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Web Browsers

Web browser (Internet Explorer) – program, which gives us the opportunity to travel the Internet. It is necessary to display text, images and other information that are on web pages or network. Browsers have evolved continuously since then, as the Internet appeared and gradually became more important program for your computer. At the moment, there are plenty of browsers. Here we consider the three most popular – Opera, Internet Explorer and Mozilla FireFox.

They are free and have a Russian interface. Internet Explorer Internet Explorer is still the most popular browser in the world. But his use of so many people just because of the fact that they simply do not know that there are other much more convenient and faster browsing. However, it is not recommended to remove the browser, since many modern programs use components of Internet Explorer, and without it might not work correctly. Since the browser uses a very popular, many sites are optimized specifically for him. And those who work with the system Web Money, Internet Explorer is a must, because Other browsers do not support all the standards and the derivation means there may be some problems. Pros: In Internet Explorer, there are a large number of modern developments in browser technology, and it supports a large number of sites, because Many sites just sharpened under it. Cons: a little speed of the program, even the latest versions are slow, there are many gaps. Mozilla FireFox The most basic feature of Mozilla FireFox browser is extensibility, ie, FireFox browser can be add a function with a variety of lotions.