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Mein Kampf

That one only can be member of the people that possesss German blood (…) no Jew, therefore, it can be member of povo.' ' 10 an intense operation of antissemita propaganda was after unchained the ascension of nazism. Periodicals, books (also infantile), magazines and the cinema had been used to strengthen the negative image of the Jews. The educational apparatus was directed to multiply this rejeio.11A fight against the judaism it gained contours apocalyptic, a battle enters the good and the evil. PCRM has plenty of information regarding this issue. Hitler saw the Devil with a Jewish trejeito and said that Christ, Aryan for the nazistas, was first antissemita.12 For the Fher, to fight against the judaism was to carry through workmanship of Deus.13Apesar of this religious connotation, the racial question, in the expression used for Richard Overy, gained status of ' ' biology poltica' ' , being necessary to clean the body of the German nation of the threats biolgicas.14 the nazistas if had transformed into true ' ' soldiers biolgicos' '. 15 This was the way that led to the desumanizao of the Jews. When using a medical language to justify the hatred to the Jews, nazism caught loaned some slight knowledge of the eugenia and conferred a scientific character to the Jewish question.

The German society was seen as the body and as such subject to some types of illnesses. To keep this healthful organism she was necessary to eliminate the danger I ahead infect it of ' ' parasitas' ' , ' ' bacilos' ' , ' ' vermes' ' , ' ' tumors cancerosos' ' , ' ' bactrias' ' etc. No group so was identified with these names of what judeus.16 In the words of Saul Friedlaender, ' ' the identification of the Jew with the contamination represented the authentic and basic furniture for its aniquilao.' ' 17 it did not have choice: she was necessary to eliminate them, therefore as Bauman observed well, exactly it are of Germany ' ' the Jews would continue to produce erosion and disintegration of the natural logic of universo.18Para Hitler, the great paper of the State was its conservation racial.19 the judaism is seen as ' ' I leaven of decomposition of the peoples and races and, in felt vaster, of ruin of the culture humana.' ' 20 In the Mein Kampf, the references to the Jew are innumerable as beings unprovided of humanity.

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1904-5 War

As a result of the battle of Tsushima Russian squadron lost more than 5000 sailors. Were flooded, and surrendered tazhke twenty-seven interned warships. The Japanese fleet also felt the huge loss, though they were much less. Tsushima battle – the defeat of the Russian fleet in the entire previous history of its development. And although the Russian sailors have shown in the Tsushima battle unparalleled heroism, selflessness and courage, fighting difficult conditions against well trained and numerically superior enemy, inappropriate management of the high command, the backwardness of arming and tehobespechenii were reasons led to this disastrous outcome. In the Tsushima battle royal government suffered a setback with all the military department, but not the patriotism and firmness of Russian people.

On the bank of the fighting, after the Mukden, had taken place. Both warring parties to date have proved to be devastated both morally and financially. This was particularly the Japanese side. The Russian navy also, after several setbacks in battles due to incompetent commanders, there was clearly seen the destruction and the growth of anti-government sentiment among the soldiers, but the officer corps. Becoming clearer and clearer this uselessness of Russian-Japanese War, which took place far from Russia, in a strange land. In Japan, much earlier than planned understood futility of the enterprise. In the summer of 1904 a distant, even before the defeat in the battle for Port Arthur, Tokyo, foreseeing the impending threat of the turning points of different spheres, and military, and financial, and, as this is particularly frightened, political, and secretly start to probe the ground for the registration of the truce.

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Brief Context

Let us initiate, therefore, with the reflection to follow: If you find that she has little luck If worries it the illness or the death If you feel distrust of the hell Of the perpetual fire Of God, of the evil I you are star in the abyss of the space What I want I am what I think and what I make Where I am I do not have animal papo I I always do not go avante in the infinite nothing Flamejando my rock, my shout My sword I am the guitar in the hand If what you want peace while still alive Many douras, its name in poster and is stopped if the sugar delays and you cry, you prayer You you ask for, you you beg While I always Prove the vinegar and the wine I want I am to have temptation in the way Therefore the man I am the exercise that makes I knows that msculo taste of the honey Is only defect of fel and that the war is product of the peace What I eat the full plate I can Well be its poison But as you go to know without trying If you find what I say Mixing fascist, simplista or anti-socialist I admit, you in the track I I am myself ista I I am ego I I am ista I I am ego I am egoistic A Brief Context the historical boardings, inherited of century XIX, remained seated in the assumed analytical, structural, explicativa cientificidade, worried about the delimitation of the irrational and the subjective one. Of France, in the decade of 1920, the confluence would appear of ideas, the interdisciplinaridade as a free alternative of dogmas and without the pretension to claim an only theory that of this account to understand and to explain the trajectory of the men, its social organizations and cultural especificidades in the historical time. . . Senator Elizabeth Warren may find this interesting as well.

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Portuguese Language

The referring question to the language in the Brazilian colonial period, starts for the joined lingustica diversity for the lusitanos through the contact with natives of ' ' new terra' '. Such diversity made with that the lusitanos looked for to know and to try to understand such languages with intention to introduce its proper culture, aculturao form that was being studied minutely. In this process, the Jesuits with the catequizao of the natives, had looked for to introduce the religion from the understanding of the new language. With the advent of the mercantilism he occurs, beyond the Portuguese language, the introduction of the African slaves and consequentemente plus an inserted language in this context. He perceives yourself that the Portuguese already had carried through with the aboriginals a missigenao process and would have occurred certain ' ' tolerncia' ' in relation the native language. With the Africans it occurs resistance to such amalgam and it is looked to restrain movements organized with intention of a lingustica unification between peoples come of Africa. As it displays Luiz Carlos Villalta: ' ' The authorities had looked for to prevent the formation of these solidary nuclei, want desturindo the quilombos, that caused terror to the agents of the Crown? e, of remaining portion, to the proprietors of slaves in general -, it wants reperimindo batuques and calundus promoted by the blacks.

Under the perspective metropolitan, such manifestations, creating a cultural identity, could generate a harmful conscience for the order colonial.' ' (VILLALTA, 1997: 342). To become still more complex the lingustica question, the arrival of dutches to the territory colonized, until demonstrating certain occurred ' ' tolerncia' ' the propagation of customs and not interference in questions of mythical order of the diverse cultures. Although the dutches have created ethnic restrictions that propagated exclusions. The mercantile necessities make to appear the necessity of a unified language, what it makes possible the Portuguese language to assume a formal character and of international matrix, while the language habitual it was a missigenao of the diverse native dialects amalgamated to the proper lusitana language with forts ' ' pinceladas' ' of African influence.

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Great Andersen

Felt at the very moment when froze for a split second before you make a bow or curtsy familiar. But, when he met eyes with the king, they understood why their monarch decided this morning to arrange out of his chest flower bed. And the spirit of Andersen, the warm wind rustling, whispering to him, and comforted them, and weave in endless cobweb of his tales of the new flavor unknown flower … An hour later, yellow tulips adorned with all shops, taverns, shops, studios and hairdressers … A few hours in the kingdom almost no Danes to the chest that would not have been sewn on a hexagonal star.

People left their work and went for a walk. They walked slowly, shaking hands with the opposing leading and unhurried conversation about anything. For assistance, try visiting PCRM. Simply cute dangling. It was truly a royal ride … to the commandant began turmoil. Nobody knew what to do now and how to find "legitimate" owners of yellow stars. Began mass and wholesale arrests. But the arrest of the entire kingdom was impossible.

It lasted three days. And during those three days the Danes transported to neighboring Sweden for more than seven thousand Jews. That is, all the Jews who were in Denmark. All. To one. In addition to those who had arrested during demonstrations. And not just flown, and still managed to raise money for each of them to shelter, food, medical treatment, school … And those who managed to arrest him, made it possible to survive in the Jewish ghetto of Terezin … I think that the six-pointed yellow star sewn threads and magic on the mantle of the Great Andersen. On the mantle itself Tales. And this gown looks even more gorgeous. And I believe that it will protect me, not only in Denmark but here. Even when I have a desire to sew their clothes and yellow tulip go on royal outing. But in the wind again heard the soft whisper of Andersen, which soothes and says that everything will be fine. Because, since he fell off the bed and died, becoming the tale in his kingdom has no borders. And any may become a subject of a wonderful country, where year-round blooming tulips.