1904-5 War

As a result of the battle of Tsushima Russian squadron lost more than 5000 sailors. Were flooded, and surrendered tazhke twenty-seven interned warships. The Japanese fleet also felt the huge loss, though they were much less. Tsushima battle – the defeat of the Russian fleet in the entire previous history of its development. And although the Russian sailors have shown in the Tsushima battle unparalleled heroism, selflessness and courage, fighting difficult conditions against well trained and numerically superior enemy, inappropriate management of the high command, the backwardness of arming and tehobespechenii were reasons led to this disastrous outcome. In the Tsushima battle royal government suffered a setback with all the military department, but not the patriotism and firmness of Russian people.

On the bank of the fighting, after the Mukden, had taken place. Both warring parties to date have proved to be devastated both morally and financially. This was particularly the Japanese side. The Russian navy also, after several setbacks in battles due to incompetent commanders, there was clearly seen the destruction and the growth of anti-government sentiment among the soldiers, but the officer corps. Becoming clearer and clearer this uselessness of Russian-Japanese War, which took place far from Russia, in a strange land. In Japan, much earlier than planned understood futility of the enterprise. In the summer of 1904 a distant, even before the defeat in the battle for Port Arthur, Tokyo, foreseeing the impending threat of the turning points of different spheres, and military, and financial, and, as this is particularly frightened, political, and secretly start to probe the ground for the registration of the truce.

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