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Jun 032013

Beauty, Cosmetics and Beauty rapidly evolving – there are new solutions, methods of face and body, more efficient and sparing technology rejuvenation. It would seem that the choice of vocational courses Cosmetology not a problem, but not all training centers or companies offering training services for various specialties, possess a sufficient level of competence in this area. As a rule, companies and training centers that offer 'learning everything and all the' not too picky approach to the selection of teachers for training beauticians, and do not have adequate material and technical base. Invited to teaching specialists centers not specializing in cosmetic and aesthetic medicine, often themselves unaware of modern techniques and have only theoretical knowledge of the work on modern equipment. Consequently, choosing courses cosmetologists must, above all, focus on who they are organized. It is desirable that the courses were conducted in a special training center of a serious company, which has a large experience in the field of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine.

Cosmetology courses, in this case would only lead practitioners whose competence is no longer leave your doubts. After all, a company whose specialize in cosmetology, will not risk its reputation in this area, and even in a professional environment. Second, on what to look for when choosing courses beauticians – course. Program should involve not only theoretical but also practical part of learning, because without practice cosmetology courses are unjustified waste of time and money. Focuses not only on the fact How many hours on the practice, but also how it is organized. The practical part of lessons in the course of cosmetology shall be conducted only in specially equipped classrooms and cosmetology offices.

The program itself of the courses should be in the public domain. On demand (and better, even before it sounds), you must provide it in hard, not only in oral form, with payment instruction. If you have not seen the program you selected cosmetology courses, but only heard about what it will be about – it is possible that the learning environment and quality of the submissions will undergo significant changes. Therefore, for the courses cosmetologists who have no clear agenda, as well as for any product that you refuse to show before you buy, pay should not be. Also, the program you have selected courses cosmetologists must be maximally specific, so you can see the entire list of directions, that can help you in further action. Better if the training is conducted in a specific area, such as: training mesotherapy, botox, contour plastics, cosmetics and hardware. etc. An additional plus would be if you chose a company that regularly conducts seminars. This will help you to consolidate and deepen obtained through courses cosmetology knowledge. After all, for the practitioner, regardless of experience of its work and theoretical knowledge necessary not only to regularly upgrade their skills, but also to communicate in a professional environment. Therefore, choosing a course of cosmetology, address only to professionals with significant experience, well-designed courses and a modern logistic base. Choose a company that not only teaches, but and learning itself – constantly improving its working methods. After all, without putting forward an increasingly complex problems and find their solutions, modern cosmetology and aesthetic medicine, is simply unthinkable.

Protection Monument

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Jun 012013

Monument Doira included in the World Directory of monuments animals. Antaeus, Viking and Daisy far from Novosibirsk, the station Inskaya, a monument to search dogs Anteyu. He served with his conductor Ivan Litvinov in the Protection of paramilitary Ministry of Railways. 12 years dog carried the hard service with the harassment, detention. More than once he saved the life of his master. Antaeus died of old age in the nursery, the site says

On the pedestal is written, that over the years Anthea works, from 1968 to 1980, with the help of detained more than 100 criminals and crimes solved in 1962. According to, in Schelkovskogo riot is a monument to Shepherd, the Vikings established for their money canine Larissa Krepkova. 'Faithful friend and companion' – reads the inscription on the pedestal. In Novosibirsk, a monument to Shepherd Daisy, who died in Chechnya. Canine Evgeny Zaytsev with a three-year sheepdog conducted reconnaissance. Sideways Shepherd found a radio-controlled bomb. As soon as the dog sat down beside him, the militants have led a land mine in action.

Shepherd died on the spot, her boss was seriously injured. The border guard with a dog in the Moscow subway March 13, 1938 in Moscow subway station opened, "Revolution Square". Pylons of the station hall form 18 (originally 20) arch-passes to the landing platform. In the niches of the arches are installed 76 bronze figures. At the opening of the station all the pieces were gypsum, but soon replaced them with bronze.