United States

Gum in the form of cigars and cigarettes with different flavors, chewing gum with a taste of hamburgers, chewing gum-jokes: cacti with thorns, chewing pads, a loud squeak when you crack them – just not enumerated. All this is very useful You need for corporate and other events. So, you – in Chicago. Tour of the gangster places will be very interesting, but more interesting will be the city itself! You will visit the observation deck of the highest skyscrapers in the United States. Will admire the magnificent panorama of the city in a specially installed on the roofs of telescopes. You'll learn why Chicago is called "city of winds" and check the validity of this nickname. At the end of this Tours do not forget to buy a gift older generation. Suppose that this time they will be set to spice up in the form of the famous Chicago skyline.

And for that you do not forget to remind parents about the nickname of the city, all items in the set are made crooked, as if tipped by the wind. Seemed to realize their aim to break the stereotype that Chicago is known only to the underworld, your guide will lead a tour of the beautiful botanical garden. From the intoxicating scents will go round the head, an abundance of exotic vegetation varying degrees will bring to mind any. But this should not prevent you to buy a gift favorite! Orchid, neatly packed in fresh moss and placed in a glass vessel make all the hardships of the flight and set off the beauty of your half.

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