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Nov 082017

The type 2 diabetes at greater weight, increased the risk of type 2 diabetes. Contact information is here: PCRM. More than 80% of people who suffer from this type of diabetes also suffer from overweight. Cancer obese or overweight men also have an increased risk of developing certain types of cancer, such as: colon, bladder, prostate and kidney cancer. Steatosis Hepatica men suffering from overweight also have a high risk of acquiring non-alcoholic hepatic steatosis due to insulin resistance. Dr. John Mcdougall has firm opinions on the matter. Major IMC, worst picture of liver disease. Disorders of gallbladder obese men have 3 times more likely to suffer from diseases of the gallbladder that a healthy man. Respiratory problems obese men are more likely to suffer from apnea during sleep, asthma, severe bronchitis, and other respiratory problems.

Increased risk of arthritis due to overweight, obese men are more likely to suffer from osteoarthritis, especially in the knees. Social and emotional stigma many men who suffer from overweight have self-esteem problems. Society in general tends to belittle the obese. It may be hard and complex the find appropriate clothing, a partner and may even suffer discrimination by having to catch a flight, go to a restaurant, and many other unpleasant things. What can you do in this respect? If you suffer from overweight or obese, there are many things you can do to change your life completely. Diets and exercises are a good start, and visit your doctor and ask for advice is another big step. In many cases the certain diet pills can be a very useful tool in wanting to remove those extra pounds. In extreme cases, even a valid option are the surgeries of various types. Remember, each step taken in this direction is a step that brings you closer to a healthy lifestyle in all aspects. Consult your doctor, and visit thebodypharmacy.es for more information.

Analysis Philosophical

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Oct 262017

PHILOSOPHY of Physics Scientist noticed a very interesting quality in the philosophers, which has allowed me to develop some deductions. This last concept we train some definitions. For some thinkers deduction is the method that teaches us the correct way to lift us to the more abstract concepts that may exist. Which are called universal, i.e. the more unknown to men. For this reason the more often we observe that some deductions are very far from the experience, which is not to say that they staying away in its entirety from the reality of things. This is the quality of the philosopher: with the passing of the years the philosopher acquires the understanding that allows you to analyze and modify the causes of scientific principles.

These observations have led me to the conclusion that both physics and philosophy are the result of a scientific mind which has been manifested in the same course of history. Filed under: Goop London, UK. This is what I will try to demonstrate, so we’ll look at the ancient pre-Socratic thinkers. As we know the first of them was such of Mileto (546 625 BC) the historical testimonies allow us to appreciate the scientific spirit of antiquity. This thinker founded philosophy in Greece. And what several centuries later did some men, as it is the case of predicting an eclipse of the Sun. Wasn’t anything new to the historical framework, since the pages written by humanity were not blank because in them we found evidence of that Tales of Miletus predicted an eclipse of the Sun occurred on 28 May of the year 585 AC: which shows us that it was not an accident caused by the chance and if a live example of knowledge of the scientific causes that the Greeks possessed.

This thinker was a great astronomer, i.e. a man practical, a scientist. Astronomy is a highly worthy science.

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Dec 112016

How investigate and proceed to new or transfiguradas authorities that occupy the new political spaces created by changing borders or people? Do explain the need to give way to a new socialism?. Other questions according to our reality can be added to the above getting the people to acquire a true political culture that allows properly select their rulers who are able to give rise to the changes that are required? how to avoid staying in the? deterioration of the quality of life facing for years? how to avoid that we continue cheating under the protection of a democracy that we know has desquebrajado? how paddling, avoid, that poverty, violence continue undermining the structures of key institutions juritas and police avoiding that corruption follow proliferating? how to achieve real social justice for the Venezuelan? Prof. James Roseneau, US insists on highlighting, that we not pass by unnoticed, that we are deeply immersed in a transcendental transformation fueled by a new worldview of the essential nature of human affairs, a new way of thinking about how that unfolds the global policy. In the center of this emerging worldview, is an understanding that the order that holds families, communities, countries and the world through time rests on contradictions, ambiguities and uncertainties. Roseneau us adds, if once it was thought that the lives of individuals and the society moved in trajectories linear and stable, now the movements appear to non-linear and erratic, with balance momentary and interrupted continuously by sudden accelerations or address changes. Now people are understanding, both emotionally and intellectually, that the events unexpected are common, the anomalies are normal circumstances, that minor incidents can quickly become serious outcomes, that fundamental processes triggered forces opposing to the time that increase its scope, that what was once transient now can be long-lasting, and the complexities of modern life are so deeply rooted that they print an ordinary character to the surprising development and anxieties that accompany it. Roseneau Finally, us stands out, understand, that the nascent agenda is rooted in contradictions and ambiguities does not lessen the feeling of uncertainty about the course leading world affairs and the incidence in the personal affairs.

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Digest It Syndrome

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Aug 022016

Thousands and thousands of person suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. It affects both young and old as well as men and women. Many thousands of man-hours are lost in the world of work due to the absence or when a person comes to your work and it is less productive, just because you don’t feel well. Irritable bowel syndrome is blight on current culture and affects the world economy. The causes of irritable bowel syndrome are many, but the most common, according to many experts, is an accumulation of fecal matter and gases resulting from the action of the bacteria that comes in the colon. The bacteria grows rapidly and is didtribuye throughout the body toxins. The body reacts in a multitude of ways.

This can manifest itself in constipation, diarrhea, headache, fluid retention, abdominal pain and cramping. Nobody likes having irritable bowel syndrome. It is painful, uncomfortable and inconvenient. Control irritable bowel syndrome can be done in many cases through the cleansing of the Columbus. A clean colon is a healthy colon, says the old proverb. Many people clean your colon by changing their eating habits. Turning healthy foods such as vegetables in large green leaves, fruits, salads and cereals for breads and pastas.

They eat less fatty foods and sugar less processed. Not going to fast-food restaurants so often. And many of these people have also discovered the benefits of the natural supplement known as Digest It. Those who use Digest It has been known that they would recommend it to friends, relatives and acquaintances who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, because it has worked very well for them. Through the use of Digest It these people change to improve the colon cleansing performance of the fecal matter and bacteria that cause the problem. The Elimination of bacteria breaks down the toxins. Having two or three bowel movements per day is good to get rid of the fecal matter, bacteria and gases, and should lead to better health and fewer toxins. In this way, a combination of one healthy diets and the use of the supplement to Digest It can take it to feel better and improve your health.

William James Autor

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Jan 052016

The helping professions, namely health care, which is constantly in contact with the pain and suffering of other human beings, are highly stressful. Pressures and scarcity of media is they add emotional situations highly disturbing, unpleasant scenes, exhausting responsibilities, etc., these elements that can alter the psychological balance of the professional.Professionals could deal with that stress more easily if we had proper strategies of coping and adaptation in our repertoire. Unfortunately in training undergraduate and graduate health professionals has placed emphasis on technical preparation relegating oblivion essentials such as self-control, self-esteem, self-motivation, communication and humor, among other positive emotions. The health professional must attend not only to the needs of the patient, but also to their own demands for care. We require high doses of energy, optimism and good humour with the autoayudarnos object control our frequent frustration, helplessness and pain arising from contact with humans mourners. These skills, strategies, skills and positive attitudes will be very beneficial to the same professionals and to all persons in the environment. Humor is a constructor of the ego and laughter a potential triumph that ego. Laughter is one of the great series of methods that the human mind has built to escape from the compulsion to suffering, through laughter a person refuses to suffer, emphasizes the invincible nature of his ego before the real world and preserves intact the principle of pleasure without surpassing the boundaries of mental health. Sigmund Freud the ability to laugh at oneself is a vital psychological immunity against a modern disease of thought: the excess of seriousness.The objective of this paper is to propose the laughter, humor, as a mental and emotional tool that will often lead to a balanced, objective and rational, thinking guiding us to happiness, fulfillment, and personal well-being do not we laugh because we are happy, but that we are happy because we laugh. William James Autor and source of the article.

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The Common

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Sep 072013

Nature and therefore the fate of the human race, needs the help of humans who are willing to contribute with all their dreams, forces and breaths. Wealth can no longer be destined to the greed of a few, but to the common welfare. Well actually it isn’t money where is the problem, but our internal personal interests, in continuing to rely on a system of knowledge that already cannot be sustained. The world needs dreamers who want to improve their quality of life and the quality of life for many others. The world needs dreamers who are willing to earn and spend fortunes by transforming the ecosystem and recover the life for the survival of the human race and other essential species. Dreamers who dream to live in harmony, the human being with nature and the cosmos representing superior forces or God. Help for all, improvement for the majority.

For welfare in general is that many people manages to make money. Focusing on their actions in dreams of common welfare, is how automatically they have accumulated wealth for their purposes. As if giving him the doors were opened to receive their own well-being. The money well used is of great help. Improperly used money hurts us quite rich and poor.

But failure does not It is money, but what each who we focus. Acquiring best approaches we can achieve better results. Reconcile the material side and spiritual has to do with search with all the resources that we have global benefit and use all tools to enable forces to improve the life of man in harmony with other living beings and reaffirm its cosmic nature to the end.


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Aug 172013

Definitely one of the secrets to seduce a woman is thinking about us is not offering them all our time, simply because if we do our life be des balances, we’re not taking other objectives more than a woman and of course that this is not attractive, on the other hand when we devote time to our goals and projects have the time somewhat more limited for women. Does not mean that our time is not quality, on the contrary will be of the best possible quality and this same will cause that girl surprised us, because he thinks in this, a man who knows what he wants, take time for their projects and perhaps takes a little time for his wife, she you want instantly. This is one of the secrets to seduce a woman who many men forget. To make a woman want to spend more time with you first before that thinks nothing of logic that this represents is that you should not be all the time with her if she wants to spend more time with you, ok, understand it, now you can not play the actor and make as if you were busy when in reality you’re not doing anything about your life, remember that the true be always comes to the surface, I don’t mind that you’re the best actor in Hollywood, just your true identity you have towards life will be unmasked. Well, now you have to put priorities in your life, be totally honest with yourself, is a woman your priority #1 at this time?, if so don’t worry, if it’s any consolation, let me tell you that many men are in the same situation as you, but fortunately you can change your priorities, continue loving your wife how you do it but focusing you completely to another project that ames actuallyThis should be your number one objective, believe me, your wife will thank you. If you want to learn how to attract and seduce beautiful women with ease, just make Click here. Original author and source of the article.

Translate For The Public

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Aug 042013

To translate from English to the Spanish or the Spanish to French – to mention popular languages today – must not only consider the point of balance between the accuracy of the words and the cultural interpretation of the phrases; You also have to see variations in the use of language destination in accordance with the public to which the text is directed. To clarify this point comes the example. Suppose that the document to be translated from English to the Spanish revolves around the concept of paralegal. The author of the writing is American and United States paralegal refers to a legal professional that can provide certain legal services to their clients, without the title of lawyer. The first problem to resolve, in this case, is to find an equivalent to the term paralegal in Spanish, which is complicated by the fact that in countries such as Mexico does not properly exist this figure. The closest thing to the concept, assuming that the manuscript will be read only by Mexicans, is Clerk of laws. However, if the public to which the information is intended for Chilean, then we talking of a legal adviser. In this case, the complication will truly emerge to consider that the text could have as objective the United States Hispanic community composed of Spanish speakers of different nationalities. In this case, that nothing more should be considered the comprehensive paralegal meaning to understand functions, limitations and advantages offered by this type of legal assistance and from there make a translation that precisely explains all this. So before you start work, a translator has to start from a compulsory question: who will read the text? Otherwise, the work will not have much value. Original author and source of the article.

Science Anaximander

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Aug 022013

I build an entity named Anaximander explained in their cosmology several interesting things. Of them only you take into account a few, in order to not lose us our goal, which is intended to express the relationship of theoretical physics with philosophy. We need to start from the beginning and this is the cosmology since this branch of thought studying the universe as a whole and includes theories about its origin, its evolution, its large-scale structure and its future. Anaximander said: the apeiron is the principle of all the transformations that happen in the world. Young people and you way to study the universe or theories to include on their origin? Remember that for this purpose it is necessary to possess some knowledge of the facts, which can be found in the studies already made. As they analyze the transformations that happen in the world? Respondasen if same. And if they have already done, I can assure you that no matter how they do it.

If it is a scientific level do not fear threats from men in the name of God. And if it is at the theological level do not pay attention to teasing. Because the same Science is a belief or a human Convention. Anyone who are their decisions are free. 5 2007 Orlando Melo Jose Naranjo think of infinity is not easy, and more when the universe of the Greeks was finite. Anaximander analyzes things materials of the world and they did some abstract representations. In nature we did not observe an immediate way any geometric figure that is perfect. These figures are in our thinking. But they have great relationship with nature, since the primitive image is one that we see, on the basis of the experience we went to the infinite universe of metaphysics where abstract reason develops its practices, then we adapt them to experience where those entities take form and consistency with the sensible reality that we live daily.

United States

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Aug 012013

Electric power, has become the bread of every day in this industrial era and business competition inside and outside of each independent nation. Disputes with respect to the achievements of electric power are becoming increasingly controversial. It is not for less, e.g. Chile and Uruguay have no oil at the levels required by what is natural concern that enter into agreements with countries that do have this fundamental raw material for entire industry macro. Spain is proving that the substitution of these non-renewable in renewable is prevailing and clean, especially the power of the air and the Sun. Their projects are even more interesting to orient towards the sea with the offshores or same calls farms or solar and wind parks. The teamwork between users and Governments facing the renewable is on track if you want to compare Spain with the rest of the world. Topic of tariffs, subsidies, tax to get facilities to the level of balance between users, traders, producers and rulers is another matter.

But the big question will remain latent: until when will have available proven and probable sources of energy from non-renewable sources. When our young people enjoy the oil and natural gas? Very difficult to answer but important to reflect on the matter. In terms of the consumption of energy sources, comparing with the data of nine years the United States has dropped in oil from 38% to 35% while that in the use of sources of natural gas rose from 22% to 24%.Also the use of carbon slightly less than 23% to 22% is currently using. Any of these data are pictures that we are heading to the total depletion of non-renewable sources. Here arises another question why the industrial world is still reluctant to orient towards the renewable sources such as wind, Sun, biomass, geothermal our planet is walking with sources of energy from non-renewable material in levels of almost 92%.

Barely 8% of our supplies come from clean nature as indicated in the previous paragraph. What will happen with hydroelectric power plants at low potential of the water stored in its reservoirs. What will happen with thermal power stations where the mechanical energy required Yes or Yes formed steam boiling the water in boilers. What nuclear power plant depleted uranium. Good eye, mind and work remain us in team by geothermal power plants, facilities that takes advantage of the heat of the Earth instead of kerosene, coal and other fuels. Our best attention then by tidal power plants, energy associated to the tides caused by the gravitational attraction of Sun and mainly of the Moon or the wind where the kinetic wind energy is transformed into mechanical rotation energy; are required of towers whose top are some rotors with multiple blades, oriented in the direction of the wind. The rotor blades or propellers revolve around their horizontal axis that acts on an electricity generator. Our greater attention by the solar power plants in which solar radiation is exploited to produce electrical energy as photovoltaic power stations or the Central photothermic to exploit heat from sunlight to heat fluids such as water. My dear reader, is just the beginning of a range of broader technology. That these lines serve as seriously as a pinch of wake-up call to change our lifestyle by deleting our paradigms, very seriously.

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