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Roberts Days

Scientists have found that feminine beauty affects her menstrual cycle. Conducted a public poll shows that both men and women believe that a woman's face looks most attractive in the most fertile days. Craig Roberts (Newcastle University) and colleagues decided to find out how women's attractiveness varies throughout the menstrual cycle to see whether it is possible for her to judge woman's fertility, says the journal Nature. By the way, the animals there are certain signs by which the females 'talk' about their fertility. For example the female chimpanzee genital area becomes swollen and pink. For the experiment, were selected about 50 women aged 19 to 33 years. Each woman was photographed twice.

In the first photo a woman was in a period most favorable for conception – after about 8-14 days after the first day of the menstrual cycle, and the second – even after 14 days. Then, 125 women and 125 men were asked to rate on a photo the woman looks more attractive. Photography in the most fertile period was selected as 51% -59% as of men and women. Scientists are still uncertain, as guided by the respondents in their assessment. Perhaps the decisive role played by color and skin condition. The fact that previously performed studies have shown that during ovulation women skin is lighter. Scientist Ian Penton-Voak of the University of Stirling His found that during ovulation women prefer men who are look manly, while during the rest of them nicer men with softer features. Men may use other indicators, such as smell, to determine the extent of fertility partner. Other Experiments show that in the days close to ovulation, a woman's face and chest become more symmetrical.

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Wrinkle Removal

Every woman at some point starts to think about their appearance, and unfortunately, there comes a point when it gets it, dissatisfied. The main problem for women are wrinkles, because they give age, while women are most afraid of his age. Currently, there are many ways to solve this problem, such as plastic surgery, but not all women are willing to take risks and go directly to the plastic surgeon. For those who are afraid of surgery, there are other methods that are safer and less painful, like injections. In this case we are talking about Botox. In order to use this service need to collect some information about this method and the clinic where would apply. Suppose, in order to avoid complications, it is necessary to determine whether the clinic license, certificates, and most Chief Specialist, injection practices should be high class. By and large complications can not be, but it is worth seriously for the treatment and try to find out all the interest and concern to you moments.

As with any drug it has its own contraindications, do not use the drug to women during pregnancy and lactation, as this may affect the baby. Botox injections almost painless injections put into certain points on the face and neck. Procedure must be repeated about twice a year, since the effect of the drug lasts only a few months, someone may need to inject more often, it all depends on of the patient. Speaking about the action of Botox, it is worth noting some important facts and say that the use of Botox helps to equalize the skin, thus leading to wrinkles. The skin becomes elastic and smooth, and precisely this effect, a woman and looks forward to this procedure, so do not be afraid and to save a shot for later. Those who ventured into the injection should be remembered that for achieving the best result it is necessary to conduct a complex procedures (eg, masks, creams, etc.). It is not necessary to relax and forget about the daily care for face and neck.

Should not be put off visiting beauty salons. All of these procedures in combination will help to extend the youthful skin and beauty of the face, in addition to push the time when youth and beauty can be restored only by surgery. After the injection can not replace surgery, and someday to eliminate facial wrinkles and facelifts have to resort to a plastic surgeon. Unfortunately, the effect of Botox is observed only at a certain age, and under certain rules. Assume the effect of reduced if a person starts taking antibiotics, and antibiotics, we are starting to take more often for colds, inflammation and flu, so it's worth thinking about your health and try to protect themselves from diseases, so as not to harm herself.