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UNESP Relationship

They are the calls not-serious hens or. Also as old, it is on the woman who falls again the responsibility of a sexual comprometimento, where some undesirable text surprises can result, that is, the pregnancy. For the young adolescent if the romantic love is attractive, alicerado in the security, trustworthiness, allegiance, durability; on the other hand also it the world of independence is fascinating, the autonomy, etc. Therefore, what everything is inferred of this is that, being is a new type of relationship that it tends if to become hegemonic, that is, is a type of relationship moved for the tendenciosidades of the time. It is not a modismo, but a new paradigm of emergent relationship in this our time.

This to be also is inserted in the temporality of a imediatismo without equal, in other social fields that govern our movement. This means abreviamento in all the sectors, which is of the work, where the employment bonds had also shortened, of the neighborhood, the friendship, the family, etc. Today the vector that conducts our life is of the accelerator of the time, of the widening of the space, the uncertainty how much to the future, of the risks, the unreliability, the provisoriedade of the love to the work, the confinements, the solitude where the individual lives, and of the descartabilidade associate the pressure of the consumerism, etc. Today the man is visa as a machine for producing profit and if case to come if to become obsolete, it can in a short space of time be substituted by another more income-producing machine. Thus being is enrolled in this paradigm of contemporaneidade that the achatamento of the time, the geographic, economic expansion privileges, psico-social politics and, the individualism, the isolation, the abandonment, the hedonism, the narcissism, the competitiveness, etc. Writing for Suely Bischoff Axe of Oliveira Psychologist CRP 06/8495 for the UNESP oncologista Psico for the Hospital of a.C.Camargo Cancer