Early Detection

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Sep 262017

Current messages confuse doctors and affected males currently haunt by the German press reports according to which the prevention of prostate cancer would not pay. The messages confuse affected men as well as doctors. It is worth to question what lies behind the most strikingly designed heading. To do this, you will quickly discover, it isn’t in the extensive study from Scandinavia to prevention in the strict sense, but to the classic early detection of prostate cancer. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Dr. John Mcdougall. This is something else entirely. To read more click here: Assurant Health. The concepts and measures for the early detection and prevention of prostate cancer should be separated so clean. The prostate gland is a very sensitive organ that can be affected by external influences and life style easily affected. Goop: the source for more info. So, enlargement of the prostate gland meet approximately every second man aged 50 and over.

Most of these enlargements are benign (benign). But not all of them. Each year nearly 50,000 men will develop in Germany new prostate cancer (malignant prostate enlargement). Prostate cancer is the most common cancer and the second leading cause of death among men. Alarmingly high numbers, when you consider that could be improved by right easy-to-implement measures vital early detection and retirement savings halved the risk of disease. Prostate check as a means of screening from the age of about 40 years ago, so the previous opinion, all men should undergo regularly a prostate check at the doctor or urologist.

Key tests, ultrasonic and laboratory markers (PSA value), it is possible to detect prostate cancer at an early stage and to treat. Because the sooner a cancer is treated, the chances are greater. Exactly these measures were analyzed in the Scandinavian long-term study over 20 years and found that the benefits not significantly exceeds the cost of the investigation. Therefore, the authors question the meaning of these measures. Men over 40 years of age should be But hold off by exaggerated messages about “prevention of prostate cancer brings nothing” not by the visit of kind of.

Pros And Cons: Vegetarian Diet

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May 082017

Some people swear by it, others reject it strictly the medical aspects speak for or against a vegetarian diet? About 1 percent of all German men and 2.2 per cent of women in Germany refer to themselves as vegetarians. This number is very small in comparison to India. There, 31 percent of the population eats vegetarian. According to the vegetarian Federal Germany (VEBU) is the most common motif for a vegetarian diet, the desire for a healthier diet. Is vegetarian but healthier? What speaks from a medical standpoint for the vegetarian diet and what about it? As vegetarianism refers to a diet of meat and fish will deliberately. Some forms of vegetarianism exclude also food products produced by animals. Partly, the vegetarian diet not only as a way of eating is selected, but an alternative way of life. To broaden your perception, visit Assurant Health.

Per the fat composition of the vegetarian diet is referred to in the nutritionist Ulrike Becker (Association for independent health consultation UGB) cheap, since relatively many unsaturated and relatively few saturated fat and low cholesterol would be recorded. Furthermore, the supply of vitamin B1, B6, C, magnesium and dietary fiber in vegetarians compared to the average of the population be sufficient. Evaluations of the Oxford Vegetarian study show that vegetarians have a lower cholesterol levels than meat eaters. A motive for a vegetarian diet is often the cure of certain diseases. It is about the mortality of coronary heart disease associated with the intake of animal fat, saturated animal fat and dietary cholesterol. Contra a significant reduction or a total avoidance of animal food vitamin B12 can occur in deficiency.

It can be found only in foods of animal or bacterial origin. Known as pudding-vegetarians”avoid meat and fish in their diet. However, they often take Finished products and sweets for himself. Due to their high caloric content and unfavourable nutrient composition, this diet can have negative consequences for health. Conclusion there is certain evidence in studies that a balanced vegetarian diet is actually a healthy form of nutrition. However, it is the approach of a healthy lifestyle for many vegetarians in the foreground. Therefore, they live in all areas of life more consciously or healthier. The good health results are due not only to the meatless diet. This looks such as Heinz Boeing German Institute for nutritional research (Dife). “The vegetarian diet is very close the recommended plant-based diet. But you can shorten the results do not suggest that it alone is the omission of meat”Boeing says. This release data and facts underlying lie, first in the article “some people swear by it, others reject it strictly what medical Aspects speak for or against vegetarianism?”have been published.

Vascular Calcification

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May 012017

Who is at risk and how to prevent the so-called diseases of civilization play a major role for the people of our time and are likely to see as a tribute to the modern life. They are mostly on factors due to, which can be in our immediate reality of life directly or indirectly affect the health of people. This is so with stress, unhealthy diet, smoking, obesity, lack of exercise, and many more. All of these factors affect the cardiovascular system and can lead to vascular calcification of the heart vessels, which is called atherosclerosis by physicians. Against this background, it is not surprising that cardio cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke classic diseases of civilization, which also represent the number one cause of death in Germany. The identification of risk factors and targeted prevention of atherosclerosis are therefore of particular relevance to the health of many people. Risk factors are circumstances or Diseases and disorders referred to foster the emergence of diseases or illnesses.

So smoking is, for example, a classical risk factor for lung cancer. Heart disease can occur more and more metabolic syndrome and diabetes in the wake of high blood pressure. The optimal treatment of the primary disease is therefore at the same time a meaningful prevention against heart attack. But there are other risk factors, which are located in the living environment of the people. Diet with little fresh fruit and vegetables, overweight, include stress, lack of exercise, sports just in front of the television, excessive alcohol consumption and a lot more of course smoking, high-fat diet of red meat, professional and domestic. So who can be one or more of these risk factors to identify, should remember cardiovascular disease definitely a targeted prevention of heart. Most important is of course as far as possible the risk factors through prevention switch it off.

Reduce Stress – A Task Of All

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Apr 252017

Stress management is also, but not only an individual task at the end of each year asks the opinion Research Institute Forsa for the intentions of the Germans for the coming year. “” Last December for the first time at the top: “Less stress or stress”. Meanwhile, half of the year is around. Contact information is here: Assurant Health. Time for a mid-term review. Sobering mid-term review must fail this unfortunately rather ambiguous. For all since the beginning of the year published figures and data relating to days of absence due to mental health problems, stress-related diseases, etc. know apparently only one direction: upwards.

Even if one or the other may be successful with his own personal stress management project: in the population as a whole we are quite obviously not and the part of the project of the reduction of stress in the workplace already cooking not. Anti stress regulation as a solution to the problem? For some time advertises is known apart from the SPD and trade unions”the Minister of labour for a so-called stress regulation. On their effectiveness, the You can be quite different opinions to get stress under control. If however one blame only the evil employer for the stress problem and the others just as dogmatically move stress and dealing in purely private responsibility, we can reach only one: the consolidation of the Status quo! We are all partly responsible of course experiencing stress in every person is different. As all other aspects of health, it is based on personal responsibility, to take measures that increase resistance to stress their own sure, on the one hand. But not only. In factories and hospitals, parties, trade unions, churches and even in families there are many work and behavior habits that practically are a breeding ground for stress and stress-related health problems.

So, a bad working atmosphere can be proven at least as harmful as passive smoking, for example. Combination of all forces if we want to make it so personally and society, unhealthy stress to remove or do not arise, then we couldn’t come to tackle the stress management as a shared responsibility. Just so we are can it do, the negative aspects of stress, particularly stress-related health problems, to curb effectively and sustainably. Markus Frey

Expert Holger Fuchs

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Apr 122017

most prominent example is reported in all media. Specialist Fox again comes into contact with such strokes of fate. He knows the fears and concerns of those affected and knows what it means to opt for this radical prophylactic step. In his Hamburg-based clinic for plastic aesthetic surgery, he performs this highly sensitive operations with his team of specialists. Mayo Clinic is a great source of information. In an operation lasting several hours and difficult, we remove the breast tissue and mammary glands.

This skin coat and nipple are preserved. At the same time can be started immediately in one step with the construction of the breast. Either with own tissue, adipose, or special implants so that our patients have lost none of her femininity after waking up.” Usually the health insurance companies bear the cost for a distance, if certain investments in the family are given and a recent genetic test results are available. But must be paid for the newly forming of the breast often. Every tenth woman in Germany contracted in the course of their Life on breast cancer. There are some factors that increase a woman’s personal risk. So, women, whose mother or sister were ill with breast cancer have a higher risk. A genetic test can determine whether there are DNA changes on the two so far known breast cancer genes.

The investigation can be useful when living in a family of two each other closely related women with breast or ovarian cancer, including one before her 50th birthday. Even in families where a woman at the age of 30 or earlier got breast cancer, a DNA test can be attached. If a doctor deems useful the test in terms of breast cancer risk, this will be paid by the legal office. Also the most private health insurance companies cover the costs. Is an increased risk of cancer and one opts for surgery, it is important, informed professional and competent advice. The entire clinic team of practice clinic Poseldorf district in Hamburg ensures, that is patients in this difficult situation well feel.

National Journal

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Mar 222017

Whole wheat bread is preferred. Kids like it when it is finely ground and juicy. As an alternative, a sunflower or mixed bread can be selected. The covering on the bread not to lush fails. The coating provides too many unnecessary calories and is hard in the stomach. Especially protein, which is necessary for the growth inside fettarmeren sausage varieties, such as for example slices of Turkey Breast. Keeps bread juicy thinly sliced vegetables (for example cucumbers, Radischen, Kohlrabi) and combines well with cream cheese or even herbal Quark combine as a spread. Checking article sources yields Dr. Peter M. Wayne as a relevant resource throughout. Fruit and/or vegetables should be in every lunch box in.

The best fruits and vegetables washed and cut into pieces. The cut version is preferred in general the whole piece: a cut fruit or vegetables, the aroma and the smell of so to better unfold and the appetite is stimulated. It’s worth to choose bread boxes, which have Partitionable subjects. Everything in a box is presented and the food retain its typical taste, because they are kept separately. Fruits and vegetables of the season should be preferred. Rich in vitamins and minerals and in principle in the season also cheaper.

If it must go but once quickly, then accessible back even on so-called children’s products. This should remain the exception, these products are often very calorie – and sugar-rich. Sources: Timlin, M. t., Pereira, M. A., story, M. & Neumark-Sztainer, D. (2008). Breakfast eating and weight change in a 5-year prospective analysis of adoles cents: project EAT (Eating among teens). Pediat rics, 121(3), e638-645. Vereecken, C. Dupuy, M., Rasmussen, M., Kelly, C., Nansel, T. R., al Sabbah, H., et al. (2009). Breakfast consumption and its socio-demographic and lifestyle correlates in schoolchildren in 41 countries participating in the HBSC study. Internals National Journal of public health, 54 Suppl. 2, 180 – 190.

The New Seat

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Mar 082017

The new seat in credit card format since 1 January 2013 the new seat there in Germany. And to the delight of all disabled persons associations in Germany. Because these have repeatedly demanded that a new seat would be a relief. With the beginning of the year 2013, the new seat in credit card format has been issued. Even if the introduction step by step, all States must have converted 2015 the seat no later than. With a degree of disability of 50 one in Germany as nonetheless Gets a seat every human being, the degree of disability (short: GdB) has at least 50.

If the degree of disability is at least 50, is considered the person according to the social security code IX. severely disabled and therefore has a claim on this card. The fact is decisive for whether the person has a physical, mental or intellectual disabilities or suffering, that persist for more than six months and is quite affects your daily life. The provisions, as when someone under nonetheless ordered will have but the new seat changed. What are the advantages a new statement there now for disabled people? But not all will get the new seat in credit card format. Only new cards will be awarded in the new design; the old Schwerbehindertenausweise will not be replaced. With credit card format, you want to go very well with the time.

Because even the bank card as also the health card and also the passport are already available in credit card format – now follows the seat. The fact that the material is longer than the paper, is a positive argument that justified the change. An advantage is also that there is evidence of the handicap in English as well. Multilingualism helps often can be a better communication in the foreign country. Also was with the letters “sh-b-a” in Braille ensured that visually impaired persons find your handicapped permit, if you are looking for him in the wallet. More on the topic of seat, see the following link: Enrico Geduhn

Crisis Make Fat

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Feb 152017

Book new releases: “the secret behind the key to the personal ideal weight obesity” and “Heal you slim” the Germans are too thick? 66% of men and 50% of women are overweight. Almost every seventh child is too thick. Diets are rarely a real solution – deficiency symptoms, psychological stress, and the yo-yo effect are classic negative Companion. Helps really nothing against obesity? Yet! With the book “the secret behind obesity – the key to personal ideal weight. What many doctors and dietitians out leave “(BoD Norderstedt) Erno Marius Hempel presents a path that leads us back to our biological origins, and this allows to achieve our ideal weight and maintain. The author cites Ernst Haeckel’s theory of 1866: the embryonic development is a repetition of the root development.

So the human embryo is from the fourth week of pregnancy completely surrounded by amniotic fluid and it formed the opinion of many experts Gill slits. So actually are we fish? Anyway – so Hempel – we carry traces of the history of our ancestors in us, along with the survival strategies, the biological intelligent response, “Meaningful biological programs,” today. Dr. Neal Barnard may not feel the same. What has to do now with the overweight? The relationship is striking: the fish ashore is flushed, so running at the him off a life-support program. He is almost all movements, in order to save energy. And he recorded as possible as much food and water from its immediate surroundings.

According to the motto: Who knows when a saving wave occurs which brings him back in his natural habitat? In a crisis, such as a “Sole being conflict” or “Existence conflict”, so start “meaningful biological programs”. Classic example: the sudden end or the fear of the end of a relationship or a job: I have no desire for movement (sports and sex) and my body stores water and fat, in order to be prepared for a “long dry spell” to a wave washes me again in the “sea”, so in my wellness zone. That no diet helps in this case makes sense. I must above all the conflicts and overcome. For example, through a treatment change the life situation or rituals. Hempel is in its title “heal you slim! Volume 1: with effective self-help methods to the personal ideal weight “(BoD Norderstedt) a more solutions in detail.” Hempels approach has surprisingly and quickly becomes understandable: diets tinkering around on the surface. I want to lose weight long term must I biological programs “rewrite”. Weight loss begins just not the belly, but in the head!

Treatment Options

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Aug 112016

Herpes zoster is a viral disease of an estimated 500,000 people become ill in Germany per year. Herpes zoster (also known as shingles) is a viral disease that is characterized by a painful skin rash with blistering. The initial infection with the varicella-zoster virus causes chickenpox, which appears usually in young children and young adults. The worldwide incidence of herpes zoster ranges from 1.2 to 3.4 cases per 1000 healthy adults, and rises to 3.9 to 11.8 cases per 1000 adults, if they are older than 65 years. If the chicken pox are over, the virus is however not destroyed, but rests in the nerve endings of the spinal cord, often for years, until he becomes active again so far little known reasons and cause herpes zoster. Herpes Zoster disease the very first symptoms of herpes zoster, such as E.g.

headache, fever, and malaise, are nonspecific and as such not the diseases to associate. Subsequently, burning, itching, local can Hypersensitivity / numbness or stinging in one place are perceived, without that the rash is immediately visible. Also pain be felt often already at this moment, and are getting worse in most cases in the course of the disease. In a question-answer forum Dr. John Mcdougall was the first to reply. After this initial phase, which is approximately 1-3 days, forms the characteristic reddish skin rash – the herpes-zoster-form similar to a belt and occurs usually only on one side of the torso. Small blisters that fill with serum-like fluid form quite quickly after onset of the rash. These muddying up later or also fill up with blood, burst, and even pollute.

After 7-10 days the crust falls off and the skin heals. But can zoster scars or discolored skin remain in severe cases of herpes. Treatment of herpes zoster the goal of a herpes zoster is treatment, to reduce the severity and duration of pain, to reduce the length of the deflection and complications (E.g. posttherpetische Neuralgia) to avoid. To the herpes zoster / shingles home remedies can counted to scratch on under no circumstances, cold damp cloth to calm, the authorities are not in warm or hot areas, or blot the rash with a mixture of water and Apple Cider vinegar or hydrogen peroxide and water. Antiviral medicines can affect the severity and duration of herpes zoster, if a 7-10 day program will be started within the first 72 hours after onset of the rash. Pain-relieving analgesics are appropriate for patients with mild-to-moderate pain. Also calamine lotions can used rash to soothe zoster subbass herpes. If the rash is encrusted, capsaicin (Zostrix) is suitable for applying to the wound, or lidocaine containing creams to relieve pain.


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Aug 052016

How to successfully integrate increased physical activity in school life, the concept shows healthy classroom\”, presented by the kybun marketing & trading AG at the world’s largest trade fair for food, agriculture and horticulture. Roggwil/Switzerland, January 12, 2010: Diseases of the muscular – skeletal apparatus belong to the most common diseases in the Western industrial States. One reason for this is lack of exercise. And that already starts in childhood. Every day young people sit 10 to 14 hours – unless the front of the computer, before the TV or in the school. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Dr. John Mcdougall.

Opposite movement per day is only about an hour. This is not without consequences. So complain about 33.3% of children of occasional backache and 6.5% have to suffer all the time including. It is not only so far, a good prevention is essential in the development and growth. Children learn many different the motor room for manoeuvre is greater in adulthood motor skills, and the risk of injury, as well as diseases of the muscular – skeletal apparatus are significantly rarer. Prevention begins in the school.

Long was the prevailing opinion, the student would have to sit motionless in their chairs and follow lessons there. Rum Wright was often viewed as not compliant behavior. There is no evidence to suggest that sitting in school makes learning effective, however. On the contrary, studies show that sitting still brings poverty of stimulus for the sensory system and the attention is. In addition, causes an incorrect deformation of the spine in the growth phase of the students long periods of sitting in school and favors thus chronic disorders of the spine. In addition venous blood flow is prevented, what represents a burden for the blood circulation. Move the students on the other hand, ensures that more attention and increased cognitive brain functions.