Opening Of Cafe De Perfume In Krefeld

on September 18, 2009 the Krefeld-based Association “Perfume e.V.” – opens Club House of perfume e.V. in Krefeld, Germany officially opened on September 18, 2009 at 11:00, in the Uerdingen str. 493 his “Cafe de perfume” as a meeting place. Numerous guests, including Mayor Karin Meincke, Prof. Dr. Friedrich and Prof.

Dr. Fiedler of the Helios Klinikum Krefeld, Mrs. Dr. Bredenbeck, Maria Hilf Krefeld, Dr. W. Stutzinger and others have pledged.

A wide framework programme – with information about the latest developments in cancer research, – fashion show under the motto: “chic even in difficult times and confident” with the current mode of the Studio hot on top and manufashion, nice lingerie, accessories, swimwear of company Anita. -Cosmetic advice, works of art and paintings of Max Muller, jewelry and pieces of jewelry designer Regina Rieber non-profit association founded by Mrs Heike Radermacher with the Director of the women’s clinic of HeliosKliniken Krefeld to assist women with Gynecologic carcinoma perfume e.V. Heike Radermacher Uerdingen str.

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