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It facilitation of the significant learning does not rest in certain qualities of attitudes that exist in the personal relationship between facilitador and estudante.' ' For in such a way, the relation professor and pupil, according to Rogers, is most basic of these attitudes where it comes to favor the learning. Still on this question (ROGERS, 1986, p.130) it admits that: ' ' The professor who if worries about the student, appreciates who it, that she trusts it, creates a much more favorable climate for the learning. He is that ' ' I appraise it for the student or its acceptance (…) constitutes an operational expression of its faith and essential confidence in the capacity of the organism humano' '. Another important factor that it must be part of the teaching action is the concern of the professor in reaching the considered objectives, taking it a healthful and constructive collection of favorable results for the growth of the pupils, always standing out the importance of the learning as better form of if getting knowledge. Freire (2006) fortifies this thought when it clarifies in them that we live in the authenticity demanded for the practical one to teach and to learn, in this movement dialgico, can perceive that all participate of a total, directive experience, politics and, searching always new knowledge and sources one better knowledge to be learned of clear and beneficial form for both the parts where it involves the education.

In this perspective, learning if becomes attractive when the pupil feels its ability reflected for the attitudes and inserted methods, in the motivation in classroom, leading in account the pleasure for learning and not being faced as didactic obligation. So that this is favorable, the professor will have to awake in its pupils the curiosity of its action in the development of the activities. The educator must be worried, beyond the scientific knowledge and information absorbed for the pupil, the construction of its citizenship.

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School Activity

To use of games in educational situation is basic, according to Piaget (1975), therefore is by means of them that the child assimilates the intellectual realities, hindering that these remain exterior its proper intelligence. To play is so important for child as to work it is for the adult. The trick becomes becomes childish active, creative and it of the chance to become related with the others, leaving it happy e, therefore, becomes more inclined to be kind, to love the next one being solidary. The child has proper characteristics and to reach the adult thought (abstract), it needs to cover all the stages of its physical, cognitivo, social and emotional development. Its first support at this moment is family. Playing, the child develops potentialities.

It compares, analyzes, nominates, measures, associates, calculates, classifies, composes, appraises, creates, deduces Its sociability if develops; it makes friends, she learns to share to respect the right of the others and norms established for the group, and to become involved themselves in the activities only for the pleasure to participate, without aiming at you reward nor to fear punishments. Playing, the child will be searching felt for its life. Its health, physics, emotional, intellectual, depend to a large extent on this playful activity Frobel define playing as free action of the child, adoption of the supervision that becomes related with interest in conceiving it as efficient form to generate ideological and social unit in ethical population and distinct social classrooms. Considering playing as a spontaneous of the child, conceiving support for education allowing variations, however as free activity, however guided activity. The froebelianas conceptions of education, Man and society are closely tied when playing. In this way, playing as spontaneous free activity and, is responsible for the physical, moral, cognitivo development, dons and toys, objects that subsidize infantile activities. The trick is part of the life child and to include the game and trick in the School has as estimated the double aspect to serve to the development of the child, while individual, and the construction of the knowledge, processes these strong linked ones.

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In a society each more competitive time, the human being, must be recognized as subject sociable, that depends on the other as coadjuvante of its development and growth. The interaction professor-pupil exceeds the professional, pertaining to school limits, of the school year and semesters. It is, in the truth, a relation that leaves marks, and that it must always search the affectivity and the dialogue as form of construction of the pertaining to school space, bringing to tona some norteadoras questions that already had been mentioned in the present article of as if establishes this conviviality in classroom. We can conclude to it that the Professor must be takes care of the details leaving of environment in classroom; the one that way of as its relation with the pupil intervenes with the process education learning; to search ways that become its relationships in classroom a foundation for the construction of the knowledge; to tabalhar this relation of affectivity and dialogue for the formation of a more critical, conscientious and participativo citizen, among others aspects that affect directly to the final result of the learning. Objective, one searchs to desvelar cerne of the relation ahead professor-pupil of the educational problems, searching with this to launch a reflection concerning the process of construction of the knowledge. Specifically, the intention is to identify the factors that make it difficult the relationship between professor and pupil, to understand as a good relation between these actors contributes for the teach-learning process and, to the end, to consider alternatives that can contribute for the improvement of the worked relationship, in a perspective of significant and satisfactory learning. Therefore to be professor does not constitute a simple task, in contrast, is a task that requires love and ability.

The paper of the educator is well ampler, exceeding this mere transmission of knowledge. The professor, in its relationship with the alunado one of dialogue and affection, assist educating to go recognizing that its life is differentiated, as much in intransformveis things how much in things that can and must be modified. The educator must consider that the only way to help the man in its vocation, to insert itself in the construction of the society and the direction of the social change. References ANTUNES, Celso. Here, Dr. John Mcdougall expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Auto-they esteem in the Education. So Paulo: Cultural money market, 2006. FERNANDZ, Brides. Imprisoned Intelligence.

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National Natural Monument

Also known for something, according to the famous writer Dora Alonso, as the crazy garden. Also found at the entrance and scattered throughout the garden some ferns of interest, mainly by its beauty or its properties. Among the first are representatives of the genus Cyathea, known as tree ferns. Two representatives of the Polypodium genus can be observed on trees: Polypodium aureum and P. polypodioides.

Both are used, according to local tradition, to fight liver disease. In regards to the second, it is common to see over the trees, mainly in the summer, seemingly dead and withered; to put it in a vase with water or after a downpour, it regains its luxuriance in a few minutes, totally changing the physiognomy of the forest in the garden. Next to the entrance door is one of the most important plants of Cuba and known around the world. It is the only one of our plants declared National Natural Monument since 1980. Belongs to a family with very few species on the planet, each which is a rarity in the world. This species coexisted with dinosaurs, large Jurassic reptiles already missing, reaching us despite the great cataclysms of the Caribbean area. It seems a Palm and isn’t it.

Reproduces by cones. His name is Microcycas calocoma, popularly known as Palma Cork. The same name does not reflect their true appearance, since neither is small (micro) nor is a Cycas and much less a Palm. All curiosity. Everything described belongs to the front area, where you will find most of the ornamental plants, which can be planted in small beds, in soil or in pots that hang on the walls of the House. The colouring comes from flowers and multicolored leaves the crotos (Codiaeum variegatum), the robes (Plectranthus scutellarioides) and the Chinese madamas of various colors (Impatiens wallerana), among other many plants. Also from the garden area where trees have been placed numerous ornaments, mainly toys. In addition, most fragrant plants are nearly the entry, attracting the attention of passers-by, which is accentuated in the evening and early hours of the night. Once inside and visited this first part, the temptation to move to the interior and venture into the forest is irresistible. The rest of the garden will be described in the next article, in which you will know some of the orchid species that inhabit Eastern place and different trees of this curious spot. We invite you to visit the garden. You will not regret.

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The Eyes

So that they appear ideas, are necessary that if new vises for our lives fertilizem and the lives of our children. The psicopedaggico work has everything to bring, everything this and, she is not only necessary without a doubt that this profession recognized and more is valued. According to Oak; Cuzin (2008, p.28), ' ' he is essential that the professional of the psicopedagogia always is made use to search the necessary knowledge for one better performance, thus contributing, for the recognition of this area of studies as one profisso' '. But we must observe it under diverse angles, as well as the technique can be applied to all the activities human beings and not only to the specific activity to create good communication, it can be applied to the medicine, sociology, the marketing, the finances, etc. PCRM may find it difficult to be quoted properly. If we will be to analyze of the human point of view, the psicopedagogia is important to form new tactics or structures that decide a problem of uncommon form, or gets resulted of value for an individual or a society, in which can make to appear resulted of aesthetic or perceptual value.

The psicopedagogia is used of the creativity to bring benefits and resources in the resolution of situations of daily in an act the concrete. What for adult us it is simple and common, many times to the eyes of a child can have another value, and for the eyes of an adolescent it can until better be stoned depending on the situation. Therefore, in the schools the imaginary one if not only makes necessary gift and, but also in other institutions. Our schools already do not support more, the used methods already not condiz more with our society, everything this already are passed. Nowadays we see many abandoned children, drugged children, raped, adolescent children if losing in a world without at least knowing what it is learning.

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How do you deal with life and its changes? What is the reason that you strive with all my being for something, and get what you want feel disappointed? What happens that you laid out completely, but life does not change? Where did you different diseases? Why the external world crushes you, and you have nothing to oppose him in return? Where there are new ailments and diseases, though starting to fall apart in parts? What you are in a constant race and not can stay? Where they come from complex and ‘cockroaches’ in your head? Do you want to find the answers to these questions? If yes, then the technique Turbo gopher can help you find answers. For a frivolous name books, hiding a huge force of change. It is likely that you have read somewhere that in life there are no coincidences and everything that surrounds you: the stories, incidents inherent in man. That most lives, though, would be to program writing, by someone. Person’s beliefs are the cause of all problems. Your opinion yesterday led you into a world where you are now.

And if you do not change anything in yourself, tomorrow is like today! Using the system Turbo gopher you can look at life, such as it is, and not through the prism of their own perception of reality. Perfectly clean grievances of the past, you will regain a sense of joy of life. After reading the book, will understand what to do with your strength and you will be able to solve this. Freed from the belief, you can implement your ideas. You will clarity of thought. Nothing can stop you make in your life that want. You can easily begin to cope with unforeseen circumstances, which previously did not even try to resist, because you’ll see their real source. In the book, nothing is mellifluous and pleasant, a naked truth.

To develop the technology enough to read the book and start using techniques described in the book. Turbosuslik book is not for you if you are having fun and enjoying your suffering torments. No one else but you – master of his life. What kind of changes are we talking about if you are not responsible for their own lives? You – the cause of what is happening around you! Do you agree? A few months honestly, in front of you, work you can achieve significant results. Download the book free Turbo-gopher.

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Disease Control

When Mark Rosenthal had a heart attack, it was so heavy and so wide that it doesn’t fit on a stretcher, so he had to make the trip to the hospital in the ambulance floor. The trip hurt back, and felt that its own weight suffocated him. At the hospital, the doctors wanted to perform an MRI but it could not be inside the machine. But the biggest humiliation for Mr. Rosenthal was having to go to the bathroom. I wasn’t in shape to go to the bathroom so small, which would not fit anyway, and the comfortable hospital did not support his weight over 200 pounds. Obesity is the fastest growing in the United States health problem.

In 2000, 31% of American adults were obese, according to the Center for Disease Control and prevention. And those classified as obese morbidly, as Mr. Rosenthal, tripled their numbers in just a decade. Complications of morbid obesity are not limited only to diseases that threaten life, such as diabetes type 2 or high pressure blood, but also receive medical that it is beyond your reach, and service as available for other people without the problem of being overweight. People with severe obesity does not fit on wheelchairs standard size, in the waiting room chairs, beds and hospital gowns, or machines for magnetic resonance, among other difficulties faced. X-rays often cannot penetrate in your body in a manner sufficient to produce useful images, and the toilets give in to your weight. With severe obesity, trips to the doctor or the hospital remember you the individual once more that, literally, do not fit, as pay for two seats on a plane, finding clothing in your size, or undergo looks and curiosity of others. The humiliations that have as a result that the obese person who need treatment, refuses to look for him. Teena Gamzon remained away from the doctors for so many years, that their diabetes was out of control, had apnea for when you finally decided to seek treatment, of the I dream that it ruined their nights and made her spend annoying days, and an accumulation of lymphatic tissue in her legs, a common side effect of severe obesity, which caused severe damage to your nerves.

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In Brazil

It is the canal, for which, the teach-learning arrives until the pupil, either deaf or not. ' ' In this perspective n 10,09 of 23 of March of 1994, that it guarantees the accessibility to the special carriers of necessities in some spaces, allowing enters in validity the law the access of all in sociedade' ' (BLACKSMITH, 2008, P. 44). In this direction, the inclusive education must be part of the project pedagogical politician of the public schools, in order to insert the carrier of auditory deficiency in its picture of regular pupils. The professor, on the other hand, must be modernizing itself constantly, searching new sources of knowledge, working better the differences in classroom, and this is only possible with recycling, qualification, improvement through courses of after-graduation in language of signals, so that they can to communicate itself directly with the deaf pupils inside or it are of the pertaining to school space (IT HISSES, 2008). In Brazil, the inclusion politics has been adopted since basic education. These experiences, according to Blacksmith (2008, P. 44) ' ' they allow to perceive the difficulty of access to the Portuguese language faced by the deaf pupils, and the difficulties felt for the professors for the communication with the pupils surdos' ' As &#039 Hisses (2008, P.

26); ' the school for all, in general terms, demands that the community participates fighting the discriminatory attitudes and creating conditions so that the special carriers of educational necessities start to have success in vida' '. The pupils said ' ' normais' ' they must be guided in the treatment way stops with its deaf colleagues. If possible, they must be stimulated to learn the language of signals, and to treat them as they treat the too much colleagues. Therefore, as He hisses (2008), how much to the inclusive education, the educator must strengthen the maximum in learning to deal with the differences, to breach with preconceptions and to be prepared to live other educational realities that, more early or later, would call the attention the society, as it can be observed I break up in it: ' ' The people worried about education demand reform, reorganization and renewal of the schools.

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Their age is determined by the general stratigraphic position and paleomagnetic data in 800 thousand years. The youngest, found in the 4 th ground, according to the stratigraphy are age 70 thousand years. The largest number of finds is met in the 6th (200 million years old) and 5 soils (130 million years old). In 2007 we ended the field season. Then in our group were two Leningrad – a renowned expert on Paleolithic Caucasus and the Middle East II Cases and more young but seasoned archaeologist P. Pavlov. Last and was destined to make a truly outstanding discovery in the Central Asian archeology.

This is no accident. P. Pavlov had exceptionally keen eyesight and was able to focus their attention during the search for products of the Stone Age. I intend to explore in located on the other side of the gorge from the parking Kuldara. Gorge cut into the loess stratum powerful, attracted autopsy paleosols-mi. They are at the first visit was to count to nine.

But the main thing was different. At the exit of the gorge Valley Ob-. Mazar eponymous creek cut its bottom. Stream formed waterfalls. It managed to count about 30 paleosols. To pass this part of intelligence was asked Petya Pavlova. Two small fragments were they learned at the beginning of waterfalls Kuldary. They are for processed stone and would not accept, if not experience. Thought – out on 11 and 12 soil, although top-down count, at least from the bottom up. However, at this site in the gorge got away quite a few landslides.