Nature Tan Summer Pack

Nature Tan is the latest development in the area of dietary supplements. Key features Nature Tan: Protection from solar radiation and aggressive “healthy” tan. In developing the Nature Tan uses the latest scientific development. Nature Tan inside protects the body from harmful sun exposure and do not have the shortcomings of the protective creams. The composition of one capsule ‘NATURE TAN’ include: turmeric powder (Kurkuma Longa) 164 mg isoflavone coi (10%) 50 mg extract grape marc 30 mg vitamin C (100% of recommended daily allowance) 60 mg vitamin E (50% of daily needs), 5 mg beta-carotene (50% of daily requirement) 2,4 mg zinc (51% of daily needs), 7 5 mg selenium 77,5 g Sun and its influence 1. The influence of solar radiation. Sunburn: helpful or harmful? Everyone wants to be beautiful, young and healthy.

How to achieve this? Without sunlight there is no life. The sun’s rays are necessary for healthy human existence on a daily basis: for learning and further processing of vitamins D, E, ascorbic acid, fats, proteins, minerals, and they are normally help fight seasonal depression. Sunlight in the body increases production of so-called “Hormones of happiness”. In this case tan looks wonderful, he is young and gives a sporty look, so very popular as an aesthetic factor. On the other hand, UV rays: * contribute to premature aging of the skin due to phototoxic (oxidative) stress, the skin loses its elasticity, becomes thin and wrinkled; * for excessive use can cause skin diseases, * after the end of insolation tan quickly disappears. Negative effect of UV radiation can also be a fotodermatity – a violent inflammatory skin reaction with blistering, exacerbation of chronic illnesses, relapses of herpes, the appearance of benign and even malignant tumors. How to reconcile these contradictions? The influence of UV rays, especially in large doses, causes phototoxic effects (oxidative stress), forming a huge amount of damaging our cells of free radicals, which natural antioxidant system of the person is unable to cope.

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