When we are born we all have dreams, which we think which is haran reality over the years, but when we started to grow we realize that these dreams are just that, dreams that desvanesen with the passing of time. the expectation of life socioeconomic of all black in this country is ruled by the few opportunities that gives our society, where a black Minister is an unprecedented event, where the priests give mass to a society hybrid nourished by a minority blanca.yo sometimes I wonder will be that these Colombians who both my brothers will be discriminated against children of the true God, or are children of Satan live simplemete… The great truth is that if there is a God, these abominable racist not may go to heaven and before by the contrary iran to a blazing place where should purge all the crimes committed by Blacks. LOA blacks of the world are like birds that have learned to fly without wings and run with chains at the feet, even after so long I’m pretty sure that there are many, of these human predators would like return to enslave. the Governments of the world are the responsible for that in their countries keep trying poorly to the black man. Latin American friends in our continent black Indians meztizos hybrids are most ethnic minority is that of the whites, which are cursed inheritance of globalization, if you don’t like blacks that their problem but we do not abuse, pursues and cace as if they were animals. because late than early life it will be latino brothers Americans never sadran of oppression of white capitalism by their own racism enfermiso inherited you the racist Espana before today and siempre.este world changed when all these racist will die. Original author and source of the article.

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