Sport Against Cancer

Measures for the prevention and treatment of health-promoting effect of sport on the own well-being and body feeling is all too familiar. But enough motion acts also supportive to the prevention and treatment of serious diseases such as cancer. A stronger circulation, caused by physical activity, stimulates all body processes to more activity. Medical scientific research of the last years prove sport and movement along with a healthy diet not only preventing contribute some types of cancer, but a positive influence on the course of the disease. Who moves regularly, train movement as cancer prevention against the risk of promoting their own health and performance. Sport strengthens not only heart, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, but also the immune system and personal well-being. In medicine exercise has long been important preventive measure against heart circulatory problems, bone and muscle loss, diabetes, and many other diseases. The effect of sports in the prevention of some types of cancer, however, is a relatively new field of medical research.

Sporty, active people demonstrably less frequently get colon, breast, prostate or uterine cancer. With 40,000 to 120,000 participants, extensive epidemiological studies indicate that regular exercise reduces the risk of cancer by 20-50 percent. Colon cancer (colorectal cancer) is the risk reduction, for example, 40 to 50 percent for breast cancer 20 to 40 percent. Sports such as walking, jogging or cycling are particularly effective. Strengthening the body’s defenses puts the body in a position better to detect malignant modified cells and fight. Experts continue to underline the close connection between exercise and nutrition in the context of cancer prevention. Both factors influence the individual weight control, which also is of great importance to the prevention of cancer, persistent because obesity promotes the development of tumours. Movement as train cancer treatment against the disease sport and exercise as a treatment for cancer at first glance this may seem paradoxical, because ill have to be a lengthy and exhausting therapy.

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