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The Adult

Locke (1690) based the philosophical chain chamadaempirismo, this chain discourses that the man is one tabulates flat, that is, aspessoas when makes being born it without knowing absolutely of nothing, without impressions esem knowledge some, this process is learned by the experience, pelatentativa and error. The man of Locke lived in a daily pay-social period of training epr-politician, that is, ' ' state of natureza' ' , only that different doestado of hobbesiano war, it was a state of relative peace, concord and harmony, as descrito for Weffort: ' ' In this pacific state the men already were endowed derazo and enjoyed of the property that, in a first meaning genricautilizada for Locke (1998, p.85) assigned the life simultaneously, liberdadee the goods as natural laws of the being humano.' ' Rousseau (1762) defends the internal social contract, is against oque comes of is, the man is born good and the society for being egoist and elitistaacaba confusing, that is, the socialization is guilty for the disfigurement of the same. Iluminista, precursory philosopher of the romantismo in sc. XIX and although to be umiluminista he was a critic to the movement. Its thought politician is based naidia of the natural goodness it man. Rousseau is the philosopher of the nature, daliberdade and of the equality. The family is seen as the doestado consequence.

Crianaum to be innocent and good by its very nature. She sees infancy as a moment where if to see, if she thinks and if she feels the world in a proper way, therefore action of educating the nestemomento must be natural, that it has taken in consideration ' ' naivety einconscincia' ' of the child, who marks the lack of the adult reason. Construodo man if does not make only of intellect, therefore the nelepresentes primitive disposals as: the emotions, the directions, the instincts and the feelings, existemantes of the elaborated thought, these primitive dimensions are for reliable it, masdigna of what the habits of thoughts that had been forged pelasociedade and taxes to the individuals.

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Patriarch Noah

Was what the crime? committed by Cam? seems that being the youngest of his brothers, are impressed by the State in which his father was, and did not have another occurrence that the go to tell to his older brothers, which, taking the clothes of his father, walked back to him, not to see him naked and covered him. I’m going to ask a reflection that I don’t have to answer: why were the scribes of Moses, recorded this episode, which adds nothing that deserves to be mentioned? Why is mentioned in as much detail the curse relapse on Cam? I will try to guide them in this respect, observe, who was the youngest son of Noah? own scribes say that Cam, is the father of Canaan, and if we continue the genealogical line of his posterity, we will see that it is the father of many Nations, to which Israel should confront and destroy in his passage to the promised land. If we tell posterity, that the Patriarch Noah, had cursed les, surely there would be major problems to justify the terrible massacres that irate Moses, was scheduled to perform. Read carefully the registration of scribes, and then, in the spirit of prayer, meditate on if considered when Noah, able to behave in the way in which described it these characters, that nobody knows who they are, who only make scholarship gala, for without any scruple adulterate facts at your convenience. And the sons of Noah, who came out of the Ark were Shem, ham, and Japheth; and Cam is the father of Cannaan. These three are the sons of Noah: and of them was filled all the Earth. Noah began to till the land, and planted a vineyard; and he drank of the wine, and was intoxicated, and was discovered in the middle of your store. And Cam, father of Canaan, saw the nakedness of his father, and told his two brothers who were out. Then Shem and Japheth took a garment, and put it on their own shoulders, and walking backwards, they covered the nakedness of his father, having returned their faces, and so never saw the nakedness of his father.

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Treating Varicose Veins

Laser treatment of varicose veins varicose veins Modern treatment techniques based on the effect of intravascular coagulation vein under the action of laser energy. It is widely used in foreign clinics for patients who shows the surgery. The long-term efficacy over 95%. Performed on an outpatient basis. After puncture of the veins in the calf or thigh under the control of a duplex scanner, it introduces the laser light guide and conducted the entire length of the defeat of the veins (see scans). Performed with local anesthesia around the vein to create a "water cushions" (protection of surrounding tissues).

With a slow extraction of the fiber laser photocoagulation is performed vein. Immediately after the procedure is put on compression hosiery. Adherence to 6 weeks of compression sclerotherapy … more (compression flebosklerozirovanie) non-surgical treatment for varicose veins based on the introduction of their clearance sclerosant, which causes adhesion of the lumen of the vein and its complete disappearance in the future (skleroobliteratsiya). Sclerotherapy is an outpatient basis and usually from several procedures. The main advantages of the method – high cosmetic effect and the ability to begin immediately after treatment to daily activities. Compression sclerotherapy is not a purely cosmetic procedure.

Its Results of therapeutic effect and its duration is comparable with surgery. In order to secure adhesion and rapid disappearance of varicose veins immediately after injection of sclerosing medication is needed elastic compression with compression stockings. Depending on the particular form of varicose veins and apply a few basic modifications sclerotherapy: mikroskleroterapiya, foam-form-sclerotherapy variceal veins ehoskleroterapiya.

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How To Set And Achieve Your Goals

Maybe we tell someone our goal and we are disappointed with their negative comments. How many of your goals have not risen to the challenge of ignoring these views? Can you remember the ultimate goal that failed this hurdle? Any goal that fills you with emotion, and the results are extraordinary, tend obstacles, otherwise there would be a worthwhile goal. If your goal is worthy, you’re sure to be obstacles, but that should not stop it. Mark Twain said: “In 20 years you will regret over the things he did not do things that he did.” Three principles to help you overcome the challenge of the obstacles. 1. Turn your idea into a goal When not set the parameters for measuring what we want to achieve, we are only talking about a “good idea.

“You need to establish WHEN? AND HOW? The idea: I want to lose weight Goal: On 1 December this year, my weight is 75 kg Even if you clear the scene, establish when and how you will achieve. It is also important to establish what the true goal, giving you flexibility to make adjustments to the plan, without changing the final destination. The real goal is not to run out, the real goal is to have more energy, have a healthier body, or be better. What is your real goal? 2. Read your goals every day When you write a goal, your mind identifies the place where it is not where you want to be and your subconscious starts working to find ways to close the economic gap between their current reality and vision of your goal .

Write your three main goals and read them at least three times a day and be surprised how begin to identify opportunities that had not seen before and they were at your fingertips. This process will increase your creativity because your subconscious working 24 hours a day. The frequency of exercise activates your mind to continually seek the best solutions and opportunities also increase their motivation. In hard times do not focus on the problem, better read their goals and try to experience what it felt the first time I thought of that goal. Focus on the solution, not how big the problem. 3 .- Type in your way, this is the most important principle to achieve the desired result, write what the purpose of achieving its goal, has the capacity to respond, why you want to achieve this goal. Think of other goals that have reached above, certainly had a very strong reason that led him to make great sacrifices to achieve the objective. When the purpose is strong enough, find a way to reach your goal. The purpose of the boost when you feel discouraged. All the goals that was previously abandoned because it had a purpose strong enough. At the beginning why it is more important than the how. These three principles seem very simple, most know it, but not using them. Put into practice from now and realize that after a time, despite problems and obstacles, you will reach the place you want to get to.

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Family Values

Our lives are influenced mainly by the family, work, and our circle of friends. The family is key to developing our personality. We must establish a set of numbers that are flowing in relations with our parents, children, siblings and spouses. yCuales are these values? 1) Optimism: A happy family is the most valuable treasure that can be in this life. Cultivate a positive outlook on life is a daily task to be performed by all members. We must work together to help ensure that the needs and sharing our moments of joy daily satisfactions.

The use of humor is a valuable tool that can serve for this performance. 2) Solidarity: everyone in the family should help each other on the needs as they arise. Selfishness kills the family. 3) Tolerance: need to respect the differences more than ever. If our life in society are sympathetic to the neighbor with more reason it should be with those we love most. 4) Honesty: understood as consistency between what we are and what we pass. There is no place for deceit in the family.

5) The commitment: our aim must be the joy. Is a constant struggle in which all must be committed to achieving a healthy and happy. 6) Fidelity: family comes first and then are others. I would even say that the family can become rather than oneself. In many cases you have to sacrifice for the common good. Values could continue to say until eternity but I think these are sufficient. A happy family is but an early heaven. John Browring (philosopher and politician.

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Volunteering To Help

However there several railway hubs with settlements in excess of twenty thousand inhabitants, it is possible to verify that the cities are in the range we have chosen, and that we believe have the potential to develop, especially in view of the horizon of a society to be mobilized without oil in the not too distant future (a subject on which we return below). Well, we say in colloquial speech, now, with the lowest level of abstraction that we allow, we will describe a kind of profile or pattern of these settlements. Profile on the other hand also exists in human settlements over the size selected. In our travels through the towns, particularly what we have done with more intensity and frequency of calls by the Pampas "wet" and "Gringa" We have seen that all at least have a public plaza, a railway station (mostly off) and increasingly facilities recycled as cultural centers by municipalities, small stations, bus terminals and more than a primary school, secondary school, the City, a small hospital health center, a Catholic church, and churches (many of the so-called Christian churches do not Catholic, almost always more of a social and sports club (many of these clubs authentic community lungs have become mutual), at least one cooperative or two: the public service and agriculture, a police station. In many villages there disabled facilities mutual aid societies that immigrants of different backgrounds organized, as before from now on, a Popular Library, not in all people, a group of Boys Scouts, and a "Volunteer Fire Department." Cable television reaches those settlements, whether they meet the broadcast. .