested the Apitoxin of medical use to move other specific treatments. Routes and systems of Layerthe via most used for the Apitoxin of medical use is the subcutaneous, with needle and syringe tuberculin type. It is applied directly in the area affected; joints, cervical, dorsal or lumbar column, etc.The action of the Apitoxin is first local, in the applied zone, but then is general action, to be absorbed.Some doctors use the via intra-articular when they believe it necessary.Contraindications: The Apitoxin is contraindicated in patients specific allergic to bee venom, in Decompensated cardiac in insulin-dependent diabetics, haemophiliacs, in patients with renal insufficiency, in pregnant women, in infants and in children younger than 10 years, in degenerative liver disease, advanced glaucoma, during menstruation and in alcoholics and drug addicts.You can read this note and many others in: want to join for free! : also follow us on RSS in: original author and source of the article

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The Institution

To provide an overview of the proposal, describes briefly each of the action lines: responsible for media classrooms. Objective: Establish instruments and formats that are required to monitor the educational actions undertaken in the various classrooms of media. Does this action is suggested to be made during the development of the first two months of 2002 school cycle 2003?. The instruments considered for the informative folder and its purpose are detailed below: schedule of activities in the classroom media. Its function is to organize schedules for use of the resources of the media classroom for school groups and teaching staff of the institution.

It will also take as a basic criterion for pedagogical technical monitoring visits in Presential modality by personnel from the area. You are prompted at the beginning of the respective school cycle, and when changes or reprogramming to occur in the use of classroom schedules of Media. Planning bimonthly format. Format that aims to encourage planning in periods of medium-term, their temporary location corresponds to bimesters students school activities programme is organized. Please list and describe relevant activities, in the areas of collaborative projects, use of video library, media library, programming from Edusat, and all school project with curricular content is dealt with the media classroom resources.

. Disadvantages of educators unfortunately the impact that has had with this program has not been entirely satisfactory and that in many cases teachers lead their group without a lesson plan and let students carry out activities of little use and in other cases media classrooms have become computing workshops that teachers do not have sufficient preparation to optimize the use of these resources and that reflected in the learning of their students. WHICH way can be IMPACTING East feed scientist to the MAGISTERIAL work for my medium classrooms are an important tool for both the master as for students since they come with programs that facilitate teaching and learning. Making it more fun and less stressful for l student. Original author and source of the article.

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The Tumour

Contrary to popular opinion, 80% of the acquired during a lifetime sun exposure does not occur before age 18; only 23% happens until that age. Between 19 and 40 years we absorb 47% of the Sun’s rays; between 41 and 59 70% and the balance of the 71 years and older. While older we become more vulnerable we are. Melanoma is attributed a three per cent of all cancer cases but it produces 75% of deaths. A person per hour died from skin cancer. The chances of surviving the melanoma detected early, before the tumour penetrates the skin, is 90%. If the disease progresses the chances of saving is reduced to 15%. A blister caused by the Sun during childhood or adolescence duplicates the appearance of melanoma later in life.

The risk increases if the person had five or more burns of skin at any age. Contrary to popular opinion, recent studies show that people get sufficient doses of UV radiation over the course of his life without having to expose yourself to the Sun openly. The number of women under 40 with skin cancer has doubled in the past 30 years. Up to 39, the women are doubly likely to develop Melanoma earlier than any other cancer, except for breast. Starting at 40, the incidence of melanoma in men more than women and this tendency increases with age. The artificial ultraviolet radiation is carcinogenic.

Users of tanning beds receive 12 times more UV radiation than those who are exposed to the Sun and have two and a half times more likely to develop cancer. Consequently, the risk of melanoma increases by 65%. To avoid skin cancer it is recommended to not be exposed to the Sun directly, use sunblock, t-shirt, and in usual form, wide-brimmed hat, and make a skin check-up once a year. original author and source of the article.

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As The Years Go ….

Being on the course and building a turning possible) more camouflaged paradigm, quasi invisible and effective, is the surreptitious installation of anti-aging culture and their presence is confirmation that the exclusion exists and must flee not to discuss it .- This is an attempt to escape fragmentation, psychological and social consequences. Then the body is the only one – is to – the state of “announcement” of the exclusion exists and that alone is endowed with a negative value, not the content, not the spirit “The crisis is valued then as it has been subtracted from the memory and that she keeps it as waste and not measured as the value .- Then, we talk about rehabilitation from outside the process of losses, losses in the individual supersede the reflections on death, a theme installed as a loss and it is not .

– It is really a presentation of the rest of your life and the changes of the axiology of the agendas of the last pages .- The most damaging is not perceiving that the first and almost half of the pages of this agenda are post-modern, pre and, “post” is actually an attempt to close the ones that come back in an attitude that seeks restorative. Give this man more money and resources and be less anxious, be more secure, more creative in deciding on the aims of the rest of his life, it’s like the revitalization of these few pages to be filled, they were as if they were the first .- What some call the “creative act” that person can build better, perhaps much better than the exponents of anti-aging, which in reality is the culture of the early surrender .- The current pension system is not guilty, are those who have enabled and all-encompassing review of these acts of old, is what the ruling of the Supreme Court noted in the “Badaro” .

– It should be read in such a failure, at the barricades, which can also help metabolize the concept of death, and not just any barricade, it is the which confirms the possibility that the future is also constructible by all, really all .- To me, this happens to me and I have vivid dreams and hopes that I will be part of the change we dream – where you work and where lives, which is more or less the same – even with the eyes looking at nothing, that put us ahead of them to shut that door that others dare not cross. I do, and I’ll be there and will not be final, it’s just the desire of the enemy and I do mine ..