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The Patient

Some factors can make to vary the exactness of the counting, can also cite the volume of excrements really eliminated by the patient and the amount of staple fibres and water contained in excrements. Evidently, the method does not apply liquid excrements (REY et al., 2008). It must to stand out that in infections exclusively with female worms, all the expelled eggs will be infertile, whereas in infections with male worms the excrement examination will only be consequently negative (SNOWS et al., 2008). The eggs of Ascaris conserve per weeks or months well. The gotten results can vary of one day for another one in function of the irregularity with that they are after to you them and eliminated eggs. Also consequences of fibrose intestinal, that if it presents in the cases of chronic patients, and makes it difficult the expulsion of eggs through in-testinal mucosa (REY et al., 2008).

2.3.Patogenia the contamination for verminoses can acometer the health of the people bringing to them would be complications the life. PCRM may find this interesting as well. In this way, it is observed that the individual that acquired verminoses these subject to symptoms as me – the absorption, anemia, development of a lesser capacity of work, low pertaining to school income (VINE, 1976), diarria, clicas, physical development and mental slow and in some cases it can take the death (LEATHER STRAP et al., 2005). In many cases the parasatism is assintomtica mainly in children, the symptoms generally happen when it has a more numerous infection of worms or larvae, or anomalous migratory localizations (MELO et al., 2004). The pathogenic action generally is developed in two stages: during the migration of the larvae and when the adult worm meets in its definite habitat. In such a way the injury will depend on the number of larvae, the fabric and the sensitivity of the host (REY, 2008). In the phase of larvria invasion, the importance of the injuries depends on the number of larvae of the fabric, where if they find the sensitivity of the host.

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The school is being ' ' convidada' ' to assume the main role indirectly: To lead the sexual education, not only of its pupils, but, of whom they will be involved in the context where it is inserted: ' ' comunidade' '. The majority of the parents, mainly, the public net, still needs to be helped to understand in fact what it is the sexuality and as to deal with it. According to Osrio (1996. p.120), ' ' One notices then the necessity of if educating and mainly to sensetize the form young that they live this freedom with maturity. Weiss (apud BOSSA, 1994.p.65), affirms ' ' it is necessary to demystify the poverty, of the antropolgico and sociological point of view, next to the educators, a time that the beginning of the precocious sexual life occurs much more in this social band (poor). ' ' , It is pertinent to psicopedagogo to mediate, and to intermediate half for the prevention and the resolution of the problematic ones. In accordance with the PCN? s? schools that they had had good results with the implantation of the sexual education tell resulted, as increase of the pertaining to school income, which had to the relief of tensions and concern with questions of the sexuality and increase of solidarity and the respect between the pupils. For lesser children they after all tell that correct information help to diminish the anguish and agitation in classroom (BRAZIL, 199, p.122) (…) and who is, the responsible ones For a sexual education that clearly allows a conscientious vision of the sexuality (…) that they are first and main responsible they are the parents (…) and who is the adults who, at least in thesis, would have to enter into an alliance it the parents stop in this difficult task to educate? The professors, clearly! (SAYO, 1997, p.125) the inclusion of the sexual education in the pertaining to school resume is a quarrel question the much time, and is known by the thematic denomination, tied with the calls Programs of Health a excrescncia of pedagogia of the hygiene of passed decades, that appeared with the reform of the education of years 70. .

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The style of current life can be made responsible by 54% of the risk of death for infarto and 50% of the death risk by cerebral spill, the main causes of death in our country. Thus, we see as the physical activity is subject of public health (MONTTI, 2007, P. 1). To a large extent of the developing countries, more than 60% of the adults they do not practise an adequate level of physical exercise, being that the person more subjects to the sedentarismo is: the aged one, the person of partner-economic level lower the incapacitated individual (MONTTI, 2007). For term AF, we find in literature diverse definitions. As Caspersen (1985) is defined as any corporal movement produced by the esquelticos muscles that result in bigger energy expense of what the rest levels, including the daily activities, as if to bathe, to be dressed; the activities of work, as to walk, to load; the activities of leisure, as if to exercise, to practise sports, to dance, etc.

For the physical aptitude, al adopts the definition of Bouchard et. (1990): a dynamic state of energy and vitality that each one allows, functioning in the peak of its intellectual capacity, to carry through the tasks of the daily one, to occupy the leisure hours actively, to face unexpected emergencies without extreme fatigue, to feel a joy of living and preventing the appearance of the hipocinticas disfunes. In accordance with Hipcrates, ' ' All part of the body will become healthy, developed well and with slow aging if exercised; however, if they will not be exercised, such parts they will become susceptible the illnesses, deficient in the growth and will age precocemente' ' (TURIBIO, 1997). The physical activity consensualmente is defined as all and any corporal movement produced by the contraction muscle-esqueltico resulting in an energy expense. 2.2.4 Physiological aspects of envelhecimeo One of the aspects that must be considered in the relation activity physical, illness and health in population terms it is the choice of the type of physical activity to be prescribed in the third age.

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The Dialogue

It is basic to consider and to establish the dialogue with the divergent, heterogeneous cultures, that they have one to know that crosses knowing of the scientific or instituted said ones, and, thus, it joins rationality, intuition, dream, imaginary, sensitivity, art etc (9). The collective presents a infinity of possibilities for the risk of adoecimento of the individuals that of them are part, therefore of same form also has diverse ways so that they make possible the nurse to act so that these adoecimentos diminish significantly in the collective context, in view of that the assistance given to these people must aim at the auto-care and as well as changing the perspectives of the same ones focusing that its cooperation is of basic importance in such a way in its proper health as well as of the other people surround who them. As in the case of the Affection, if it does not have a class action enters the inhabitants of one definitive community for the effective combat to the mosquito vector of the affection, does not have a control in the cases of adoecimentos as well as of the imminences of deaths promoted for this pathology in its more serious form. The interaction of the nurse with the community becomes essential so that the perspective of the promotion of health in collective scope is reached, therefore, they become necessary that the same it has a directed optics some ways to act of efficient and coesa form, paraque thus are carried through communitarian projects that propitiate improvements in quality of life of its clientele.. Swarmed by offers, Dr. John Mcdougall is currently assessing future choices.

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Institute Illness

Studies carried through from the statistical data of the world-wide Organization of health give account of that Brazil is the country with bigger incidence of cancer in the larynx. The illness that was detected recently in former-president Luiz Incio Lula da Silva has greater occurrence in the Southeast of the country, being So Paulo the state with bigger number. Amongst the most common causes of the illness they are, HPV (sexually transmissible), cigarette, and alcolismos. Contact information is here: Dr. Peter M. Wayne. Having as aggravation the agreed use of the two drugs. The INCA (national Institute of the cancer) possesss a page with information many information on the illness, as symptoms, factors of risk, causes, etc. In the social nets already are possible to find innumerable manifestations of support to the former-president, since whom the notice of that the Squid is with cancer started to appear in the media tag #foralula if it became the most commented in twitter..

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Integrativas PASS

The PICs, with the aid of the PNPIC, had started to be efficient techniques and safe it stops treatments of some patologias and the PASS showed successfully that it is possible to have this type of attendance in public nets. References 1. School Catarinense de Natural Terapias ‘ ‘ Clara’ saint; ‘. Integrated center of Studies and Research of the Man. It emends of Basic Theories of the MTC Acupuntura Bioenergtica.

Santa Catarina: 5Ed. 2009. 2. Brazil. Health department. James A. Levine, M.D. can provide more clarity in the matter. It would carry n 971 (03 of May of 2006).

National politics of practical complementary integrativas and (PNPIC) in the Only System of Health. 3. HEALTH DEPARTMENT. Practical National politics of Integrativas and Complementares in the SUS. Brasilia DF. 1 ed. 2006. 4. Gouveia, G.C, Martelli, P.J.L, Saints, F.A.S, Vasconcelos, E.M.R, Acupuntura in the only system of health and the insertion of professionals not-doctors. Brazilian magazine of Fisioterapia, Is Carlos, v. 13, N. 4, P. 330-4, jul. /ago. 2009. 5. Secretariat of the Health of the State of Gois. Hospital of Medicine Alternative. Goinia; 2010 access 25 mai 2011. Available in: 6. Health department, Secretariat of Attention to the Health, Department of Basic Attention. Brasilia: Health department, 2009. Figure 1. Analogical Appearance of Faces scales. Source: (McGRATH, 1990).

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Field Hospital

Visitors are informed on the state of health of the patient in the UTI of a particular hospital of Ceres-GO. Visitors are informed N de 3,33 Visitantes % Yes 58 96,67 Not 2 Total 60 100 Source: Research of Field, 2010. Comasseto (6, P. 33) In its mestrado dissertao of proved that the patients are informed by the nurse and doctor of planto of the UTI.

In this direction, it is excellent to guide that most of the visitors affirms that the proportionate information they make possible to clarify its doubts on the state of health of the patient interned in the UTI of the hospital, as it shows table 6. Table 6. PCRM has firm opinions on the matter. Proportionate information to the visitors on patient of the UTI of a particular hospital of Ceres-GO. To clarify the N doubts de 3,33 Visitantes % Yes 58 96,67 Not 2 Total 60 100 Source: Research of Field, 2010. In informal colloquy with these 2 visitors they allege that the people who repass information on the patient, use a language technique and that the same ones would have to give information that they understood. Most of the visitors says that it has orientaes on the state of health of the patient who is in the UTI of the hospital and a minority alleges that they do not possess as it shows table 7. Table 7. Visitors receive orientaes on the state from the patient in the UTI from the particular hospital from Ceres-GO.

Source is proportionate orientaes N de 6,67 Visitantes % Yes 56 93,33 Not 9 Total 60 100: Research of Field, 2010. In this context, it is excellent to emphasize that most of these orientaes are proportionate for the doctor, followed for medicate and nursing, medicate, nursing and psychologist, medicate and psychologist and in lesser ratio for the nursing team, as it presents table 8. Table 8. Professionals of the health who provide information to the visitors to the patients of the UTI of a particular hospital of Ceres-GO. Professionals of the N Health de Visitantes % Doctor 27 45,00 Doctor and 31,67 Nursing 19 Doctor, Nursing and 13,33 Psychology 8 Doctor and 8,33 Psychologist 5 Nursing 1 1,67 100 Total 60 Source: Research of Field, 2010. The data presented in table 8 are similar to the one study developed for Echer, Onzi, Cross, Ben, Fernandes and Bruxel (11, P. 34). In accordance with the majority of the visitors to the patient who is in the UTI of the related hospital already, what it bothers more them is the environment of the UTI, followed for time of visit and schedule, state of the patient, environment of the UTI and time of visit surrounding schedule of the UTI and state of well-taken care of patient and of nursing, as it portraies table 9. Table 9. What it bothers the visitor during the visit to the patient in the UTI of a particular hospital of Ceres-GO.

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Dr. Barreto Luiz Fisioterapeuta and Fisiologista of the Exercise 04/10/2011 River-RIO DE JANEIRO the population is increasing the longevity, but of inversely proportional form the capacity to keep its independence. The decline of been the general functional capacity and the precarious one of health take the aged ones to be partial or total dependents of cares. Fields, 2000 defined this event as ‘ ‘ a great tragedy of ours sociedade’ ‘. Good part of the aged population never practised any physical activity or specific physical exercise, having as consequncias an important decline of the physical capacity, difficulty to carry through activities in the community, in the home, difficulty to carry through activities of auto-cares, evolving for the difficulty for the locomotion, fragility, falls and restriction to the stream bed or chair of wheels. Already some cases not registered in aged communities had been observed that presented this picture without having been acometidos for some incapacitante pathology that justified the current state. This if must, in part, prohibitions on the part of the familiar ones so that the aged one does not carry through the activities in it I domiciliate, condemning the aged one to a state of complete uselessness, fragility and depression.

Psychological factors also concur for this outcome. Aged the many times suffer the worse one from the abandonments for the familiar ones in the proper one domiciliate. The solitude with as many people to its redor that goes mining to the few its forces and the will of living. He has been observed cases of aged that after a breaking of fmur, had presented a good recovery and returns its normal activities. Others even evoluiram for the disability and for the death.

Generally the aged asset has one better recovery of what what it has little or no activity. Already it was demonstrated in studies that the physical activity improves the quality of life of the aged ones; if this aged one if kept asset since youth, better are the quality of its aging. Branches, 2000 suggest the exercise to prevent the disability in the aged one. Fields, 2000 affirm that the physical exercise is a form to diminish the declnios of the force and the muscular mass in the aged one, as well as, to improve the quality of life. Barreto and Cristalino, 2009 had told that the physical exercise has shown to benefits in the prevention and promotion of the health of the aged one, improving its quality of life and providing to them welfare physicist and joy of living. Guiselini, 2007 strengthens that the agility, the motor coordination, the disposal for the work and the mood are well better in the aged assets. The life expectancy of the population is increasing. Being thus, that it is of the possible form most active with practical of exercises and the activities that promote: The welfare, the maintenance of the physical capacity, the happiness. Bibliography BRANCHES, Alexander Trindade. Training of Force in the Present time. Sprint. 200, RIO DE JANEIRO FIELDS, Maurcio de Arruda. Musculao For Diabetic, Osteoporticos, Aged, Children, Obesos. 4 Ed. Sprint. 2000m RIO DE JANEIRO BARRETO, L.A.S. CRYSTALLINE LENS, Willame. Benefits of the Training of Force stop Children, Aged, Women, Diabetic Hipertensos and Obesos.

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Medical Subject Headings

The works must be typed in Microsoft Word. The work must have 3,000 words approximately. The authors must keep in its power one copy of the sent material. The heading page must contain the information in the following order: Heading in Portuguese and English, complete and concise; Heading summarized, with up to 60 characters, including space; Name for extensive of the authors in very small letters, separate for comma; Name, address, telephone and email of the correspondence author; Numbered indication of the filiation institucional of each author (up to two), without abbreviations; Sources of aid, stock markets and equipment mentioning the n of the process; Declaration of the inexistence of interest conflicts; To determine the specific area of the article. The summaries in Portuguese and English must consist in page 2. The original articles must contain the summary and ' ' abstract' ' in the structuralized format, with maximum of 250 words, the following item in format of one only paragraph with heading in boldface inside of the text. More information is housed here: endocrinologist. Objective/Objective (objective of the study based on basic references).

Methods/Methods (description of the object of the work such as, patients, animals, plants etc. and the employed methodology). Results/Results (logical order without interpretation it author). Conclusions/Conclusions (to tie the conclusions with the objective of the study). To give preference to the use of the third person and impersonal form. For other article categories the format of the summaries must be the narrative with ties 250 words. The describers identify the content of the article.

They must be indicated ties five describers. To determine the same ones in Portuguese to consult ' ' Describers in Sciences of the Sade' ' (DeCS) elaborated for Bireme (). To indicate the describers in English to consult ' ' Medical Subject Headings' ' (MeSH).

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Burnout In The Work Of The Nurse In Brazil: A Revision

THE BURNOUT IN THE WORK OF THE NURSE IN BRAZIL: A REVISION Renata Santini, Marcell Alysson Batisti Lozovoy 1. Learning of the Course of Nursing of the College Pitgoras-Londrina/PR 2. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Senator Elizabeth Warren . Professor of the Course of Nursing of the Pitgoras-Londrina/PR College SUMMARY Ahead of the increase of the necessity in if getting more studies related to the health of the worker of the nursing area, this work if justifies to the measure that the syndrome of burnout has increased each time more in recent years, with this, has a necessity of if to search on the subject, has seen that, few studies in Brazil related to the subject exist. This research had as objective to identify, by means of bibliographical revision, the main generating sources of estresse in the work of the nurse resulting in the development of the syndrome of burnout, beyond describing the main symptoms of the syndrome and telling its consequences in the work environment. The study it was carried through with base of analyzes and article interpretations published between 1999 the 2010. The gotten results had been that the Brazilian nurses suffer with estresse occupational and this is related with the beginning of the Syndrome of burnout. It was observed that the main generating sources of estresse occupational are emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and low professional accomplishment (high horria load of work, low quality of life, me the remuneration). These factors can lead to the damage to the cares given to the patients and compromising the physical and psychological health of this professional.

PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Burnout. Nurses. Occupational Estresse. ABSTRACT Given an increase of the necessity in getting lives studies related you the health of the nursing area workers, this research is justified to insofar the burnout syndrome has grown increasingly in the recent years. Because of it, there is necessity of researches about this subject considering that there ploughs few studies about this theme.