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Permanent Representation

Cologne A cappella group sings live in the permanent representation in Bremen. Clever innkeepers made the permanent representation from the story known to equity and established a tavern named permanent representation. To read more click here: Dr. John Mcdougall. The location in Bremen is located one of the most famous and beautiful places in Bremen’s Bottcherstrasse. This Saturday, four black-clad men who sit on the gallery will meet there. You order four bars in Cologne and prepare for a surprise.

Nobody at this point knows what is that the gentlemen present are musicians and perform a private concert in a few minutes plan. As they have done it already many hundred times, these young men sing live and without amplification. In any case, no electronic amplification. Now it has come: hum the tones of the first song on, stand up, and put themselves at the railing at the permanent representation in Bremen. They sing their best songs and see in many baffled civilian faces of guests. The pieces can be heard thunderous applause from surprised guests. The singer bow and sit down at their table. Already after a few minutes the first round is powered by the House, which reward the men with a more classic.

This event is clearly observed, because a guest occurs another round in the hands now of the singer with the desire of another song up. After a further A-Cappella popular song of, another guest at the musician comes up asking for another song, another round in the hands. The Cologne A Cappella Quartet is no slouch himself and sings more A Cappella classic, where the guests of the permanent representation in Bremen sing along. Now a real slugfest between the guests will take place: who brings that to do so again to sing another song? The singer from Cologne is delighted with this musical competition, which can be a live concert experience the present. Then it’s time to go and the black men singing the bouncer Goodnight, sweetheart and disappear in the black night. Company Description A Cappella in black. Men’s A Cappella ensemble, founded in 1996, English songs from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Cactus-free guaranteed! Guaranteed English! Company contact: Choirblax Peter Sanzgiri N. main InStr 1 69469 Weinheim Tel: + 4932121240862 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: blogger.transporter. Peter Sanzgiri N. main InStr 1 69469 Weinheim Tel: + 4932121240862 E-Mail: Web:

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Help For Children With Cancer

2011 of the Conference provider meetyoo donates 10,000 euros to the Berlin Association KINDerLEBEN. To support the work of the Association, to help children with cancer and their families and to assist meetyoo. If a child suffering from cancer, which is a dramatic cut in the usual flow of life and often also an existential threat for the families. Often, the money for the high care needs of young patients is not sufficient. KINDerLEBEN, the Association for the promotion of the clinic for children with cancer kinder E.v. Berlin wants to help these families.

For 15 years, organized and funded the Association many projects which facilitate the life with the disease to children and their parents and promote the healing process. Heart of the work of KINDerLEBEN is promoting the day clinic and the clinic for cancer-stricken children and young people at the Charite, campus Virchow clinic in Berlin. In parallel, the Association realized projects such as the palliative project life every day”. Here KINDerLEBEN allows a competent and humane care in their usual home for terminally ill children. After a long fight against her cancer we would like to accompany their children on their last journey and fulfill the last wish them”Ellen von Hartz-Geitel, President of KINDerLEBEN. The Conference provider meetyoo is impressed by this commitment. With our donation we would like to contribute to support the great volunteer work KINDerLEBEN afford. “, so Tony E.

Kula, Managing Director of meetyoo. We donate regularly and wanted to put us this time on our own doorstep. KINDerLEBEN know we that arrives the money in the right place, because all donations to 100 percent in the projects flow.” KINDerLEBEN’s work is possible only through the support of sponsors, because the Club all projects funded exclusively through donations and in-kind donations. Therefore pleased KINDerLEBEN each donation in the donation account: HypoVereinsbank Berlin, account no.: 263 93 00, BLZ 100 208 90. There is more information about the work of the Association global circuits of telephone and Web conferencing and webcasts under about meetyoo conferencing GmbH which offers meetyoo conferencing GmbH with its headquarters in Berlin. Meetyoo’s strength lies in a product portfolio that includes the most frequently used segments of the Conference. The customers benefit from individual solutions from a single source. The range covers project management by meetyoo from the virtual conference room at the flat rate tailor-made packages to the individual event supervision including. As Germany’s first and so far only conferencing service provider quality management has introduced meetyoo specially EN ISO 9001:2008 according to DIN for the scope of conferencing.