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This aging is inevitable when it is said of physiological aspects, being able to still occur the weakness of the body, with alterations in the imunolgico system, causing the pathological aging. In this phase of the life the concern with the health and the maintenance of the same one is important. According to Papalia (1): Changes in the sistmico and organic functioning are highly changeable between the individuals. Some organisms decline quickly, others almost nothing. To age, together estresse with it chronic, can weaken the imunolgica function, making the people most aged to be more susceptible the respiratory infections and with little probability of if recouping of them. According to Lorda (5), ' ' deteriorizao of the device to broncopulmonar is gradual the irreversible one in ancios' '. According to Lorda (5), ' ' all the respiratory system suffers the aging: the mucosae of the nose, faringe, the larynx; what it is demonstrated by the drop in the nose, rouquido of the throat, broken voice and a constant necessity of expectorar' '.

This fragile state of the respiratory system is more aggravation when the aged one is tabagista. The tobaccoism is an important factor of risk for some illnesses, cancer of larynx, cancer of the verbal socket and other types of cancer, chronic bronchitis, spill, ulcer, precocious menopause, osteoporose, cataract, precocious aging and many others. The tobacco as Rosemberg (6) are undisputedly responsible for the increase of the prevalence of cancer of the lung, of the chronic bronchitis, enfisema pulmonary, and coronariopatias, as well as other illnesses being distinguished, vasculopatias, ulcers of the stomach and the duodeno and cancer of the language, faringe, esophagus of the bladder. To stop to smoke prevents a series of illnesses and diminishes mortality in the aged population. A concern with the aged tabagistas exists, therefore the numbers of young smokers are alarming. The health of the aged ones is the result of the abuses of the young.

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How investigate and proceed to new or transfiguradas authorities that occupy the new political spaces created by changing borders or people? Do explain the need to give way to a new socialism?. Other questions according to our reality can be added to the above getting the people to acquire a true political culture that allows properly select their rulers who are able to give rise to the changes that are required? how to avoid staying in the? deterioration of the quality of life facing for years? how to avoid that we continue cheating under the protection of a democracy that we know has desquebrajado? how paddling, avoid, that poverty, violence continue undermining the structures of key institutions juritas and police avoiding that corruption follow proliferating? how to achieve real social justice for the Venezuelan? Prof. James Roseneau, US insists on highlighting, that we not pass by unnoticed, that we are deeply immersed in a transcendental transformation fueled by a new worldview of the essential nature of human affairs, a new way of thinking about how that unfolds the global policy. In the center of this emerging worldview, is an understanding that the order that holds families, communities, countries and the world through time rests on contradictions, ambiguities and uncertainties. Roseneau us adds, if once it was thought that the lives of individuals and the society moved in trajectories linear and stable, now the movements appear to non-linear and erratic, with balance momentary and interrupted continuously by sudden accelerations or address changes. Now people are understanding, both emotionally and intellectually, that the events unexpected are common, the anomalies are normal circumstances, that minor incidents can quickly become serious outcomes, that fundamental processes triggered forces opposing to the time that increase its scope, that what was once transient now can be long-lasting, and the complexities of modern life are so deeply rooted that they print an ordinary character to the surprising development and anxieties that accompany it. Roseneau Finally, us stands out, understand, that the nascent agenda is rooted in contradictions and ambiguities does not lessen the feeling of uncertainty about the course leading world affairs and the incidence in the personal affairs.