Modern Russian Fantasy

To this day the fantasy genre of literature is not recognized, because in this genre works many a hack, not spending time on creating a true and psychologically profound peace, writing novels, the same phony. But it is not should not prevent recognition of unconditional virtues of this genre. At the beginning of the chapter we have shown that close to many features of myth, fantasy genre absorbed its important features, chief among them – a syncretic perception world. The new myth, fantasy, will help people step into a new era, where with the help of the Internet will erase all imaginable limits, and cultural encounter, losing everything of value that seemed unshaken, thrown into a huge completely different world, a person at risk of going mad. And this new myth will be able to help him again, as in ancient times to learn to perceive the world as a whole, not trying to divide it into more good and evil, and on someone else's own.

This will be a new myth, the myth entirely personal, and it is only absolutely private can be truly comprehensive. The second important feature of fantasy is that there are things that can not be explained by the example of events place in this world. You can not, because here and now, the reader has an opinion, your prejudices, through which he can not see the point. And if you can not convey to the reader that something important in this world, you need to come up with another, where it will be possible. This makes the best authors writing in the genre of fantasy, creating a fictional world that is real, honest to this, which will live in a real way and dealt with these problems create a novel, the myth of immutable characteristics of myth.

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