Trichopol Giardiasis

Parasite – an organism or a plant that lives at the expense of another organism. In nature, there are so many different parasites. Occupy a special place of gastro-intestinal parasites, including giardia, cause disease – giardiasis. Itself lamblia is a single-celled organism with pear-shaped with eight flagella. To consolidate on the wall of the intestine, this parasite has prisasyvatelny drive. Surface human intestinal brush has a rim, which takes place the final digestion of food. As long Giardia parasites in the human gut, they generally can not themselves digest the food and feed ready food processing food. Lamblia – a parasite purely human, so giardiasis develops only in humans and get them from pets can not.

The life cycle of Giardia for 40 days and they multiply by division. All this happens in the gut. As a result of cuts made muscled intestinal parasites are detached and transfer them to the back part of the intestine, where acidity causes Giardia covered dense shell and become cysts. Cysts with the faeces excreted. A person who is ill giardiasis, may give a few million cysts in just one day, but just enough to infect 10-100 cyst. Disease giardiasis transmitted in three ways: water, food and contact-household. The largest number of infected falls on the water.

This may be a bad tap water or water from open sources. Through food easily infected with unwashed vegetables and other foodstuffs. Well, the contact-home way through infected cysts of any household items. Through the mouth cysts bypassing the stomach, reach into the duodenum, where Each cyst is divided into two Giardia, etc. Giardiasis is not always pronounced the painful symptoms, many people simply feel nothing. The most characteristic signs of giardiasis are Pulled stomach pain, nausea, alternating diarrhea and constipation. There is a deficiency disease. And, although Giardia do not cause gall bladder disease, they contribute to leakage of cholelithiasis, cholecystitis, and other similar diseases, more severe form. Disease giardiasis is widespread. More than any other giardiasis affects children, sometimes reaching 80% of the total number of individual staff. In adulthood, infection giardiasis sharply, not exceeding 15%. This is easily explained, since the main measures to combat infection by Giardia cyst, are measures of personal hygiene and compliance, the necessary rules in cooking. An adult a more sensible approach to these requirements than a child, so for him neharakteren giardiasis. In addition, an adult with age increases immunity. The most common drug for the treatment of giardiasis – Trichopol, which is well tolerated even in children. relieves the bowels of Giardia and other intestinal parasites. Usually, medication is used in conjunction with diet. In particular, meat affects lamblia depressing, but the vegetarian food contributes to the development of these parasites. Thus, to avoid the disease giardiasis, it is enough to observe good personal hygiene, sanitation and hygienic practices when preparing food, monitor the cleanliness of the residential room and fight with the flies, which also carry lamblia cysts.

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