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Lifesaving Prevention

Dr. med. Nazif Tsvetkov from Gelsenkirchen informs every eighth ill in Germany up to ten women sometime on breast cancer. No other type of cancer is so widespread in women or cost so many lives every year. A thorough prevention of breast cancer is therefore most important.

The Gelsenkirchen gynecologist Dr. Sonnhild Zwetkow describes her process. Every woman is necessarily advisable, to perform medical examinations for the early detection of breast cancer from her 20 years of age on a regular basis. The check-ups usually consist of a thorough history of the personal risk of the disease the patient is determined by means of the. The likelihood that breast to cancer, depends on genetic predispositions, which show up in the family history of the disease, as well as age and environmental factors. Part of the medical history creates therefore a detailed profile of the patient that it allows to make a general statement about their risk for the disease. According to the The attending specialist in women’s health, the chest of patients studied history.

The sampling and analysis of mammary glands and regional Lymphabflussgebieten is a core part of all screening for breast cancer. For early detection of potentially hazardous tissues nodes by a specialist cancer screening takes place best from 20 years of age of the patient. In any case she should are perceived regularly by the age 30 until the end of life, as it stipulates the statutory screening. At the beginning of the 40th year of life, the X-ray imaging of mammography complements medical screening. It allows the imaging of breast tissue and helps, as long as it runs annually, to detect early cancer-vulnerable tissue and to initiate necessary therapeutic measures. The mammography charge the body with X-rays. According to scientific research benefits from the 40th year of life the patient however exceeds the consequences Exposure to radiation. The breast cancer screening can be improved through further investigation methods, ultrasound equipment, but not by the statutory health insurance be paid which, as the usage. Detected signs of possible cancer in the context of screening is an immediate reconnaissance or recording of therapy in cancer clinics and breast centres. The Gelsenkirchen specialist in women’s health Dr. Sonnhild Zwetkow involved for many years in breast cancer screening and gladly further questions on this important topic. Press contact Dr. med.