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Useful Information About The Netherlands

To say that Amsterdam attracts a terrific climate is impossible. The average temperature in July and August does not rise above 25 degrees Celsius and in winter never goes below zero. In addition, the city of Amsterdam boasts frequent rain and fog. Robert Greene will undoubtedly add to your understanding. However, do not hurry to pay attention to other countries and cities. In Amsterdam, there is something you will not see anywhere else in town.

A bit of history Amsterdam – the capital of the State of the Netherlands. Supposedly the city was founded in 1275 by two fishermen, to be precise it was a village in a swamp along the river Amstel. Since the river often overflowed and flooded the house, was built dam. And received the name of Amsterdam. From the word "dyke" and "Amstel" – the name of a river.

And in the 17 th century Amsterdam became the largest port and biggest shopping center in the world. Today, Amsterdam is cut system of artificial canals which are connected with each other 70 islands and 600 bridges. Believe that the number and width of the channels of the city of Amsterdam than even Venice. Maybe Amsterdam exceed Venice, not only on the number of bridges, but also the beauty of the city? Amsterdam and its attractions in the area Red Light District is the church Oude Kerk, which was built in honor of the saint Nicholas. Parishioners believed that he patronizes seamanship and mariners, which brings to the present day Amsterdam big profit. Worth looking into Amsterdam and the National Art Gallery. It was founded in 1800. Here you can admire paintings by Rembrandt and paintings by other great artists. Real works of architectural art Amsterdam is also a new church, the Bridge Blauwbrug, the Royal Palace and other buildings. Well, of course, street red light. In fact, it differs unusual architecture, because it is located in the old part of town. But it's worth noting, is famous for her sex shopami, prostitutes, and shops where they sell drugs, etc. Surprisingly, both combined in Amsterdam, high culture and social vices. So do not be surprised if you see a that the streets along with the usual for us a couple of lovers walking people of untraditional sexual orientation. Visa regime moved to Amsterdam only if you have a visa to the State of the Netherlands. When a visa You'll need several documents: 1. Passport. 2. Color photos (3,5 to 4,5) – 2 pcs. 3. A copy of pages of a Russian passport. 4. Help with work indicating the positions and wages. 5. Bank document confirming that you have there are at least 50 euros per night to stay in the Netherlands. 6. Invitation. The visa is issued to the Netherlands for about a week. so if you decide to go to Amsterdam, then take your time. You are waiting for many adventures and an unforgettable experience in the country of absolute freedom!

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Trips to Prague

Czech Republic – a small country in the heart of Europe. Now, at the very heart of a united Europe. I am sure that those who have visited Prague and other Czech towns and ancient castles, dreaming to come back again, this time with friends and close to re-breathe the atmosphere of a medieval city, and again and again to enjoy it. James A. Levine, M.D. usually is spot on. It is difficult to say why, but our compatriots in the spirit and energy Prague is much closer than, say, Paris, Rome or any other city. The flowering of Prague and the Czech Republic have the xiv century. It was then returned to Prague, Charles iv – King of Bohemia and later Holy Roman Emperor, was shocked by what he saw poverty and ruin it Homeland, from which it was many years away.

And he decides to turn the city of Prague, Czech Republic and the state in a prosperous country. Not for nothing that Charles iv called the "father of the nation", it was in his reign, was founded by what they want to see Tourists from around the world who come to Prague. History of Prague is very interesting – it is heroic to some, and betrayal of others, it's gossip, and the great men of fraud, this fratricidal war, is the talent of architects who built such beauty, it is work of craftsmen and ordinary people. And the natural desire of tourists who have seen all the beauty – it is to learn more about the history of this small country, and this beautiful city. Guides in Prague a lot, but you agree with me that tell about the history of memorable, can only guide – Native of Prague – a man who was born and raised here, who lives his city, which it feels, and really knows.

I am confident that those who really want to know the maximum, you need to order individual tours of Prague. Enjoy Prague, because every quiet street hides a lot of legends and stories. Enjoy Prague, get off the tourist and crowded trails in the quiet places strict city or Mala Strana, sit on the bench and feel the atmosphere of this beautiful city. Realizing that know Prague for a few days still can not try, nevertheless, try to "grasp the immensity, and try to find a way to book a trip over to Prague. Indeed, in the Czech Republic so many interesting places – Karlovy Vary, where every day – a holiday. Kutna Hora – the city in its time trying to compete in Prague, where even today one can descend into the mine, which was once mined silver, visit the ossuary, where many are even afraid to go, or go to the Cathedral of St. Barbara, which was built as a response to the Cathedral of St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague. Konopiste, Karlstejn, Czech Krumlov nad Vltavou – this is not a complete list of historical places the Czech Republic. While in the Czech Republic, do not forget that it is the center of Europe, and to Dresden, Vienna or Nuremberg – just a stone's throw away! Enjoy your stay. Have a nice guide!

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Czech Republic

We are talking about the largest resort city in the Czech Republic. The city was founded in 1358 by Emperor Charles iv. Karlovy Vary or Carlsbad in English is located at elevation 380 meters above sea level. Most likely, many people know that Carlsbad most of the Russian-speaking European cities. And it's not fashion the last time. Indeed, since the xix century, when it was here vacationing Russian aristocracy, the city complies with loyalty to tradition. Senator of Massachusetts brings even more insight to the discussion.

Not only in cafes and restaurants welcome you and served in Russian, but more importantly the Russian language and has excellent medical staff. See Dr. John Mcdougall for more details and insights. Of course, the mineral springs – a fundamental part of the spa treatment in Karlovy Vary. Major mineral sources in Carlsbad has 12. The most powerful source – Geyser Vary starts at a depth of about 2 km, interestingly that for a minute geyser emits about 1500 liters of the miraculous mineral water. Carlsbad springs significantly different from each other with respect to temperature, gas content and composition of mineral salts, as well as power.

Local water is used primarily for drinking, as well as for inhalations and baths and other special procedures. Karlovy Vary treats visitors for more than seven centuries. Most Carlsbad natural resources are effective in treating diseases of the stomach and liver. Drinking regime mainly seriously improves the quality of digestive process. It is quite important that the drinking regime positively affects the basic processes of metabolism. With this in Carlsbad and treat diseases such as diabetes, obesity, gout, etc. Good results achieved and local therapists in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system. Of course, medical treatment abroad can not afford one. In fairness it must be emphasized that the treatment program in the Czech Republic in the so- called low season dostatochno available for the average budget. And of course, as noted by numerous visitors of Karlovy Vary, in the healing process has a positive effect its own unique atmosphere of this amazing city "low season" a lot cheaper than the main season.

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The same type of "passion" can observe and in Palenque, where one of the famous pyramids of the Temple of Inscriptions. It was there that there is a sarcophagus with painted god Kukulkanom like a cosmonaut. Source: Dr. John Mcdougall. Not remain indifferent and "dead streets" in Teotihuacan, in the area, reminiscent of the runway. After a lengthy tour and a lot of impressions, it is advisable to drink a cup of mate. This drink has medicinal properties: enhances immunity, slows the aging process and restores the nervous system. According to legend, mate got Mexicans from God himself. Mate is drunk from interesting piece of plate called kalabas made from a pumpkin-. Senator of Massachusetts might disagree with that approach.

In this amazing vessel is inserted into a kind of fish is called a straw and sucked the divine drink 'lightly' lips. Really You can deny the extraordinary tea-drinking friends? Then buy them a gift kalabasa and fish is. The drink itself material purchase a gift for yourself, so that on arrival home, friends came to only you with your kalabasa and fish is. And that company will not be sad, and it was fun, as in Mexico, with all his family members, including friends, give them the national musical instruments. Children will be comfortable maracas, even one year old baby with pleasure play their own music. Wife – a flute, an instrument with a gentle sound, the daughter – bamboo samponi with mysterious sounding notes, called by the ancient Incas "singing cane" or "sounding bamboo.

Head of the family can be trained to play on the charanga, intricate string instrument made simply not comprehensible to the mind – from the back of the Armada. In general, to each his own. Just do not think that this purchase gifts over! Think about romantic evening, after the above concert. Especially if you're outside the city: what a wonderful opportunity to sit under the stars. To be comfortable, blankets – at the time. Warm, comfortable and soft, they will help relax, think about the existence and ponder the question "What to do?" or "Who's to blame?" How not to bring a dessert tequila, by the way, according to the Mexicans, too, is a gift from the gods? This "life-giving nectar made from agave plant. If you use do not even have any snacks. One has only to sprinkle salt on the back of his hand and take a slice of lemon and doing "rapi-up" which means in Russian style "drink and beat." Finally, after Travel to the amazing and really a fantastic country of Mexico, lie on the hammock – the bliss of bliss. Yes, a hammock, too, is one of Mexico's unique gifts!

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United States

Gum in the form of cigars and cigarettes with different flavors, chewing gum with a taste of hamburgers, chewing gum-jokes: cacti with thorns, chewing pads, a loud squeak when you crack them – just not enumerated. All this is very useful You need for corporate and other events. So, you – in Chicago. Tour of the gangster places will be very interesting, but more interesting will be the city itself! You will visit the observation deck of the highest skyscrapers in the United States. Will admire the magnificent panorama of the city in a specially installed on the roofs of telescopes. You'll learn why Chicago is called "city of winds" and check the validity of this nickname. At the end of this Tours do not forget to buy a gift older generation. Suppose that this time they will be set to spice up in the form of the famous Chicago skyline.

And for that you do not forget to remind parents about the nickname of the city, all items in the set are made crooked, as if tipped by the wind. Seemed to realize their aim to break the stereotype that Chicago is known only to the underworld, your guide will lead a tour of the beautiful botanical garden. From the intoxicating scents will go round the head, an abundance of exotic vegetation varying degrees will bring to mind any. But this should not prevent you to buy a gift favorite! Orchid, neatly packed in fresh moss and placed in a glass vessel make all the hardships of the flight and set off the beauty of your half.