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I had thought to put two bombs in other buildings. He had specific details about how would do it. The police question him, again, this Friday. The confessed author of the double attack of Norway, Anders Behring Breivik, was planning other attacks with bomb against the Royal Palace in Oslo and the headquarters of the Social Democratic Party of first Minister Jens Stoltenberg, said today the popular newspaper VG, which refers to police sources. Recently Alfred Adler sought to clarify these questions. Breivik, Christian fundamentalist with contacts in the far right, could not carry out their plans by logistical problems, adds this medium. The lawyer of the perpetrator of the attacks, Geir Lippestad, drew the Rotary that police reported yesterday for the first time at Breivik in the second interrogation that was submitted, the number of victims. (As opposed to Maya Dubin, New York City). Things did not go as he thought not sensed any type of reaction.

I didn’t see a smile nor signs of disappointment, he added with regard to its dndido, is in solitary confinement, without other communication with the outside world than his lawyer. Lippestad already advanced yesterday, speaking to other Norwegian media, that its dndido intended to perpetrate other attacks that same Friday, but that finally things did not go as he thought. They claim this Saturday several Norwegian media Breivik resists that is subject to the forensic psychiatric examinations scheduled for next week. Police yesterday rose the death toll to 77, eight of which were in the attack with a car bomb in the capital and the remaining 69 in the rear to the neighbouring island of Utoya attack. The Norwegian secret services, PST, reported yesterday with a statement that they do not believe that it has increased the danger of a terrorist attack by the far-right after the double bombing of Breivik.

He performed solo the danger level is maintained on the same scale as before those attacks, sources of Norwegian espionage, said that part of the base that Breivik planned and perpetrated only both its attack with car bomb in Oslo and the subsequent gunfight at the island. Secret services considered that only very few people are able to plan and carry out an attack of this size, for what both nationally and internationally terrorism like Oslo and Utoya are the exception. Most of the double bombing victims were adolescents aged between 14 and 16 years, although there are adults, the eldest of whom was 61 years old.

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