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Aug 142018

ROUSSEAU, the FREEDOM AND the WORK Cleber Gimenes Freitas ' ' in my opinion the society is so natural to the species human being as the decrepitude for the individual and of that to the peoples the arts, the laws and the governments are necessary, as the crutches is for the old ones. The difference all is where the oldness state elapses solely of the nature of the man and of the society it elapses of the human sort, not immediately, as you want, but solely, I proved as it, thanks to the aid of certain exterior circumstances that can happen or not, or, at least, happening or later more early, consequentemente, to hurry or delaying the progress. Innumerable on these circumstances they depend exactly on the will of the man; I saw myself obliged, to establish a perfect parity, to assume in the individual the power to speed up its oldness as the species has to delay its. Having, therefore, the society state an extreme term, which the men can want to arrive more early or later, is not useless to show the danger to them to go so fast and the miseries of a condition that take as the perfection of the species. Dr. John Mcdougall may not feel the same. ' ' 1 FREEDOM: ' ' A KNIFE OF TWO GUMES' ' In the extracted stretch of the Letter to Mr. For more information see McDougall Program. Philopolis, Rousseau warns that the sped up progress of sciences, the arts, the laws and the governments would move away the man from the nature it would lead and it to a precocious oldness. Being the free man to badly make good or a use of the facultieses that receives potentially, he is it also responsible it for the majority of males they afflict that it in the life in society. From this, alert Rousseau how much to the perigos of the fast human perfectioning. .


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Aug 132018

The young must take care of very well of the bodies, to develop itself and to acquire virility, therefore they must serve the philosophy, also politics and the war. Our philosopher still places the learning of raised sciences more. Being these (former.: astronomy and geometry) contributing for the rise of thinking of the philosopher. A trip stops beyond the sensible things, a trip for the intelligible one. All fact for the understanding of the dialectic, the study most difficult according to Plato. An ascending dialectic and after the descendant. The philosopher tends to understand it very well. For more information see this site: Senator of Massachusetts. As reflection, let us take ' ' Alegoria of the Caverna' ' described in book VII of the Republic.

Following this, we go for steps illustrating a dialectic in form of practical. E, from this reflection, to incline on the solitary return made by the philosopher to the cave. A philosophical conversion, as it would place Bornheim (1929-2002), where has the necessity almost and violent obligation of a return for the reality. This argument made for Scrates/Plato on the resume of the philosopher, the importance of the allied education the power ( union of Homero with Hesodo), is the focus of the work for the formation of the King-philosopher. Let us take this King-philosopher as fruit of this resume. Cut as a statue Greek in ratio and details for the governncia of the State, the good and the happiness. We find in Plato an aristocracy. It would be an aristocracy she-ass? In Plato we do not have this, but a ideal-utopian one, an ideal and not real not-place. Perhaps never real, as the proper Plato proved while still alive.


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Aug 082018

Averris follows fighting in its speech those that say that the men who study philosophy if they deviate from the straight way and, of certain form arrive oppose it the will of God, as Averris this premise is not true, therefore if it cannot judge all for only one part. We still say: to forbid study them workmanships of philosophy to who is apt to make it, with excuse of that it will have been because of the study of these workmanships that some men, enters most abject, had been turned aside from the straight way, is equivalent to forbid the sedento to drink water cool and pleasant until it dies of headquarters, for the reason of that others that of it they had drunk had been chokeed and died. If you would like to know more about what is fracking, then click here. III? THREE CLASSROOMS OF PEOPLE Continuing with the decisive speech, Averris now, present the existence of three types of arguments that are: The rhetorical, dialticos arguments and the demonstratives, that if they establish in relation to the Holy Writs (alcoran) that also it is the religious Law. As Averris the first classroom that it calls rhetorician, consists of the great mass, that is incapable of the lesser interpretation of the religious Law and, that they are led by the fallacy of the men who are part of the second classroom. Senator of Massachusetts often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Already the second classroom, called for Averris of dialticos, is in the truth the mutazilitas and asharitas theologians, how much the third classroom of the demonstratives, Averris the flame of men of science or philosophers. Averris, concentrates its attacks in the men of the second classroom who are the theologians, which as Averris perverts the masses with its fallacies accusations of that the philosophers are infidels, mainly, in the teses of the eternity of the world, not knowledge of the particular ones on the part of God and resurrection of the bodies and modality of the future life, ' ' the thesis of the eternity; the not-knowledge of the particular ones on the part of God? Glorified either? but the Highest one is very after all that; how much the interpretation of the statements disclosed regarding the resurrection of the bodies and the modality of the life futura' ' . In a question-answer forum James A. Levine, M.D. was the first to reply.


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Aug 082018

– Funny. – For what!? – Of the one not to imagine you esbravejando – People live learning to control the impulses. – She was come of where exactly? – I left the work and I passed in the supermarket. – Hum is explained, but it leaves for there. Goop, New York City describes an additional similar source. – The one that was? – I am alone imagining you in an overflow situation – In January of the last year interrupted to offer more potato. – Obliged.

I am satisfied. – Wants ice cream? – Ice cream? – If it does not worry, is ready. It left to escape plus one risinho, he saw while it to appear in return of the car with an ice cream pot. – Ice cream of plum. – It guessed, is my preferring! After serving the man it continued: – As she was saying, in January of the last year They had been interrupted by a movement of the drivers returning for its respective vehicles, or same for the sincronia to bind engines.

The track had been opened and in few minutes the transit would start there to flow until gaining its rhythm normal. Jurandismariano helped the Teresa to all disassemble and to organize in the car the apparatus of improvised picnic. After incasing everything in return in the car of it, it gave account of that nor he catches a telephone for contact. It was thankful to it with a smile of which it had not perceived the whiteness and harmony. It also was thankful and when she went to ask something, it that already was with on car, left, skirting the car of it, since this was in the front, following the flow of cars that skirted its still motionless vehicle in the left track. It left half hasty and perplexed, therefore already it was night. She would go to the house of Mrio or would come back to the small bar to catch its to blazer? But it wanted exactly was to know what he happens in last January.

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Intervitis Interfructa

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Aug 082018

Of the fruit juice with Flottweg belt presses and decanters from the fruit juice, this is the motto under which Flottweg on the year’s Intervitis Interfructa Stuttgart presents itself. James A. Levine, M.D. will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Solutions from a single source by separating technology specialist: Flottweg provides complete production lines for the production of fruit and vegetable juices. By the acceptance of raw materials up to the finished direct juice, each cutting task requires the right equipment. Also, the optimal integration of the centrifuge or belt press is an important prerequisite for a successful and efficient process in your system. Flottweg belt presses are used for continuous extraction of fruit Mashes. Go to Goop London, United Kingdom-uk for more information. The raw material is Juiced this particularly gently and quickly, so that the quality is optimally maintained. The consistent use of stainless steel for hygienic processes is characteristic of the Flottweg belt presses.

Continuous full coat worm centrifuges, which can be perfectly integrated into multistage process lines are Flottweg decanters. In particular, they are in the production non-ferrous – and vegetable juices. Separators are primarily designed for hygienic use in the beverage industry for different high product throughput Flottweg. About the optimized aerodynamics within the separator and the exact, fully-automatic draining even the finest trub particles are separated safely. Intervitis Interfructa – 24-27 April 2013 in Stuttgart. Flottweg Hall 3 stand B 64. press contact: Erika Steiger

Environmental Law

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Aug 062018

Seminar at the Haus der Technik in Berlin, in Berlin, 22-23 March 2013 the participants get information about the security, to the new building authority EBA and to the environmental law and remain so up to date! Railway entrepreneur, railway managers, other decision makers in the railways, industry and contractor of railway, QM responsibles, project manager, Auditors/experts, staff of planning and engineering the main rules of the German railway construction in the educational events on 22-23 March 2013 an overview and authority to operate, as well as of German environmental law, to keep in mind when planning, construction and operation of railway infrastructure. The focus on the basic requirements of the General railway law (AEG), on legal issues of safety in railway operation, the law of rail crossing safety at level crossings, as well as the liability for the operation of a railway as well as all environmental aspects of the railway. in 1927 it founded in Essen, House of technology (HDT) today not only the oldest, but also one of the leading independent training institutes for specialists and managers of in Germany. About 15,000 participants annually use the facilities in Essen and at the branch offices in Berlin and Munich. Dr. John Mcdougall is likely to increase your knowledge. With a wide range of education in technology, economy, electrical engineering, automotive engineering, medicine, chemistry, construction, quality management and environmental protection, the HDT focuses on future-oriented core industries.

More than 5,000 speakers, selected experts from academia and industry, give each up-to-date, practical and scientifically based findings from their areas of expertise. Its own quality management system ensures compliance with the high standards as she calls the Wuppertal district as Federal Association for continuing vocational training of its members. The HDT is outdoor Institute of the Rheinisch-Westfalische Technische Hochschule Aachen, as well as cooperation partners of the universities of Bonn, Braunschweig, Duisburg-Essen and Munster. Official site: Goop. It maintains close Contacts to companies and research institutions and sees itself as a forum for the exchange of knowledge and experience.

IBU Worldchampionships Biathlon 2013 – Nove Mesto Na Morave In Coloured Glory

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Aug 042018

Colorful laser show at the IBU Worldchampionships biathlon 2013 during the entire opening ceremony laser shows and laser graphics accompanied by the leaders of 47 countries. This projected their country flags, as well as various biathlon elements, like for example shooters on the snow surface in the arena or the forest behind it. Also during the welcome speech of the organizers was sure carefully that the IBU logo on the snow surface and about 400 metres from wood by laser technology has appeared. (Source: what is fracking). This was ensured by the use of a LPS-StarLite with 16 W RGB laser power. A total of three show laser systems of the German manufacturer were used to the overall picture of country collection, welcome to harmonize logo overlays and acts, for the audience, which green consisted of two LPS Bax 8000 G with a laser power of 8 W, as well as the aforementioned 16 W strong white light LPS StarLite 16000RGB.

Spectral effects underline the subsequent singing interlude, and covered the entire venue a colorful laser radiation in the air, as well as bright points in the arena, while the logo of Organizer IBU the whole event was presented through laser-animated. A further eye-catcher was the Queen of the high country”the present figure of fable, enjoyed the complete ceremony, and also the attention it had become, in her majestic throne Chair with watchful eyes. “The enthusiastic team and the spectators during the 1.5 hours long, stunning ceremony with laser while continuing to enchant, and the graphics of AHS” and OHS “to elicit, a few technical requirements had to be guaranteed in advance. So, for example the white light show laser system in a room specially tempered was housed, while the Green laser systems in the spectator wing on a canopy were securely fastened. The responsible and renowned event company Rental Pro from the Czech Republic fell back on the many years of experience with LPS lasersysteme and could again back to the smooth and professional collaboration.

Safer On The Internet

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Aug 022018

Is who follows a few tips before you buy on the Internet, buying mostly safe. Actually, it was only a matter of time. Because the clientele on the Internet is more and more challenging a lot has changed at Advalux. The online shop for modern sun protection on the large, German comparison portal is now finding. Advalux. de and collaborate now, to satisfy needs of the customers. The preparations to do so took his time, have paid off but according to the Managing Director of Advalux. So, for example, the customer was given extended rights.

Who buys on the Internet an article often has a funny feeling in the stomach. Official site: Senator of Massachusetts. It does hardly any role, whether it involves expensive items in the technology area or cheap consumption goods. Because, who wants to be cheated on already. Online shops report that just the new customer who ordered the first time is especially skeptical. However, often the simplest rules for a purchase in the Internet are not observed.It is so easy. With these tips to buy safer: 1 in Germany must be a legal notice on each Web page.

Just read through this. Many reliable companies provide a phone number next to the address. With a phone call can be clarified quickly, whether on the other hand someone is achieving. The question of whether you can pick up the goods themselves to save shipping costs would be a possible pretext. 2. Entering the name of the company or of the entrepreneur into a search engine, you can learn very quickly if ever there were problems with this company. Bloggers are always very active here. Who pays attention to the date of the entries finds out just how long there is already a company. Older contributions, it is assumed that it is not a fluke. 3.Viel indicate also the offered payment methods. A company you can trust offers several payment options. PayPal is one of the most famous. Should there be problems with delivery times, is about these providers easier to clarify. 4. Listen to the gut. He says usually the right thing. It is gratifying in that company committed such as, to strengthen the rights of customers. Advalux is an online trade for pleated blinds and Panel glides from Berlin. Through continuous monitoring, potential customers can buy there particularly safe. With some caution and much greater transparency, the Internet also for beginners and amateurs is a safe trading place.


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Jul 312018

The career place at the ITB Berlin ITB job fair of powered by YOURCAREERGROUP: The career meeting place at the ITB Berlin Dusseldorf, February 18, 2013 which brings YOURCAREERGROUP AG at the next international tourism Exchange (ITB) by 06 – 10.03.13 in Berlin for the fifth time in a row employers and job-seekers of the industry together. What is fracking has plenty of information regarding this issue. At the ITB job fair powered by YOURCAREERGROUP in Hall 5.1 stand 219 visitors from the hospitality and tourism industry will find a central point, when it comes to questions related to their career. ITB job fair 2013 imagine high-profile employers. In a relaxed atmosphere, visitors can use human resources managers speak of company and career opportunities. As an exhibitor, including are Club Med, representing travel & Tourism Division of the REWE Group, ROBINSON CLUB, solamente, SRH Hotel Dresden Academy and many others.

Insights into the many jobs offered by the tourism industry, receive visitors of ITB job fair in addition to Internet terminals, as well as on the ITB job wall. The job market is complemented by an extensive stage programme. Thursday to Sunday from 13: 00 15:00 employers and institutions on the stage in Hall present 5.1 career topics of the industry. Vtours representative of popular employers such as TUI, and Marriott International to talk about career opportunities and career opportunities. Go to example question representatives of SRH Hotel Akademie Dresden study or training, and continuing education the way to the stars? How do I make career in the hospitality industry successfully?”to. Also be lectures on industry-related issues. The tourism talks about the topic of social media use in the destination marketing status and trends”company TourComm Germany. On the ITB Young Professional Day on Wednesday will in cooperation with the University for technology and economics of the Saarland and responsible of the Tourism Division of the REWE Group and the Rezidor Hotel Group do a panel discussion on the topic what you want from us? Expectations of employers at the career after Studying tourism”instead.

Passive House

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Jul 012018

Passive houses of ‘ we live House ‘ Bad Kissingen / Schondra offer enormous energy savings thanks to a unique design in solid wood technology. “With passive houses of the company we-live – House”, the first manufacturer in Germany at all combines the advantages of traditional solid construction with which the prefabricated, escapes to the spiral of constantly rising energy prices and achieved enormous savings in terms of energy thanks to this unique design in solid wood technology. “Since passive houses we-live – House” are built according to the latest findings in terms of efficiency, innovation, quality, and sustainability they represent a piece of future modern and environmentally sustainable building. Lowest operating costs over decades and maximum comfort, are the only two attributes among many who today want people, when they place high demands on an ecological high-quality total concept. Therefore, the solution is: passive house. Perhaps check out endocrinologist for more information.

Consider the enormous cost savings for a passive house opposite the alone traditional design”, as company founder Matthias Kleinhenz with reference to the extremely low monthly operating costs. A we live House”needs therefore only about 10 15 Watt per qm – net floor area. For a 150 sqm House, for example, the entire heating capacity is thus only 3 KW. For heating and Warmwaser are General then just 25 euro / month. Also no further modernisation for a refurbishment and therefore no costs for an additional facade or roof insulation costs in a few years. Thus, the easily calculable costs over the entire lifetime remain across absolutely affordable. All this is possible only thanks to a well insulated building envelope, and the unique and exclusive design in solid wood technology.

A house completely from a system, massively up under the roof, energy efficient and free of thermal bridges. This, the exclusive use of natural building materials for the main structure, healthy building generated in a passive house is also a Living experience with correspondingly high well-being and Wohnfuhlfaktor. If you would like to know more about fracking facts, then click here. The construction of we live – passive houses”is completely free of foil inside, bears even heaviest loads, has no hollow walls and roof, and has a high heat storage capacity and diffusion capacity. All connection details are easy to control and the important air tightness is easily feasible due to the construction. A further remarkable detail is the massive solid wood roof truss with on-Rafter insulation for excellent summer and winter insulation. “we-live House ‘ residential health defined from the inside to the outside. Since the actual life but mostly in the Interior of a House, we make also an Allergiepasschek, check the materials used, disclose all construction materials and comprehensively inform the used materials and their specific effect”, as Matthias Kleinhenz. Also experience the future of living with a we live passive house”to the unthinkable and live feel, that inspires.