Figure 7: Submucosa fiction. 1 Introduction the 2 labiopalatinas fictions are congenital deformities characterized by the interruption of fusing of fabrics of the lips, superior alveolar rim and hard palato and soft palato during the embryonic period. They represent the most common of the skull-face congenital malformations, present in the population human being. The classification of the fictions is divided in four categories, taking as point the incisive forame, that is the limit between the primary and secondary palato, is they: fiction incisive daily pay-forame, is the exclusively labiais fictions and can be unilateral right, bilateral and medium left or; fiction after-forame incisor, is in general medium the palatinas fictions, that can be placed only in the uvula, soft palato or hard palato; fiction incisive transforame, is the fictions of bigger gravity, can be unilateral left right or or bilateral and reaches the lip, the alveolar arches and all the palato and rare fictions of the face, that involve the lip, nose and the eye. The etiology is controversa, not yet was obtained to isolate a specific causal factor, but yes to point some possible ones factors, as the genetic factor and ambient factor. How much to the genetic factor, it is distinguished chromosomic hereditary succession and alterations and how much to the ambient factor, all and any adverse factor to the uterine way intervening with the embryonic period. Currently, with the advance of the medicine and the advent of the evaluation for images and the instrumental evaluation, the diagnosis of the fictions of the face still during the prenatal period can be made. This fact demanded the formation of teams interdisciplinares, prepared for an performance next to the family of the fissurado patient, who involves clarifications how much to the available resources for the treatment in relation the current surgical techniques, to the aspects nutricional, auditory, of the language, psychological and educational.

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