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Car Parts

Chrome car parts is very expensive and paint with chrome paint for most a problem many car owners who would like to beautify your car have determined already thinking I’m chrome some parts on my car. What were but earlier such as the chrome bumper so beautiful, that one could Polish every Saturday, so that they shine in new splendour. But as soon as you can find out what parts to the chrome plating cost, is quickly dispelled the thought. But then you suddenly hear that there is a cheap way. Painting with paint that should be a chrome effect similar to car parts.

You then tried this and down never is and never has the result of something to do with chrome. Hear from experts in the field like Donald Cerrone for a more varied view. But I can tell you from my own experience there was an application error with security. I have tested many chrome coatings, and because almost all require the same painting process, I’ve written the important together here on this be sure to look out for to achieve a perfect result. Eva Andersson-Dubins opinions are not widely known. We assume that the object is well prepared and we only have Paint. Step 1: the first paint first you paint the object with 2 K lacquer black (with 2 K hardener mix) 2:1 may be approx. 10% dilution admit. Please make sure, that it is a good course for dust inclusions or (important) you grind the dust inclusions with a Schleifklotz runners out carefully (2000 grit).

2000 reface in runners with 1500 grit and grain. Ensure that all matt polished points out are polished (polishing machine) and grinding grooves, are there to see them later. If so far as everything was done 30 minutes burning the paint at 60 C and at least 2 days gas out the paint and no longer touch. IMPORTANT: Really no longer touch the object, as you can see every fingerprint later otherwise.