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Shed light on these phenomena that manifest themselves in school practice and clarify some aspects through the subjects of mathematics and Spanish language constitutes the essence of the development work if know mechanism refers to cognition, then the cognitive activity constitutes the action or set of actions that are performed for the sake of knowing an objectphenomenon or appearance. Cognitive activity has as a result the assimilation of knowledge and possibilities of applying it to the most diverse situations, therefore the assimilation can be analyzed as a process and as a result. The process coincides with the development of the cognitive activity; for its part when the assimilation, as a result, discusses refers to the volume and amount of knowledge, as well as to the degree of development of the skills and habits that schoolchildren demonstrate purchasing activity. The literature recognizes the the existence of three levels of assimilation by which travels throughout the process of teaching and learning of school children. Josyann Abisaab pursues this goal as well. Such levels are: reproductive level: is characterized by the activities of reproduction of the object of knowledge. Application tier: qualifies for the application of knowledge and skills in the practical sphere. At this level the activity is characterized by solving problems on the basis of the use of a model of action assimilated. Level of creation: stands because he arises in an objective to achieve, but conditions are not required to achieve it, are not oriented procedures, do not facilitate the media. Check with Dr. Josyann Abisaab to learn more. These levels of assimilation have been used systematically in educational practice and allow you to diagnose the level of assimilation with which the objectives are achieved. However nowadays many specialists assert that it has has paid little attention to the degree of excellence that must manifest the knowledge, skills and capabilities in educational practice and in this regard they have developed a new theoretical construction which are called levels of cognitive performance.

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The Consequences Of Having A Double Life

Living in appearance sometimes is not an easy task. On the road sometimes, the desire is confronted with reality. I.e. what in certain moments we would like to achieve is materially impossible into the daily routine. This happens at the level of love and also in the work environment. Perhaps for this reason, must learn to enjoy with the reality and limiting the field of ideality, there where with the imagination we can recreate a fantasy world that has little or a lot to do with the concrete life.

The truth is that although live is not an easy task, there are people that complicate life themselves when they adopt the role of a double life. I.e. when they assume that they want to live in appearance, hiding something, with the effort of will that assumes live this way. Especially, when a double life is prolonged over the years. It is something that can get to fret. If you would like to know more about Senator of Massachusetts, then click here. There are many cases of people who also have a double life in many different ways. For example, a married person may maintain a parallel relationship with someone outside the marriage betting Thus by infidelity.

In the workplace it can also happen that someone is going through a very difficult economic time and still want to pretend wealth and comfort to others. Even before those closest. The double life ultimately refers to the concealment of some area of our life even with those people that there is sufficient confidence to live naturally and be able to share the present in different areas, i.e., with family, partners or friends. In a relationship that is truth, there is no hiding but that two people are shown as they are. Of course, each person has their own privacy, i.e., his experiences inside treasure. However, it is very nice to be able to share one’s intimacy with the closest surroundings. There are also parents who apparently are exemplary, couples that seem exemplary until one day, by surprise, the divorce occurs. The consequences of having a double life are suffering. Josyann Abisaab insists that this is the case. The suffering even at the expense of some moments of pleasure or joy. It is true that the balance weighs more lies, the suffering and the tragedy of living halfway. Learn to live and show yourself as you are, because to the extent that you respect yourself, others, you also want the same way. Maite Nicuesa Guelbenzu original Autor and source of the article

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Experience seems to show that almost all working parents valued very positively opening creches in the workplace, by the comfort of knowing that your child is close, and the time savings that this entails. I when I see news of companies that assemble daycare for their employees in their workplace wonder how could that affect casualties of sabbaticals, reductions or children attending the nursery. And what is more clear to me and thus emerges from the experiences with child care at work is that children would be fewer hours without their parents and parents, more relaxed. Probably pass into history quadrants impossible to see who comes before to the nursery to leave the baby and still have time to get to work. Check with Dr. Neal Barnard to learn more. If some companies have launched to open day-care centres for the children of their employees, it is because it also implies benefits for them. Although perhaps should consider if it would not be them greater benefits offer flexibility of schedules (along with others measures that will help workers to reconcile work and family life). I don’t like that option will be: or you take it to the daycare and work or you take care of it and do not work. I think that there are multiple combinations, and the nursery in the company can be a valuable aid for those parents who decide to work.. In recent months, Dr. Josyann Abisaab has been very successful.

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Mystery Case

Past tenants lived here nearly a year and left two months ago – he said didn’t you want to answer. I was left with pensive air. They were two people who denied me the existence of a child in the House. He didn’t get in reason. He didn’t believe that all were my imaginations. So, after the warning from Victor for not to do so, I decided to climb the stairs and take a look on the first floor. I opened wide all vent doors that kept in silence that now, at last, me desesperaba for wanting to know.

The rooms were empty. Really, there was no one. -If no one inhabits this House, does what interest the House for you? Why do not can you enter anyone here? -I asked him with doubtful appearance, he seemed to arise if tell me or not what kept with so much distrust. In the end, be He inclined to reveal the truth. -You see, as you know, I’m a journalist.

Work for the ‘ Mystery Case. A month ago, the family who was staying here, Campoy, made contact with me. Apparently, they had suffered experiences that are difficult to explain. Told me among other things that the objects were moved from one place to another, which heard, who saw human shadows and noises which appeared messages written by walls crying out for help – I have lived here many years. And, for a long time this House has been abandoned. The town has not heard opinions on if it’s a haunted house – told – by the information that I have been able to obtain, this House was built in 1940 to make there lived a young married couple, the Grijalbo. The two came from well avenues and wealthy families, but there was something playing against her, and that she was not in love with her husband.