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"Write" – saying "the citizens of the rejection of consideration of an accident. There were no casualties, the driver has not violated the rules – there is nothing to parse. Material damage may go. discuss in the hallway. "Pedestrian signed my all – my hands. I say – I'm not sign nifiga I will – drive the dough! How long will briefly – he paid me a hard-won 4000 rubles a – and on the left. A DPSy say – much to you, boy, lucky. No one else on their minds because he does not pay voluntarily – and the damage is serious, for example, cyclists.

I went there not knowing – to rejoice me, or did grieve. Slowly unscrewed the wires hanging from the mirror. In the meantime, thought sketched himself – and you, dear readers – an action plan, a guide of its kind – for case of such troubles. Here it is: Instructions: If you ran out of proper place under the wheels of a pedestrian – and he more or less safe and not harm – of your actions should be as follows: 1. Execute everything, that when an accident (emergency lights, sign, witnesses) 2. Inspect your "foundling", make sure that the living, and he agrees that he is guilty. 3.

Discuss your injury compensation on the spot – even if you do not know exactly what the damage is still "divorce." There is no money with him, let writes a receipt – but let no indication that the damage caused as a result of an accident – let him write what you need money. 4. ALWAYS call the DPS (but, after settlement) – Fixed a fact that they crash. Bumazeyka that "foundling" to you your claims do not have – does not roll at all. It is very easy it can be challenged in court (say, he had a shock – that's written – and then as time passed so = all sick – to the last wisdom tooth). 5. Well, after that – all under the scheme …. DPS, the court (at necessary) and reclaim the money. If your "foundling" takes away soon (God forbid) – about the damages can be forgotten. PS calmed down, I thought … sorry for the mirror, and a rack sorry … But if this pedestrian hit me under the wheel, or generally under the car (in the sense – at the bottom) – it was used much worse. So all's well that good.

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Historian Landscape Design

Force which possessed aristocratic landowners, passed into the hands of merchants, bankers and industrialists, ie in the hands of a new capitalist class. In the Victorian period, educated middle class that makes up the core of modern English society. Most landlords could not afford to have a huge landscaped gardens and private parks, and this has affected the art of landscaping. The most frequent was a small modern garden. Historian Landscape Design A.

E. Regel paid attention to the fact that parks and gardens landscape style "artificiality is pursued as a regular style is natural: the natural lack of space should be corrected or efface, natural beauty – on development opportunities and the absence thereof – created, but the main condition becomes law: it should seem natural, natural, without the slightest trace of artificiality. " Characteristic feature of the landscape style is uneven terrain, in which flat surfaces alternate with hills and slopes, gullies – with ponds, all perfectly fit into the overall landscape. Another hallmark of this style – open plan area and the asymmetric arrangement: all the things that differ from each other by the shape and size, place on the site so as to create the impression of a certain balance. This achieves harmony between man and nature. All available at the site of construction are a natural complement to the landscape, and connecting the individual tracks and winding roads paths paved with natural materials – stone, wood sawed, located in an arbitrary order. Free pictorial compositions cleverly located on the site and give them a romantic mood, as picture-changing garden conceived not only for the moment, but in all seasons, until the color of autumn leaves.