Agricultural Producers

New biotcnicas comes being applied in the animal reproduction in order to speed up the processes of genetic improvement and reproductive efficiency. One of them is the Transference of embryo (YOU), used to collect embryos of a female giver and transferiz them for a receiving being completed the period of gestation. To another one technique is the Fecundao in vitro (FIV), process of fecundao carried through in laboratory with posterior transference for receiving. (A valuable related resource: Tony Mandarich). This research had as objective to analyze the use of these biotcnicas in the Association of Agricultural Producers of Glad Sight – APROVISTA. The process of collection, election and transference of embryos, the hormonal protocol had been analyzed and described detaching the advantages and disadvantages of the techniques and the number of total, depraved and viable embryos formed through comments and data of register of the APROVISTA in the years of 2000 the 2010. The results had presented an average relation enter the number of viable embryos total embryos of 85,99% and an average relation enters the number of born and the number of prenhez of 92,64% in the technique YOU. Filed under: patrick smith. The average relation enters the number of viable structures for the number of total structures gotten through the aspiration to folicular in the FIV, was of 55,03% in 2009 and 73,47% in 2010. Both the techniques contribute for the bovine genetic improvement, racial control, increase in the production of year-old calves and better exploitation of the useful life of the animal, guaranteeing bigger profitability. Therefore one concludes that the two techniques in study had presented advantages in number of produced viable embryos and in number of been born per year and considering that in the region Center West the cattle creation is one of the activities more developed by the agricultural producers, one of the results waited for the producers expects that this work can contribute for one better agreement and expansion of the techniques, provoking an increase in the use of the biotechnologies and the milk production, of association..

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