Marking, Selection And Operation Of Tires

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Jan 232016

Do the following: Check the date of issue – good tires for a long time not lie. Perform hand on the inner surface of the tire. All buses in the production of talc. If it is on the bus there, then someone has it washed, And why? Tell me, who just wants to wash the bus, especially from the inside? Something is unclean. Typically, bus wash to get rid of the label of marriage. In any case it is better not to risk it and do not buy a bus. Check the quality of condition for this, locate the protruding piece of fin and pull it.

With good tires, this piece should be lengthened by at least twice. Then release the drawn piece, he should quickly take its original size. After this check the stamp of the tci. He was always a light color. Sometimes on the bus can be found a few bright points – is the mark of the intermediate control during production. And, finally, carefully inspect the place bus, which she planted on the rim. The fact that tci with defective tire marks them at this point paint.

But unscrupulous sellers are buying on the cheap this product, wash off the paint and sell. Look closely, there are no remnants of paint, and if anything you'll find three Think twice before buying a rubber. So: red paint rubber having cosmetic defects, in principle, it is not dangerous, but not luxurious. Yellow paint tires in violation of composition of rubber compound. And green paint rubber, having internal defects. Tires, labeled green and yellow paint, you can not fly unless, of course, do not rush to play in the box. First of all you need to determine bus Which category you need. Highways (HIGHWAY) tires designed for driving on wet or dry paved roads. The use of such tires in the winter on the ice or snow is unacceptable, because they do not have the necessary coupling properties. Winter (SNOW or mud + snow – M + S) tires provide maximum traction when driving on snow and ice. Protector has a distinctive pattern, which provides removal of snow from the area of the contact, and is characterized by elevated traction, and the use of special components in rubber compounds contributes to the preservation of their properties even at very low temperatures. However, the improved coupling properties are usually accompanied by a decrease handling on dry surfaces as a result of increased internal friction, as well as higher levels of traffic noise and sufficiently rapid tread wear. All Season (ALL SEASON) tires combine excellent grip on wet or snowy roads with adequate handling, comfort and durability in the motion of the tread. Speed (PERFORMANCE) tires designed for use on high-end cars. These tires are designed to provide increased grip and greater control. Furthermore, owing to special conditions of operation, high-speed tires must withstand considerable temperature loads. Motorists who buy high-speed bus, are usually willing to accept some inconveniences associated with less comfort and a rapid depreciation in exchange for excellent handling and traction with the road.


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Jan 142016

Let us see that the world of the poetry is sufficiently ample and the paper of the still bigger poet. The poetry contemporary is very diversified, encloses different forms. It folloies the evolution of the modern world in its multiple complexity and spalling. The modern man is in way to this crossroads, where he is several and at the same time he is I join in innumerable parts. He is possible to establish some sources of classification of the poetry contemporary since the descriptive to air-tight. But it would like to reserve a small commentary on the source of the memorialista poetry, objects of study of our assay. The memorialista poetry was a saudosista movement that had beginning with the Portuguese literature of century XX, where the homesickness is considered a marcante trace of the Portuguese soul.

This type of poetry still today is sanctioned by a great public in Brazil. The memorialista text rescues the past of nostalgic form, but with a new to look at on it, renega the gift and the future, leaving the sensation of that in the past it was more valuable and better. Therefore, what if it can affirm, for what has been observed, through the reading of the theoreticians of literature, is that the poetry contemporary presents as substance the daily one, the common one, the ordinary, the desmistificao of myths and the mitificao of the personal experience, elements these that give to the poetry the edificante character and revolutionary to question the reality with elements that arrive and deem voices in the door of those that still if it keeps closed the commands of emotional irrealidade. That is, the poetry has that to desintelectualizar themselves, to go down of the pedestal and to gain alleys and streets arriving at all without exception.

French Manicure

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Jan 072016

And again you won his heart! Wedding The wedding day is a manicure for all women, the most important day in their lives, because the memory of this event stays with them forever. On the wedding day should look like a queen and beauty shine to your fingertips. When the dress is bought and the preparations for the wedding made, need to think about their appearance. The most important role is to look stunning and unique wedding plays a manicure. Indeed, during the wedding everyone's attention is riveted to the arms, which wear wedding rings that are shot on photo and film camera, so they look like be well-groomed and neatly. Wedding manicure differs significantly from other types of manicures, because it is made with a purpose – it should make a delightful girl and perfectly complement the image bride. Wedding manicure should not enter into resonance with the wedding dress, makeup, hair ornaments and female, and carefully designed to complement all of these elements. Many brides prefer to do the wedding classic French manicure.

Indeed these nails look more natural and fit any outfit. However, in recent years have become very popular artificial nails with interior design, lace, decorated with sequins and other decorative elements. This bridal manicure is the most vivid, elegant and draws attention to himself. Many of the girls speculated – when should implement this procedure? It all depends on personal preference bride. Some women prefer to do a manicure on her wedding day, just before the marriage, if it is not scheduled for the early morning, someone dedicated to this process the evening before the wedding.

However, if you decide to build your nails before the wedding and are not familiar with what it is, then, it is recommended to go to the salon for a few days before the wedding, because you need time to ensure that accustomed to long nails. Tip: make sure in advance of the skin of the hands. Dryness, peeling and cracks do not hide any chic manicure. A 2-3 sessions paraffin will create miracles – silky, soft and well-groomed skin What is truly important. Make sure pedicure (and better spa pedicure). Are any of the guests must try to steal her shoe bride. Smooth heels and trim your toenails – you and the Goddess, even barefoot. Remind the groom of the need to do a manicure. Among the very popular newly-weds to take pictures of hands with wedding rings. And amazing to see the pictures on such important men bitten and dirty fingernails. AND last piece of advice from the young lady who had married well and happily recalls his wedding. "Commit everything that does not require your personal presence of relatives and good friends. Believe me, they would gladly accept participate in the preparation of your holiday. A free time to devote himself. A beautiful bride and rested – that's the main decoration wedding. Be happy! "Prepared by the beauty salon Beauty Shop

William James Autor

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Jan 052016

The helping professions, namely health care, which is constantly in contact with the pain and suffering of other human beings, are highly stressful. Pressures and scarcity of media is they add emotional situations highly disturbing, unpleasant scenes, exhausting responsibilities, etc., these elements that can alter the psychological balance of the professional.Professionals could deal with that stress more easily if we had proper strategies of coping and adaptation in our repertoire. Unfortunately in training undergraduate and graduate health professionals has placed emphasis on technical preparation relegating oblivion essentials such as self-control, self-esteem, self-motivation, communication and humor, among other positive emotions. The health professional must attend not only to the needs of the patient, but also to their own demands for care. We require high doses of energy, optimism and good humour with the autoayudarnos object control our frequent frustration, helplessness and pain arising from contact with humans mourners. These skills, strategies, skills and positive attitudes will be very beneficial to the same professionals and to all persons in the environment. Humor is a constructor of the ego and laughter a potential triumph that ego. Laughter is one of the great series of methods that the human mind has built to escape from the compulsion to suffering, through laughter a person refuses to suffer, emphasizes the invincible nature of his ego before the real world and preserves intact the principle of pleasure without surpassing the boundaries of mental health. Sigmund Freud the ability to laugh at oneself is a vital psychological immunity against a modern disease of thought: the excess of seriousness.The objective of this paper is to propose the laughter, humor, as a mental and emotional tool that will often lead to a balanced, objective and rational, thinking guiding us to happiness, fulfillment, and personal well-being do not we laugh because we are happy, but that we are happy because we laugh. William James Autor and source of the article.

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