Dutch Painting

One of the activities of our company is a decorative painting of walls and ceilings. Other leaders such as Natalie Rogers offer similar insights. Artists of our firm raspishut elements of the interior of your apartment, country house, public space, bring your ideas or offer their own stories. The theme of artistic murals can be a variety of visual images, from realistic images to classic paintings of Italian or Dutch stories, photos or collage of pictures. In the painting of walls and ceilings are a great success and decorative ornaments, paintings, framing the volume elements of the classical architecture. Murals can be applied to an already finished room because the process does not produce dust and dirt. Additional information is available at patrick dwyer newedge.

The mural is resistant to moisture and light. The image can be applied to practically all types of wall surfaces and have any dimensions. In the wall murals can be used not only traditional oil and tempera paints, but also modern acrylic and other compounds with the addition of mother of pearl, Fluorescent. For classical murals widely used technique of "aging of" surfaces and equipment wall paintings "obmanok" – clever imitations of realistic images. Murals can not only decorate the space, but also design it visually change the shape and size. Want to hide the protrusion, push the window, raise the ceiling to extend the room? All this can be done without resorting to redevelop, just a brush and paints.

The talent and professionalism of the master will make disappear the wall, and in its place a window overlooking the the sea surface, alpine meadows, streets of Paris or the mountains. Ceiling heights in vzmetnetsya azure sky, and a bulky protrusion will air figured whatnot. Only the skill of the artist will make a picturesque image as realistic as possible. Therefore, when choosing a performer in this technique is especially important to pay attention to the experience and realized the studio. Painted walls should be perfectly inscribed in the interior of the premises, and exterior painting should be done taking into account the architecture of the building. A grave error that painting the walls and ceilings applied only to a classic design, dispelled many successful works in other styles. Modern high-tech, strict minimalism, art-deco styled, colorful eclectic organic accommodate artistic painting the walls. Our designers can offer various options for color, plot and process original solutions for your project. The combination of artistic painting walls and ceilings with other elements of decor – decorative plaster, stucco, decorative panels, exclusive furniture – would help create harmonious with stylish design. Our creative team are masters of various disciplines. We can organize the entire process from design to project all the design works. Art education, experience work and talent of our designers, artists, decorators confirmed by dozens of successful operations. Any kind of work we are beginning an acquaintance with the interior, we find out its purpose, features, customer requirements, planning premises. Then, the designer offers ideas and creates thumbnails. Following the approval of the selected thumbnail, begins execution of cardboard is on the wall where customers can see a picture of the future composition of wall paintings. After approval cardboard pattern is transferred to the wall and begin to master the execution of the paintings in color. Paintings by a qualified master. An important role in getting the desired result is correct preparation wall surfaces and the use of high-quality, proven materials. In our work we use only safe and durable materials, having all the necessary certificates. Fiction wall-paintings, executed with talent and skill, will give any room a unique harmony and mood.

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