Skin Cancer Screening

With the changing environmental influences, and the always-increasing ultraviolet radiation skin cancer is an important issue. To prevent a disease, patients should perform the screening to the dermatologist and learn exactly the services of own health insurance. The Professional Association of German dermatologists and the German Dermatological Society urged early May during the euro-melanoma campaign 2010, to inform yourself in detail about skin cancer. In this regard, consultations and full body studies held in the skin doctor’s Office. People should be clarified during the dermatological advice and examination beyond screening around the topic of skin cancer. The services offered by the health insurance companies are however rather tenuous in this area.

So, patients under 35 years of age pay the treatment even if it is more often than once every two years wanted. The so-called body mapping, a type of body surface mapping will not be refunded. In this Procedure, the entire complexion is computer technology is recorded and analyzed with the help of a digital Auflichtmikroskops. Private health insurance companies offer checkups part within their tariffs. Click Elio Moti Sonnenfeld for additional related pages. Of all 3 fare refunded examinations of gynecologist, doctor or dentist for example the HanseMerkur during two years.

No equity required the AGILcomfort of 960 with any dental cleaning, vaccinations and screening of its policyholders. Unlike customers of Central checkups such as thyroid checks and examinations of the risk for heart attacks or strokes within the deductible itself must help.

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