Playing an Instrument

Learning to play an instrument, to paint, sculpt or a taking photographs, is a wonderful process which is not pursued both the end and the means. That process is innate and well-known by everyone since it’s something that makes everyone since it was born: the game. Play, that is, neither more nor less. When a child is pounding its first white keys sometimes also black – you are simply playing with them, nothing more. They are the exams, the pressure of being the best in your Conservatory, his people of the world,-comparison with the great geniuses, which produces the abandonment of artistic activity or impending mental maladjustment. We could talk about there the murderers of creativity that already operate from childhood. According to the prestigious social psychologist Teresa Amabile surveillance, evaluation, rewards, competition, control excess, restriction of the elections and pressure the child, are some of those murderers of creativity. Apparently, just what they like to adults do children with the purpose of you look much the character that we admire.

It is genius, not her figure, is characterized precisely by not having, except on rare occasions, all these inhibitors of their creative talent and be able to develop with the same game, his creative activity. When they have not enjoyed their activity, they have simply made another thing. My conclusion would be in a few words, that we should enjoy what we like more and less than what we don’t like, as you would say Csikszentmihalyi – subtracting importance to the goal and above all without comparing with the great geniuses, but learning from them, and appreciating his work.

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