Localization Pain

Hyperextension ligaments of the foot, foot deformity with the destruction of cartilage, narrowing of the gap joint, marginal growth of bone (osteophytes, "horns") – all this leads to systematic pain. Localization Pain can be in various parts of the foot. Most of all – it's the calcaneus, the inside edge of the foot, back or part of the plantar foot, base of fingers. Occupy a special place in the field of pain I metotorsalnogo-phalanx joints of the foot (at the base of the thumb) and pain in the second finger. At the base of the thumb pain occur when you deviate from anatomical position outwards, ie in the case of the formation of Hallux valgus, entailing development of osteoarthritis, arthritis of the joints, often accompanied by inflammation with redness, swelling of soft tissues. Pain in the second finger of his hammer arise when strain phalanx patients resort to surgery because they do not know that professionally solves this problem orthopedic trauma.

In second place referral – Hallux valgus. People want to purely cosmetically restore the anatomical position the first finger and get rid of the pain, often accompanied Hallux valgus. Unfortunately, very small percentage of patients who at initial deviations of the first finger come to the doctor for advice on preventive measures. In Basically, people do not pay sufficient attention to the initial deformation of the fingers and the little pain. And it was with initial symptoms of flat feet and a static initial deformation of the fingers may suspend further development process. At the end of the conversation one more tip – even if you do not have any complaints, but you have to buy shoes for one – two sizes larger than a few years ago, the formation age is flat occurs. With age, the foot is not growing, its length increases only due to subsidence of the longitudinal arch. Source:

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