Public Deficit

It is the lowest quota from first half of the 2008, before the financial crisis. Also a 6% have been increased the income of the Germanic State. The Gross Inner Product only increased a 0.1% in the second trimester. The public deficit of Germany registered in the first semester of 2011 a strong fall until being placed in 0.6% of Producto Interior Bruto (PIB), according to has announced east Thursday the Federal Office of Statistic (Destatis). The public office with soothes in Wiesbaden, in center of the country, emphasized that it is the lower quota of deficit from first half of 2008, before taking place world-wide the financial and economic crisis, and supposes the return from Germany to the criteria of the Maastricht.

Destatis remembered that in the first semester of 2010 the deficit of Germany reached 3.1% of the GIP and in the second semester even went off until 5.4%. An increase of the income the statistical technicians indicated that in first half of the present year the German State had income of 562,300 million of Euros, about 31,900 million Euros more than in the same semester of 2010, which supposes an increase of 6%. Also they emphasized that, against the appreciable increase of the income public, the cost only increased in the same term in a 3%. Destatis confirmed in addition its provisional numbers to 16 of August the past and it indicated that the GIP only increased a 0.1% in the second trimester of 2011 against first, although counts on a new rise in second half of the year. Source of the news: The public deficit of Germany falls to 0.6% in the first semester

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