Cancer Prevention

Cooperation project “active living with cancer” the National Center for tumor diseases (NCT) of Heidelberg and the University in Saarbrucken, Germany cooperate in the framework of one of the Manfred Lautenschlager Foundation funded project. The National Center for tumor diseases (NCT) Heidelberg signed a cooperation with the German University of prevention and health management (DHfPG) in Saarbrucken and the Centre of active prevention in Nussloch near Heidelberg. It aims, carry out interdisciplinary projects on cancer prevention. This involves, above all, to maintain the quality of life of cancer patients after treatment and to improve. The National Center for tumor diseases (NCT) Heidelberg is a joint institution of the German of cancer research center, the University Hospital Heidelberg, German Cancer aid and the Thoraxklinik Heidelberg. The Oncology Centre of top aims, as soon as possible to transfer promising findings from basic research into clinical practice.

“With We bring our expertise in the management and follow-up of cancer patients”our interdisciplinary team of doctors, nutritionists, social workers, sports scientists, biologists, epidemiologists, and psycho-oncologists, says Prof. Dr. Dirk Jager, Director of medical oncology at the NCT Heidelberg. “We look forward to the scientific knowledge and experiences that we gather here at the NCT, to make available as many cancer patients in the future.” “Many patients want back quickly after a busy cancer treatment in their lives”, Hunter’s colleague, Prof. Dr. Cornelia Ulrich added.

The NCT Director heads the Division for cancer prevention. “An active lifestyle helps them to cope with the consequences of their illness and treatment.” The German University offers accredited bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes in the area of prevention and health management. A study programme module “Active living with cancer” for the training of students is being developed within the framework of cooperation. The “active prevention centre” as a modern-equipped training centre provides the infrastructure available. The aim of the common activities is to find out how an interdisciplinary range of aftercare for cancer patients residence near fashion allows.

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