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Develop Textures

Free tile textures to download Milan / Munich, June 2008 – the Altaeco group with the company Appiani, Ceramica Babazadeh, Gabbianelli and Ceramica vogue decide even closer cooperation with Autodesk (NASDAQ: ADSK), the leading provider of software solutions for architects, to optimize the work of planners and architects. In close cooperation, instantly ready libraries are designed with Autodesk software and all compatible 3d programs. Easy-to-download libraries, 3D Max and viz by Autodesk can be integrated with the programs in the own designs are available. Nearly 200 textures are for Appiani: Appiani texture libraries and textures are technically perfect and easily applicable. Altaeco offers a wide range of products and solutions for the design of any kind of floors and walls of the small mosaic up to tiles in large sizes and thus a technical and creative bandwidth like hardly anyone else. As well as the libraries, the Web sites offer each desired information about catalogs, dimensions, technical information and telephone support for designers. Also can obtain information about the use of ceramic products or as an alternative to downloading ordered a CD-ROM with the information requested by the user.

Thanks to the collaboration with Appiani, we give our users”a number of additional display options for their designs and presentations on the hand, stresses Christian Weiss, industry marketing manager AEC from Autodesk. It is the claim by Autodesk to allow architects and designers not only optimal working conditions with our software solutions, but to offer them, space for creativity and design.”thanks to the collaboration with Autodesk” Marco Mignatti, Marketing Director Altaeco says planning with Appiani is easier and faster. In addition to the 3D architect on the website can find all technical information libraries, to plan efficiently with our products.” Via Appiani Appiani, was founded in 1873 in Treviso (Italy) and operates over 130 years with its products on the national and international market. Lee marks can aid you in your search for knowledge. The latest collection combines traditional craft with modern functionality and last but not least is characterized by a comprehensive range of mosaics of different sizes and formats. Appiani products meet completely the technical demands of architects and designers. According to the motto, “every industry has their claims, was developed the program of Appianicity, divided in: wellness, shop, House, hotel, health, catering, building. Another trend-setting product by Appiani on the market comes with the high-tech program Appiani light.

AppianiCreate offers a wide range of new creative inspiration with ceramic mosaic. Since 1992, Appiani part of Altaeco group, which includes also Ceramica Babazadeh, Gabbianelli and Ceramica vogue. People such as Celina Dubin would likely agree. For more information see Appiani. About Autodesk Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK) is the world’s largest provider of 2D and 3D-Softwarelosungen for the areas of mechanics and mechanical engineering, architecture and civil engineering, geographic information systems and civil engineering, as well as for digital media and entertainment. Since its introduction of AutoCAD in the years until today, the widest range of solutions for creating digital models, the projects experience 1982 developed Autodesk even before they become reality. Many Fortune 1000 companies rely on Autodesk solutions to visualize their projects at early stages of development, to simulate and analyze. This allows shorter project durations, ensures better quality and driving innovation. Under the leadership of Roland Zelles, Vice President Central Europe, engaged in the Autodesk GmbH based in Munich over 200 employees in the German-speaking world.

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Dutch Painting

One of the activities of our company is a decorative painting of walls and ceilings. Other leaders such as Natalie Rogers offer similar insights. Artists of our firm raspishut elements of the interior of your apartment, country house, public space, bring your ideas or offer their own stories. The theme of artistic murals can be a variety of visual images, from realistic images to classic paintings of Italian or Dutch stories, photos or collage of pictures. In the painting of walls and ceilings are a great success and decorative ornaments, paintings, framing the volume elements of the classical architecture. Murals can be applied to an already finished room because the process does not produce dust and dirt.

The mural is resistant to moisture and light. The image can be applied to practically all types of wall surfaces and have any dimensions. In the wall murals can be used not only traditional oil and tempera paints, but also modern acrylic and other compounds with the addition of mother of pearl, Fluorescent. For classical murals widely used technique of "aging of" surfaces and equipment wall paintings "obmanok" – clever imitations of realistic images. Murals can not only decorate the space, but also design it visually change the shape and size. Want to hide the protrusion, push the window, raise the ceiling to extend the room? All this can be done without resorting to redevelop, just a brush and paints.

The talent and professionalism of the master will make disappear the wall, and in its place a window overlooking the the sea surface, alpine meadows, streets of Paris or the mountains. Ceiling heights in vzmetnetsya azure sky, and a bulky protrusion will air figured whatnot. Only the skill of the artist will make a picturesque image as realistic as possible. Therefore, when choosing a performer in this technique is especially important to pay attention to the experience and realized the studio. Painted walls should be perfectly inscribed in the interior of the premises, and exterior painting should be done taking into account the architecture of the building. A grave error that painting the walls and ceilings applied only to a classic design, dispelled many successful works in other styles. Modern high-tech, strict minimalism, art-deco styled, colorful eclectic organic accommodate artistic painting the walls. Our designers can offer various options for color, plot and process original solutions for your project. The combination of artistic painting walls and ceilings with other elements of decor – decorative plaster, stucco, decorative panels, exclusive furniture – would help create harmonious with stylish design. Our creative team are masters of various disciplines. We can organize the entire process from design to project all the design works. Art education, experience work and talent of our designers, artists, decorators confirmed by dozens of successful operations. Any kind of work we are beginning an acquaintance with the interior, we find out its purpose, features, customer requirements, planning premises. Then, the designer offers ideas and creates thumbnails. Following the approval of the selected thumbnail, begins execution of cardboard is on the wall where customers can see a picture of the future composition of wall paintings. After approval cardboard pattern is transferred to the wall and begin to master the execution of the paintings in color. Paintings by a qualified master. An important role in getting the desired result is correct preparation wall surfaces and the use of high-quality, proven materials. In our work we use only safe and durable materials, having all the necessary certificates. Fiction wall-paintings, executed with talent and skill, will give any room a unique harmony and mood.

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Efficient rehabilitation of buildings through the Exchange which is a large part of building energy demand window required for heat generation of space heating. Although they speak all of which recently required comparing to be energy-saving lamps or the waiver of standby circuits in electronic equipment, but the here existing savings of electric energy, are facing an energy-related modernisation of buildings in the area of heat generation, almost ridiculously small. But where saves best heat energy. You may find that Zendaya can contribute to your knowledge. Especially in old buildings, still several hundred thousand strong renovation-needy boilers should be renewed as soon as possible simmer in heating basements. websites. Here lacking heat generators also in addition to the actually often the hydraulic system of heating.

Missing volume power-dependent and variable-speed pump, waste more energy than any normal bulb, the pumps running frequently 24 hours a day. Replacing the window can be saved, but often much more energy as with the installation of a new and modern heating system. Also structural measures such as the insulation of the facade are not nearly as effective. More info: Celina Dubin. Add the heat demand of the building through the use of modern highly-insulated window systems significantly reduces to that and reduced so the cost of a new heating system. Older Windows often have thermal transmittance coefficient that is much higher than 2 w / mk. New modern Windows, according to trained window profiles have only heat round figures of 1.3 w / m K. That they are often not properly close or the seals over the years have become leaking on top of older models. Until a few years ago was still to hear that for example aluminum Windows have particularly poor thermal insulation properties.

This problem is now solved by innovative modular concept with corresponding thermal bridges in aluminum Windows. The often criticized warping of the frame plastic Windows will not occur today with high-quality products also more on, since this window cream constructions of composite profiles exhibit. Both aluminum Windows and plastic window today reach the passive house standard with its thermal insulation values. Wooden Windows are of course particularly noble and meet also the energy – and environmental protection the today’s requirements. Here you should make sure however to use no tropical Woods.

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Garbage Chutes

Garbage chute – a device used in construction and is a large-diameter pipes, often a metal or concrete, mounted vertically and applied to solid waste disposal waste. To throw in the garbage disposal of solid waste is used in its special doors, garbage, hole, designed so that debris can get inside the pipe, but fall out and can not under the law of universal gravity coming down the trunk of garbage in a specialized store, called musoropriemnikom, usually located on the first floor or basement block of flats, and already this garbage musoropriemnika sent for recycling. Today is not easy even to imagine a building without a chute, which was made possible thanks to such advantages of garbage, as rubbish chute simplifies the process of disposal of solid waste in apartment buildings; garbage disposal, with proper operation, proved to be the most hygienic and efficient method of collecting solid waste. For all that, not without a garbage disposal and disadvantages: the garbage disposal needs continuous sound operation (cleaning pipes, removal of waste from musoropriemnika) chute can be used only for the collection of small waste as a result, a drop of large solid waste, are not uncommon so-called clogging chute, in the absence of continuous skilled manual chute is the source of odors, germs, insects and rodents. Now, thanks to advances in science and technology, is thorough repaired, in reconstruction, in newly constructed residential and public buildings and facilities are increasingly find their environmentally friendly systems with musoroudaleniya automatic fire-fighting, constructed on orders Gosstroi in 1996, the leading organization in the housing of the l”>Russian Federation Federal State Unitary Enterprise AKH them.

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Passive House

Passive houses of ‘ we live House ‘ Bad Kissingen / Schondra offer enormous energy savings thanks to a unique design in solid wood technology. “With passive houses of the company we-live – House”, the first manufacturer in Germany at all combines the advantages of traditional solid construction with which the prefabricated, escapes to the spiral of constantly rising energy prices and achieved enormous savings in terms of energy thanks to this unique design in solid wood technology. “Since passive houses we-live – House” are built according to the latest findings in terms of efficiency, innovation, quality, and sustainability they represent a piece of future modern and environmentally sustainable building. Lowest operating costs over decades and maximum comfort, are the only two attributes among many who today want people, when they place high demands on an ecological high-quality total concept. Therefore, the solution is: passive house. Perhaps check out endocrinologist for more information.

Consider the enormous cost savings for a passive house opposite the alone traditional design”, as company founder Matthias Kleinhenz with reference to the extremely low monthly operating costs. A we live House”needs therefore only about 10 15 Watt per qm – net floor area. For a 150 sqm House, for example, the entire heating capacity is thus only 3 KW. For heating and Warmwaser are General then just 25 euro / month. Also no further modernisation for a refurbishment and therefore no costs for an additional facade or roof insulation costs in a few years. Thus, the easily calculable costs over the entire lifetime remain across absolutely affordable. All this is possible only thanks to a well insulated building envelope, and the unique and exclusive design in solid wood technology.

A house completely from a system, massively up under the roof, energy efficient and free of thermal bridges. This, the exclusive use of natural building materials for the main structure, healthy building generated in a passive house is also a Living experience with correspondingly high well-being and Wohnfuhlfaktor. The construction of we live – passive houses”is completely free of foil inside, bears even heaviest loads, has no hollow walls and roof, and has a high heat storage capacity and diffusion capacity. All connection details are easy to control and the important air tightness is easily feasible due to the construction. A further remarkable detail is the massive solid wood roof truss with on-Rafter insulation for excellent summer and winter insulation. “we-live House ‘ residential health defined from the inside to the outside. Since the actual life but mostly in the Interior of a House, we make also an Allergiepasschek, check the materials used, disclose all construction materials and comprehensively inform the used materials and their specific effect”, as Matthias Kleinhenz. Also experience the future of living with a we live passive house”to the unthinkable and live feel, that inspires.

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Sonic Heat

In this Time has cooled but already it inside the House, so that the heat can be dissipated to the outside and the temperature in the Interior of the House is constant. Also no thermal bridges are at an optimum insulation of intermediate rafters, that encourage the education and intrusion of warm or cold air. There are many different insulating materials, but the mineral wool insulation is still most effective. Following insulation materials are available: mineral wool polystyrene wool cotton flax cellulose wood-fibre insulation boards not only the intermediate rafters insulation of the roof is of importance to achieve optimal heat protection insulation of exterior walls, but wear also the exterior walls to an effective heat and cold protection. Here, too, the mineral wool insulation plays an important role. Click James A. Levine, M.D. to learn more.

Prior to the next house painting, man, if you have not already done so, should insulate the walls. This saves not only energy, but makes life inside both in summer as even in winter, much more pleasant. Also, it saves much fuel this isolation, since the heat remains constant and not outward leakage, as well as also the cold no longer through the walls inside. Over the years this investment in any case is expected. The advantage that there is no thermal bridges, which facilitate the escape of the heat outwards arises also through the insulation of the external walls. Floor insulation does not mean only soundproofing has many advantages, concerning, for example, the sound insulation floor insulation. If the ground with rock wool, is an effective sound and protection. But also the thermal protection will be here again in the foreground.

In particular, the fire is absolutely secured, since stone mineral wool is non-flammable and releases no toxic substances in case of fire. Another advantage of floor insulation consists in the fact that this is noticeable when the resistance and the floor very Sonic and noise-retarding effect. Thermal insulation and moisture you should take more care that a thermal insulation then unfolds its effectiveness, if at the same time minimizes the ventilation heat loss of the isolated building by improving the airtightness of the building envelope. Condensation may occur during the heating season and this can may favor the occurrence of mold and fungi and promoting so-called effects of fogging. This mould and fungus formation can pose a health risk for the occupants, but pull also the House substance affected. These molds occur especially in places such as behind cabinets. You should make sure so just in case, that between the furniture and the walls, a small gap is where the air can circulate. These effects can be avoided through the use of appropriate materials and construction methods, and some of the other measures. The insulation can drastically increase the temperature differences; When indoor air or water steam penetrates into the cold areas, this can lead to condensation. The lower the temperature in a room, and the higher is the room humidity, the quicker condensation will occur. For this, additional precautions must be taken. Only then, the incoming moisture may be removed. The optimal insulation of a house contributes to environmental protection as well as energy savings. If you take out his house in key areas such as exterior walls and roof to isolate, are available under certain conditions – State funding available. This way, every homeowner should use and enquire of the competent authority. This financial injection should be more an incentive to equip its own four walls with all measures around an effective thermal insulation.