Healthy Skin

The terrestrial surface is as a skin human being, a thick layer, however little essential. This skin seems to be fine and fragile, but it protects the planet for it covered. In analogy with the skin human being, it is also the biggest agency of the terrestrial system and plays complex protection functions, when interacting with the volatile atmosphere and the land that involves. The water is the hidrolgico cycle of the life terrestrial human being and exists in the same ratio in the two bodies. These vital item to the life are sick and need intervention for one brief recovery. Environment is the set of forces and conditions that directly affect the metabolism or the behavior of the beings livings creature and the species in general. It is formed by abiticos factors, as climate, light, air, water, ground and energy; for biticos factors, as the flora and the fauna; for the culture human being and its paradigms? philosophical values, scientific, artistic, social, economic, religious politicians, moral, the way of life in society and the education. The constant evolutionary interaction of these factors forms the environment, that in balance brings the happiness entirely to its users.

Simon economist Kuznets, prize Nobel of 1971, developed a curve with ' ' U invertido' ' , called arched of Kuznets. This curve suggests that the income inaquality increases in the initial phase of the industrialization of a country and diminishes when the development is reached. It has a derivation of this study made for two economists of the University of Princeton in the United States, that had baptized this curve as ' ' ambient curve of Kuznets' '. They affirm then that the ambient pollution and impacts evolve during the initial periods of training of the development of industrial economies, but with the attainment of certain level of income, the ambient damages if stabilize and enter in decline, at the same time where if it implants in the seio of the society the ambient rationality.

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