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1904-5 War

As a result of the battle of Tsushima Russian squadron lost more than 5000 sailors. Were flooded, and surrendered tazhke twenty-seven interned warships. The Japanese fleet also felt the huge loss, though they were much less. Tsushima battle – the defeat of the Russian fleet in the entire previous history of its development. And although the Russian sailors have shown in the Tsushima battle unparalleled heroism, selflessness and courage, fighting difficult conditions against well trained and numerically superior enemy, inappropriate management of the high command, the backwardness of arming and tehobespechenii were reasons led to this disastrous outcome. In the Tsushima battle royal government suffered a setback with all the military department, but not the patriotism and firmness of Russian people.

On the bank of the fighting, after the Mukden, had taken place. Both warring parties to date have proved to be devastated both morally and financially. This was particularly the Japanese side. The Russian navy also, after several setbacks in battles due to incompetent commanders, there was clearly seen the destruction and the growth of anti-government sentiment among the soldiers, but the officer corps. Becoming clearer and clearer this uselessness of Russian-Japanese War, which took place far from Russia, in a strange land. In Japan, much earlier than planned understood futility of the enterprise. In the summer of 1904 a distant, even before the defeat in the battle for Port Arthur, Tokyo, foreseeing the impending threat of the turning points of different spheres, and military, and financial, and, as this is particularly frightened, political, and secretly start to probe the ground for the registration of the truce.

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Success Dream

The success has gotten to mean many things for people in the changing society of today, but some of their aspects continue being essentially the same. The success or financier, emotional, physical or spiritual, consist of the associated profit and a sense of profit and positive feelings to the creation of the happiness. The success that is based on the emotional and spiritual well-being, has a center and the approach that allows a person to feel like in control of its own decisions and attitudes on a daily base, which can give to be able and to take them to the happiness and joy them. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dr. Neal Barnard and gain more knowledge.. One of the first steps to be successful is to establish goals for you. When doing this, one of the most important things is to allow itself really same, to dream and to arrive at ideas and feelings that bring joy and happiness to him, reason why in last instance, can act and receive the benefits that you really wish in the life. You are only who you can limit itself. This type of positividad is very difficult to embrace generally for the majority of people.

Generally they are dragged by landlords, old habits, the fears, superstitions, the doubts, and to take with the status quo, etc of its respective cultures well, so that they do not dare to really dream. You may wish to learn more. If so, PCRM is the place to go. To dream is the first more important part and of success. When it is allowed to dream, it believes in same you, you are as well as the first seeds of that dream arrive at good term. One dares to live that dream. That is the gift more powerful than ever it can occur: to believe in one same one. After to have created that state, that feeling of happiness, abundance, prosperity, and the satisfaction that you wish within you, now you can outline its vision in concrete objectives. To write its goals, their reading, to return to read to itself, repeating to its loved friendly, colleagues, family, spouse, children and other beings, are spoken aloud to itself, and always maintaining its objectives near you, much more fast him traera fruits than account would occur. In the shipment of desires of your heart, with special attention and determination and positividad, is sending the seeds of its desire in the world to germinate and to bloom.

You are taking advantage of the great power and energy the universe so that its desire arrives at the existence. In order to obtain his goals, you must work, realise a sacrifice, and persist. He must make decisions. If there is somebody you you admire, you study it with care. It sees which are the qualities that it owns that it would like to emulate. It believes in itself and this arranged to adapt, to change its processes of thought, and mainly, to itself. One of the most important things that it can do by itself is to write its goals. Only 3% of the world-wide population write down goals, of which only 1% usually write down daily goals! Why not to be in that elite of one percent, if that will bring desires of its heart? If you constantly visualize the profit of his goals and dreams, not only to reach his goals, but also that to find totally the potential to get to form by itself. Original author and source of the article.

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Great Andersen

Felt at the very moment when froze for a split second before you make a bow or curtsy familiar. But, when he met eyes with the king, they understood why their monarch decided this morning to arrange out of his chest flower bed. And the spirit of Andersen, the warm wind rustling, whispering to him, and comforted them, and weave in endless cobweb of his tales of the new flavor unknown flower … An hour later, yellow tulips adorned with all shops, taverns, shops, studios and hairdressers … A few hours in the kingdom almost no Danes to the chest that would not have been sewn on a hexagonal star.

People left their work and went for a walk. They walked slowly, shaking hands with the opposing leading and unhurried conversation about anything. For assistance, try visiting PCRM. Simply cute dangling. It was truly a royal ride … to the commandant began turmoil. Nobody knew what to do now and how to find "legitimate" owners of yellow stars. Began mass and wholesale arrests. But the arrest of the entire kingdom was impossible.

It lasted three days. And during those three days the Danes transported to neighboring Sweden for more than seven thousand Jews. That is, all the Jews who were in Denmark. All. To one. In addition to those who had arrested during demonstrations. And not just flown, and still managed to raise money for each of them to shelter, food, medical treatment, school … And those who managed to arrest him, made it possible to survive in the Jewish ghetto of Terezin … I think that the six-pointed yellow star sewn threads and magic on the mantle of the Great Andersen. On the mantle itself Tales. And this gown looks even more gorgeous. And I believe that it will protect me, not only in Denmark but here. Even when I have a desire to sew their clothes and yellow tulip go on royal outing. But in the wind again heard the soft whisper of Andersen, which soothes and says that everything will be fine. Because, since he fell off the bed and died, becoming the tale in his kingdom has no borders. And any may become a subject of a wonderful country, where year-round blooming tulips.

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Historian Landscape Design

Force which possessed aristocratic landowners, passed into the hands of merchants, bankers and industrialists, ie in the hands of a new capitalist class. In the Victorian period, educated middle class that makes up the core of modern English society. Most landlords could not afford to have a huge landscaped gardens and private parks, and this has affected the art of landscaping. The most frequent was a small modern garden. Historian Landscape Design A.

E. Regel paid attention to the fact that parks and gardens landscape style "artificiality is pursued as a regular style is natural: the natural lack of space should be corrected or efface, natural beauty – on development opportunities and the absence thereof – created, but the main condition becomes law: it should seem natural, natural, without the slightest trace of artificiality. " Characteristic feature of the landscape style is uneven terrain, in which flat surfaces alternate with hills and slopes, gullies – with ponds, all perfectly fit into the overall landscape. Another hallmark of this style – open plan area and the asymmetric arrangement: all the things that differ from each other by the shape and size, place on the site so as to create the impression of a certain balance. This achieves harmony between man and nature. All available at the site of construction are a natural complement to the landscape, and connecting the individual tracks and winding roads paths paved with natural materials – stone, wood sawed, located in an arbitrary order. Free pictorial compositions cleverly located on the site and give them a romantic mood, as picture-changing garden conceived not only for the moment, but in all seasons, until the color of autumn leaves.

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Modern Russian Fantasy

To this day the fantasy genre of literature is not recognized, because in this genre works many a hack, not spending time on creating a true and psychologically profound peace, writing novels, the same phony. But it is not should not prevent recognition of unconditional virtues of this genre. At the beginning of the chapter we have shown that close to many features of myth, fantasy genre absorbed its important features, chief among them – a syncretic perception world. The new myth, fantasy, will help people step into a new era, where with the help of the Internet will erase all imaginable limits, and cultural encounter, losing everything of value that seemed unshaken, thrown into a huge completely different world, a person at risk of going mad. And this new myth will be able to help him again, as in ancient times to learn to perceive the world as a whole, not trying to divide it into more good and evil, and on someone else's own.

This will be a new myth, the myth entirely personal, and it is only absolutely private can be truly comprehensive. The second important feature of fantasy is that there are things that can not be explained by the example of events place in this world. You can not, because here and now, the reader has an opinion, your prejudices, through which he can not see the point. And if you can not convey to the reader that something important in this world, you need to come up with another, where it will be possible. This makes the best authors writing in the genre of fantasy, creating a fictional world that is real, honest to this, which will live in a real way and dealt with these problems create a novel, the myth of immutable characteristics of myth.

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The Common

Nature and therefore the fate of the human race, needs the help of humans who are willing to contribute with all their dreams, forces and breaths. Wealth can no longer be destined to the greed of a few, but to the common welfare. Well actually it isn’t money where is the problem, but our internal personal interests, in continuing to rely on a system of knowledge that already cannot be sustained. The world needs dreamers who want to improve their quality of life and the quality of life for many others. The world needs dreamers who are willing to earn and spend fortunes by transforming the ecosystem and recover the life for the survival of the human race and other essential species. Dreamers who dream to live in harmony, the human being with nature and the cosmos representing superior forces or God. Help for all, improvement for the majority.

For welfare in general is that many people manages to make money. Focusing on their actions in dreams of common welfare, is how automatically they have accumulated wealth for their purposes. As if giving him the doors were opened to receive their own well-being. The money well used is of great help. Improperly used money hurts us quite rich and poor.

But failure does not It is money, but what each who we focus. Acquiring best approaches we can achieve better results. Reconcile the material side and spiritual has to do with search with all the resources that we have global benefit and use all tools to enable forces to improve the life of man in harmony with other living beings and reaffirm its cosmic nature to the end.