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Cologne Alliance

Updates the HFK Cancer Alliance gGmbH promotes the HFK Cancer Alliance since end of 2008 already work the Wellington cancer counseling in Cologne. With the new funding subsidy of 18,500 euros is on the one hand the commitment of staff to the Cancer Helpline slip’kik appreciated, but also an essential contribution as help for self-help. Of the funding grant support the advice from cancer patients and their families, in particular of children with cancer accounted for 10,000 euros. The remaining 8,500 euros provided for a new project for the prevention of skin cancer in children and adolescents in the Cologne area available. Since 1994, the Cancer Helpline slip’kik in Cologne seeking advice and diseased offers independent and psychosocial support. The Club was founded by those affected and sees itself as an interface between the in-patient, rehabilitative, and remedial services. Without their own financial interests, inform and advise the employees patients and their families free of charge.

Many unemployed and economically weaker asked cancer patients from across the region around Cologne come here to consult. While kik offers telephone and personal advice, home and hospital visits, guided conversation groups for ill, relatives, colleagues and friends, to the support for self-help groups. A wide range of course (relaxation training, returning to the profession, etc.) offers numerous events. In the library you can borrow also books and videos. The Fund supports needy quickly and unbureaucratically financially. slip’kik financed, for example, support stockings, Tracksuits for a hospital stay or travel expenses for upcoming health clinic stays. “The special feature of the Wellington cancer counseling: children and young people of with cancer parents are computers for kids with the action” specifically and comprehensively supported and can inform themselves, unless the person concerned must be addressed directly or immediately included.

More information about the Cancer Alliance HFK gGmbH are in the Internet at available. Information on the kik cancer initiative Cologne e.V. is available online at. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press compartment to free use: press compartments/HFK Cancer Alliance contact for questions regarding this press release: Marko Homann, Holger Ballwanz PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: about the HFK Cancer Alliance gGmbH the HFK Cancer Alliance is a non-profit organization based in Berlin. Goal and task is to make available the urgently needed medicines and medical products cancer patients, to allow the necessary treatments in developing countries – particularly children. In addition, makes the Cancer Alliance worldwide awareness and actively supporting cancer research, as well as the psycho-social care of children of parents in Germany.

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Help For Children With Cancer

2011 of the Conference provider meetyoo donates 10,000 euros to the Berlin Association KINDerLEBEN. To support the work of the Association, to help children with cancer and their families and to assist meetyoo. If a child suffering from cancer, which is a dramatic cut in the usual flow of life and often also an existential threat for the families. Often, the money for the high care needs of young patients is not sufficient. KINDerLEBEN, the Association for the promotion of the clinic for children with cancer kinder E.v. Berlin wants to help these families.

For 15 years, organized and funded the Association many projects which facilitate the life with the disease to children and their parents and promote the healing process. Heart of the work of KINDerLEBEN is promoting the day clinic and the clinic for cancer-stricken children and young people at the Charite, campus Virchow clinic in Berlin. In parallel, the Association realized projects such as the palliative project life every day”. Here KINDerLEBEN allows a competent and humane care in their usual home for terminally ill children. After a long fight against her cancer we would like to accompany their children on their last journey and fulfill the last wish them”Ellen von Hartz-Geitel, President of KINDerLEBEN. The Conference provider meetyoo is impressed by this commitment. With our donation we would like to contribute to support the great volunteer work KINDerLEBEN afford. “, so Tony E.

Kula, Managing Director of meetyoo. We donate regularly and wanted to put us this time on our own doorstep. KINDerLEBEN know we that arrives the money in the right place, because all donations to 100 percent in the projects flow.” KINDerLEBEN’s work is possible only through the support of sponsors, because the Club all projects funded exclusively through donations and in-kind donations. Therefore pleased KINDerLEBEN each donation in the donation account: HypoVereinsbank Berlin, account no.: 263 93 00, BLZ 100 208 90. There is more information about the work of the Association global circuits of telephone and Web conferencing and webcasts under about meetyoo conferencing GmbH which offers meetyoo conferencing GmbH with its headquarters in Berlin. Meetyoo’s strength lies in a product portfolio that includes the most frequently used segments of the Conference. The customers benefit from individual solutions from a single source. The range covers project management by meetyoo from the virtual conference room at the flat rate tailor-made packages to the individual event supervision including. As Germany’s first and so far only conferencing service provider quality management has introduced meetyoo specially EN ISO 9001:2008 according to DIN for the scope of conferencing.

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Skin Cancer Screening

With the changing environmental influences, and the always-increasing ultraviolet radiation skin cancer is an important issue. To prevent a disease, patients should perform the screening to the dermatologist and learn exactly the services of own health insurance. The Professional Association of German dermatologists and the German Dermatological Society urged early May during the euro-melanoma campaign 2010, to inform yourself in detail about skin cancer. In this regard, consultations and full body studies held in the skin doctor’s Office. People should be clarified during the dermatological advice and examination beyond screening around the topic of skin cancer. The services offered by the health insurance companies are however rather tenuous in this area.

So, patients under 35 years of age pay the treatment even if it is more often than once every two years wanted. The so-called body mapping, a type of body surface mapping will not be refunded. In this Procedure, the entire complexion is computer technology is recorded and analyzed with the help of a digital Auflichtmikroskops. Private health insurance companies offer checkups part within their tariffs. Click Elio Moti Sonnenfeld for additional related pages. Of all 3 fare refunded examinations of gynecologist, doctor or dentist for example the HanseMerkur during two years.

No equity required the AGILcomfort of 960 with any dental cleaning, vaccinations and screening of its policyholders. Unlike customers of Central checkups such as thyroid checks and examinations of the risk for heart attacks or strokes within the deductible itself must help.

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The Proper Handling Of Your Own Teeth – Tips About Dentures

Tooth pain is the worst pain. Often you don’t get around to more complex interventions. At the present time, it is unfortunately so that denture is expensive. Also, many people shy away from the visit to the dentist. If it is now clear that the teeth are no longer to save it quickly also goes to the own purse. “That does not even mean that only a few or even no teeth to save more and to third parties” needs.

Single replacement can be expensive quickly, because the health insurance funds take long since no longer any treatment. The right information in advance of such treatment can be therefore gold value. The fact is: body aches or a geprellter ankle can be painful, but usually back to heal. But when it first comes off in the mouth, there is hardly an alternative to the dentist. Then it is usually critical and who is in the outset properly informed, can also react accordingly, if it is needed and not more around eventually comes to a tooth replacement. But what happens when it’s too late is? Then, they get the information that fit the theme and help on a The ZTSB team from Dusseldorf can provide valuable tips here as competent and helpful partner on their side and support them. So, there is an on-site support in their dental practice, patient passes and much more.

Let lie just on the dentist’s Chair and Potter the doctor. Some forms that you may need to sign in advance of treatment include partial cost, you have to take over once the treatment is completed. Costs maybe don’t really perceive, because one simply has wasn’t looking. The pain and the anguish are maybe too big, you want to have it quickly behind him, but the consequences can be serious, related not only to any sustained pain. And now sometimes the best pain pills do not help against a high dental Bill. Anyone who ever had tooth pain know that there is hardly anything worse. Inform you can of course also directly the dentist’s Office of trust, but not rarely no time simply, extensively and innovatively to inform patients. Finally other patients waiting for it and an individual, extensive treatment costs now sometimes individual money. Not everything is paid by the health insurance fund nowadays unfortunately only the least. It’s like in the hospital. Private fund patient enjoy the privilege to be able to enjoy a single room. They pay but also high contributions to their health insurance. The legally insured patients land then in a room with one to three other patients and how something can end, everyone knows very well yes probably. Annoying snoring, then one talks in her sleep and moans to himself. The hospitalization not only becomes the real agony and that, because you have pain. Dental treatment, it runs similar even if this here not reflected in any unpopular room neighbors. Therefore better advance well informed and then all do leave alone. Learn more about the topic on a Here are valuable tips on the subject of Dental restorations, but also about the proper care is informed so that you can prevent accordingly.