The National Government

What it is not detailed is if the is in agreement must have or not a predegree directly related to the posgrado one. Colciencias will acquire position in the CESU, but beyond some articles that they look for to stimulate the scientific work, in the proposal there is no a direct relation with the Law 1286, of 2009, that gave a greater dynamism to this organization. At least, within new the CESU a representative of the investigators would have a permanent position, chosen both enters the directors of groups of investigation pertaining to more high levels of the classification of groups established by Colciencias. 3) Intention of profit and money deprived in the public is This it will be, surely, one of the main subjects of debate about the reform. Many investors, among them of is foreigners who have tried to enter the country, will celebrate the decision, whereas some deprived is, at the moment without profit spirit, will feel a disloyal competition or, on the contrary, they will begin a race to become joint-stock companies. On the other hand, in spite of the effort of the text to regulate the requirements and controls, the inexperience of the country in the subject, it will take to many debates, especially between the directors of the SUE (that now would happen to be called SUP – System of Public Universities) by the form as this can be understood like privatization, loss of control of the State on the official education or increases in the costs of matriculation for the students. Independent of the taste or not by the subject, or of the neoliberal speech or not that is argued, the subject can represent an oxygen for the finances and opening of the system international is and foreign capitals. Anyway, versus the project of existing Law in the Congress, presented/displayed by the previous Ministry, this one develops more propose ones directed to look for more resources for the public university, to adjust its finances and to end the historical deceit of the departments and governments that play to finance to their public university, but in the majority of cases only of name, because they do not have resources or the political will of gestionarlos." The National Government and the territorial organizations will be able to realise additional contributions to the Institutions of public Education Superior destined to finance investment projects that are directed to the improvement of the quality of the benefit of the service.

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