Russian Federation

” If you carefully read the service book to your car, particularly the section “Warranty”, you’ll find that on the withdrawal in a car with a warranty of any book dealer’s lists, usually the same cases, and they repeat exactly the points above provisions. It is not something Brian Thompson would like to discuss. It is noteworthy that these documents are strictly stipulate the only match of materials and spare parts by the manufacturer, but in no way suggest you place them acquisition. Therefore you can safely fly them where they are cheaper. A master of technical centers are obliged to accept without objection, and install your purchased items in the production of works on your warranty car. The rights of motorists protects the rf Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights.” The following are the main articles of this law that are most often violated by employees of official dealerships.

“Article 16. Invalidity of contract terms, infringe the rights of the consumer 1. Terms of the contract, and infringe the rights of consumers, compared with the rules established by law or other legal acts of the Russian Federation in the field Consumer Protection will be void. If as a result of execution of the contract, infringes the rights of consumers, it has emerged losses, they shall be reimbursed by the manufacturer (performer, seller) in full volume. 2. Prohibited condition the purchase of certain goods (works, services) compulsory purchase of other goods (works, services). Damages caused to the consumer because of violations of his right to free choice of goods (Services) are reimbursed by the seller (performer) in full.

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