For example, if your goal is to be the number one producer in your company, you can watch a Convention of the company where you reward for your work and you reconococen, you can imagine even the applause, and all the details which include your goal. You can write about the delicious taste of the food you ate on the way to the Convention of the hotel. The huge Hall where the Convention, and details on the stage is held. They describe the weight of the trophy that was presented to him, and the warmth of the handshake from the President of the company. Once you write this screenplay, take it around your Planner, purse or Briefcase. Then when you have a few minutes on the subway, or in line at lunchtime, read a bit of it.

Because between more senses are involved, the more real experience will be. Once you really have a vision anchored in you, of course, only You will want to reach it. So will you commit to do the things that make this happen. On the road to the masters, I’ve discovered two ideas that seem to be true in the pursuit of mastery in all areas and at all levels. Once you accept and integrate them into your plan, you are walking toward the master’s degree. Here are number one, the practice is to think, plan, and analyze. Not in the championship game.The practical constrye the muscle memory.

Think of the football players. They don’t have to think or consciously direct their shots to goal. They see the ball and kick the ball. It is an instinctive reaction, built over hundreds or even thousands of hours of practice. They have no fear or insecurity, but they simply do what they do best. When you’re in the big game, you don’t want to have to think, question, or analyze.

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