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The Technician

A half-structuralized questionnaire was applied. The data had been collected in the month of June of 2010, and so that the study it was carried through of more necessary form, a daily pay was applied has tested the technician of nursing of a ILPI. After the gotten and evaluated reply, beginning to the collection of data of the research was given as a whole. analysis of the data was carried through in the period of July the August of 2010. Three stages had been adopted: first stage understood: Daily pay analysis – after an exhausting reading of the gotten information the data had been grouped in accordance with the questions formulated with objective to detach and to select the pertinent and excellent aspects of the study; second stage: Exploration of the material – the words had been detached key of the opened questions, being after that determined the frequency of the same ones; third stage: Interpretation of the gotten data.

In this stage analysis of the answers to the light of the theoretical beddings was become fullfilled. RESULTS AND QUARREL In the application of the questionnaire for the technician of nursing of the ILPI? s verified initially the distribution of the employees for sex. Technician of nursing, 41.67% of masculine sex and feminine 58.33% had participated of research 12, in this way the majority of the feminine sex. He verified himself that 75% of the nursing technician (12 technician) had not participated of continued education, being only of 16,67% those that had had this attribution and 8.33% did not answer on this subject. This is a first aspect that calls attention, therefore these that had participated of the continued education were not in the institution. The continued education is a form to assure the maintenance of the ability of the technician of nursing in relation to the given assistance. Al hisses et.