Refractive Surgery

Refractive surgery includes all operational methods that alter the refractive power of the eye. Refractive surgery is the generic term for all operational methods, with whose help the refractive power of the eye is deliberately changed, to restore a sharp point of view for the patients affected by a defective vision. The eye laser procedures and refractive lens Exchange may be used as an example. In the treatment with the laser eye, it eliminates tiny layers of the cornea towards the cornea in the form of a ball. After performing the eye laser treatment, the rays of light fall back exactly on a focal point on the retina, which forwards the incoming signals to the brain. When exchanging lenses, for example, in the context of a cataract surgery, the body’s natural lens is replaced with a new artificial lens.

Most common indication for an exchange of the body’s lens is the disease of the eye disease”cataracts. This eye disease, the lens becomes cloudy. The clouding of the lens has the color gray, which is why the disease is called also cataracts. The turbidity has limitations in Visual quality resulted. As an option, only the replacement of the lens remains at the end. A mono-focal lens or but a modern multi focal lens is used either.

The revolutionary Multifocal lenses allow a sharp point of view in the distance, as well as in the vicinity. The multi focal lens is characterized by its great variety of different focal lengths on the lens, with the two main focal points for the close and far. In contrast to the body’s natural lens, the automatic Akkomodationsfahigkeit is no longer given. This means that the new artificial lens does not automatically sharp turns on objects that are located in the vicinity. The multi focal lens produced simultaneously on the retina both a sharp image for distance as a sharp image for the close.

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