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The Window

Nobody to help me, no house for close. As soon as we go down the road I I saw one casinha. There under. Thanks to God – I thought, of this time I am saved. Of the skill that I went in the career, I entered in the first window that vi opened. Already I entered asking for aid. She was one house of an old one of 50 years.

When I entered already I took paulada in the coasts: – Perverted, it looks at a pervert here – the old one said. – That perverted nothing, owner. Pervert is the ounce that comes there behind. Nor I finished to speak when the ounce jumped the window. I jumped the window of the other side. I reached other houses. I left old and the ounce in the interior of the house. They had brought me for the hospital, was more died than alive. Until today I do not know what it happened: if the ounce ate the old one or the old one ate the ounce. Not I intend to know this more than, in way some.

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Congregation Years

The religious life of the Noel Sister was born at this moment the vocation, who at other moments of its life ripened and became reality in the Congregation of the Sisters Franciscanas Missionaries of the Incarnate Verb. 3 INFANCY the first years of the life of Noel had been lived in the interior of the city of Not-me-Touch, in the called place Good Success. Until the three years of age, three bigger irmozinhos could not participate of all the toys with its others, they considered therefore it very small. As it was custom at the time, Noel was crismada very early; with four years of age, for occasion of the visit Pastoral de Dom Claude to the Parish. This happened to each four years. The ceremony of the Crisma happened in the Chapel.

The godmother was a young woman who it wanted very well. The son of the baptism godmother. Some years later, in crisma of its Nair sister, Noel created courage it decided to follow the religious vocation. With the age five year she was a calm, amiable child and shy, it had much affection for its parents and liked them very. The Father when he returned from the city or the Chapel always it presenteava with caramelos.

At this Noel time he was for the first time to the doctor. A maize grain entered in the nose. It was a scare to the parents, therefore the grain started to swell. Its Father took it the Hospital the horse. In this year they had exactly had another great scare: irmzinha that it only started to walk. One disappeared in source d? water. When it was found it was frozen, the white eyes and seemed deceased. They had made massages and heatings with hot cloths. Devagar came back itself, vomiting amount of water. When Noel completed 6 years of age. Its Mother left it to go to the house of the grandmother, when she was frail. Noel liked to go there. The grandmother always had many histories to count. In house its Mother did not get tired itself to teach to pray. At night they praid tero and it praid inside seated of a trunk of old clothes. At this time something of sad happened very for its family. In this year irmozinho Neri died, lacked one month to complete four years of age, all cried very in the velrio. When it passed close to the Mother raised it in the arms and raising the handkerchief that covered the face of its irmozinho died she said: ' ' Noel! it looks at well for it that after today we will not see more to it.' ' Later, irmzinha was born another one. They were so contented! They had placed the name of Nlia. Its Father took off milk, made food for all and broth of hen for its mother who was of bed, all were around of it and of nen when it said: ' ' if Neri was alive also would be contented! ' ' With this they had understood the great love of the mother for each son, since that day had started to feel more love for it.