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Electric power, has become the bread of every day in this industrial era and business competition inside and outside of each independent nation. Disputes with respect to the achievements of electric power are becoming increasingly controversial. It is not for less, e.g. Chile and Uruguay have no oil at the levels required by what is natural concern that enter into agreements with countries that do have this fundamental raw material for entire industry macro. Spain is proving that the substitution of these non-renewable in renewable is prevailing and clean, especially the power of the air and the Sun. Their projects are even more interesting to orient towards the sea with the offshores or same calls farms or solar and wind parks. The teamwork between users and Governments facing the renewable is on track if you want to compare Spain with the rest of the world. Topic of tariffs, subsidies, tax to get facilities to the level of balance between users, traders, producers and rulers is another matter.

But the big question will remain latent: until when will have available proven and probable sources of energy from non-renewable sources. When our young people enjoy the oil and natural gas? Very difficult to answer but important to reflect on the matter. In terms of the consumption of energy sources, comparing with the data of nine years the United States has dropped in oil from 38% to 35% while that in the use of sources of natural gas rose from 22% to 24%.Also the use of carbon slightly less than 23% to 22% is currently using. Any of these data are pictures that we are heading to the total depletion of non-renewable sources. Here arises another question why the industrial world is still reluctant to orient towards the renewable sources such as wind, Sun, biomass, geothermal our planet is walking with sources of energy from non-renewable material in levels of almost 92%.

Barely 8% of our supplies come from clean nature as indicated in the previous paragraph. What will happen with hydroelectric power plants at low potential of the water stored in its reservoirs. What will happen with thermal power stations where the mechanical energy required Yes or Yes formed steam boiling the water in boilers. What nuclear power plant depleted uranium. Good eye, mind and work remain us in team by geothermal power plants, facilities that takes advantage of the heat of the Earth instead of kerosene, coal and other fuels. Our best attention then by tidal power plants, energy associated to the tides caused by the gravitational attraction of Sun and mainly of the Moon or the wind where the kinetic wind energy is transformed into mechanical rotation energy; are required of towers whose top are some rotors with multiple blades, oriented in the direction of the wind. The rotor blades or propellers revolve around their horizontal axis that acts on an electricity generator. Our greater attention by the solar power plants in which solar radiation is exploited to produce electrical energy as photovoltaic power stations or the Central photothermic to exploit heat from sunlight to heat fluids such as water. My dear reader, is just the beginning of a range of broader technology. That these lines serve as seriously as a pinch of wake-up call to change our lifestyle by deleting our paradigms, very seriously.

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